You really should read the first little one shot, Do I Have Mojo?, first before reading this. For those who've read the one shot, this scene takes place while Ironhide and Optimus are talking as they pass by Prowl's office.

I kept it a T rating because this was meant to just be funny and not sexy. Please enjoy!

Do I Have Mojo? – Bonus Scene

"Primus…don't stop Prowl!" Jazz cried out in a heat of passion.

Prowl quickly clamped his mouth over Jazz's to silence him. The entire base didn't need to know their second and third in command were interfacing like a couple of sex starved mecho-bunnies in Prowl's office, on his desk, and while on duty.

Neither of them cared where they were doing it at the moment. They were finally doing it! Years and years of bottled up energy just aching, begging to be released. They were well on their way to overloading when the couple rolled together in one direction…and fell off the desk, landing hard on the floor.

Jazz landed on Prowl laughing uncontrollably into Prowl's neck. He couldn't help it. He couldn't think of the last time he'd been so lost to passion that he'd forgotten about his surroundings. Of course, it's only funny when your partner was laughing too.

Prowl wasn't laughing.

"Prowl?" Jazz called out, lifting his head.

"Can you get off me please?" Prowl strained to ask, a painful grimace was plastered on his faceplates.

"Slag, I didn't damage yur interface systems when I landed on ya, did I?" Jazz asked quickly moving to the side.

"No…I landed on one of my doorwings."

"Oh thank Primus," Jazz sighed in relief.

Prowl gave him an incredulous look as he sat up. Jazz just shrugged his shoulders flashing this unabashed smirk. Then quite abruptly both mechs started laughing heartily at each other.

"Ow, it hurts. Don't make me laugh," Prowl giggled, grimacing at the same time.

"Sorry!" Jazz snorted. "That look on yur face was priceless!"


"Ok, sorry," Jazz said, getting control of his giggles. He noticed that Prowl was really in some pain. "It really hurts that bad?" he questioned reaching to gently stroke the damaged appendage.