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Quinn's POV

Walking up to the school my knees started to shake. Why on gods green earth would my parent make me go to such a big school. I mean seriously this school is really big. How the hell am I suppose to find my way around this bitch. Oh I know maybe Chase could help me. Now all I have to do is find him. As I look around the cafeteria I find Chase right away. Surrounded by a group of guys all laughing at something he just said. I don't know if I should interrupt him but he's the only person I know here.

"Hey bro how's it going"

"Uh……..Hi…....Quinn" He gave me a serious look like I should get lost but I chose to ignore it

"So…….I wanted to ask you if you could help me with some of my classes. The last thing I need is to get lost on the first day."

That's when he walked up. The guy that Chase called his best friend ugh….what's that kids name again uh……..oh right Logan. And he's with that other guy Chase told me about Michael. That Logan guy looks at me like I have some rare disease.

"Yo dudes did you see Ashley? She has on a skirt so short that I was starting to think unpleasant thoughts" Michael looked at him like he was dumb

"Dude your always thinking unpleasant thoughts" That's when Logan looked at me again

"Yo dude who's the nerd" I looked at Chase to see if he was going to acknowledge me. He looked like he just wanted me to go away

"Uh that's my sister"

"Dude your sister is a complete nerd. How did that happen" Logan started to laugh as he said this. I looked over and gave him my best death glare

"If you hadn't noticed I am standing right here" They all look at me like I was speaking a different language.

"Whatever I'll just go, see you later Chase" I pushed Logan out of my way as I walked by and didn't looked back

Chase's POV

As my sister walked away I felt really bad. Ugh if mom hears about this she going to kill me. I gotta remember to talk to Quinn before we get home. I looked at Logan and he was still laughing. That's when I got mad.

"What's your problem man that's still my sister you know?"

"What…all I said was she looked dorky. I mean seriously the glasses, the clothes, and don't forget about the hair. No guy would ever date her looking like that!"

"Wow look at Logan trying to act like he's so hard. Need I remind you Logan that you had to go to homecoming with your cousin freshmen year. Now does my sister sound dorky compared to that?" He looked at me like he was waiting for me to burst into flames.

"What's the matter Logan you can dish it out but cant take?" now he really looked like he wanted to die.

"Man whatever"

"That's what I thought. Michael you coming" I walk away laughing along with Michael. Now all I need to do is find my sister before class.


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