"HOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" Watson yelled from overhead, clutched in the talons of a Welsh Green that was winging its way back to its nest. It looked as if he would yet again have to rescue and obliviate his unfortunate friend. The poor muggle had the worst luck he had ever seen.

After graduating Hogwarts in 1862, Holmes had joined the Auror corps with his friend Horus Potter and his rival Alcasus Malfoy. His friend and cousin Albus Dumbledore had taken a menial job somewhere so he could support his younger brother Alberforth and sister Ariana. Dryfus Weasley had apprenticed himself to a Potions Master. James Moriarty had apprenticed himself to the Arithmancy Professor and studied every text on Mathematics that he could get his hands on in his spare time.

During his years as an Auror, he had continued in the scientific studies that had so fascinated him as a child, finding ways of using them to solve criminal cases where magical means had been largely ineffective. While he was regarded as rather eccentric, his skill in solving the most difficult of cases had made him popular.

His downfall in the Wizarding world had come in 1879 when Isla Black had been kidnapped. A lesser Pureblood family who had been unable to secure a marriage contract had decided to kidnap her and force her into marriage instead. By the time he had found the place where she had been held, Isla had already escaped from her captors and had gotten a ride back to London in a mail coach which was driven by a muggle named Bob Hitchens whom she married a month later. To make matters worse, Isla's captors had also escaped and fled to the States. One of his enemies (surprisingly not Malfoy) had used this as an excuse to have him declared incompetent and driven from the Auror force. The fact that he often used muggle means to solve crimes hadn't helped his case.

He had met Watson in 1881, when he had decided to live in the Muggle world for a time after he had been sent from the Auror corps in disgrace over his handling of the Black kidnapping case (two years, and he was still getting howlers). A muggle-born friend who knew Watson from somewhere had introduced them. To pay his rent, he took on cases from muggles and open minded wizards who didn't care about his methods so long as they worked.

Now a year later, Watson - who was fast becoming a rapidly vanishing dot in the distance - had come with him since he usually assisted him in his more mundane cases after that affair dubbed A Study in Scarlet and was helping him find a missing boy. It seemed that this case would not have a happy ending if Watson's predicament was anything to judge by.

Sure enough, when he rescued Watson from the clutches of the dragon, he found the missing child's bones in the creature's nest. When he handed what was left of the child over, he told the boy's parents that he had become trapped in a fire after he had accidentally knocked a lantern over in a Gamekeeper's hut that he had decided to explore while its owner was away. The parents, though sad, were grateful to have something to bury other than an empty coffin.