Title: Tales of the Magical Buchou [Arc I: The intrusion of the Rudolphians]
TezukaxFuji as main. Hints of Golden pair, MomoRyo and InuiKai later on. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO PILLAR PAIR. I REPEAT, NO PILLAR PAIR. AND I'M NOT EVEN SORRY.
Rating: PG-15.
Romance, Adventure, Drama.
Sailor Moon/Zorro AU! A mysterious freshman appears at Seishun Academy, claiming he is Tezuka's son. And just as the Rudolphians are about to dominate the world, drastic measures were taken. Super Tezuka Man is on his way to save the planet!
Crack, nonsense and shameless stupidity ahead!
If I owned them, Echizen wouldn't be so much of a Mary Sues and Tezuka and Fuji would be celebrating their wedding before the end of the series.

A/N: This is Arc I of my new series "Tales of the Magical Buchou", in which Tezuka discovers he has to save the planet from being dominated by Rudolphians with his... son.

Many many thanks to LoveFujiTez for beta-ing this work. Loads of thanks as well Tacuma and MariahGalux for helping me with editing as well! :3 I dedicate this chapter to you guys~ You are wonderful friends, truly.

~ Prologue ~

A lone figure was quietly seated on the flat edged roof of the famous boarding school, Seishun Academy. His short, muscular legs rocked to the slow rhythm of the soft blowing wind as his dark, messy hair flowed freely from underneath his white cap. Carelessly, he rested his chin on his right hand for support while his left held what seemed to be a crystal-black TennisBall. He scanned his surrounding until his eyes landed on the crowd slowly gathering around the renowned tennis courts.

"Heh, so this is Seigaku," he said to no one in particular with a voice overflowing with confidence and pride.

Suddenly, the glistening object in his hand started to beep loudly, causing him to grin wider. He directed the crystal ball towards a particular bespectacled youth barking out orders near the tennis courts and the beeping became incessant. The small boy grinned triumphantly and stood up, pushing the TennisBall back into his pocket and dusting the nonexistent dirt off his black shorts.

"Karupin!" he summoned and immediately, the Himalayan cat made itself visible before him. He stared at the fur ball for a second before slowly lifting a single finger, pointing directly to the men's tennis club captain. "Target located," he said finally before jumping off the eight-stories-high building in one swift motion.

~ Tales of the Magical Buchou ~
Chapter One: From today on, you are a Magical Buchou!

Seishun Academy was as most people would say, one of the best boarding schools in Japan along with Hyotei, Rikkai Dai and St-Rudolph. Attending such a prestigious school was every single athlete's dream. The facilities were exceptional, the dormitories more than orderly and most of all, the education along with their respective sports club were top seeded in the tournaments the country hosted. For every graduate, a promising career lied beyond. Even those who did not wish to concentrate in sports had managed to become popular with little effort.

Seishun Academy was large, there were top-quality facilities for almost every sport one could imagine and the school itself was eight stories high (two of which were used as dormitories for the students). The school sent invitations to promising athletes they found scattered throughout the country and to people's dismay, it was the only way one could attend the high-class academy.

Tezuka Kunimitsu was one of those few honoured students attending Seigaku. Cold and prideful, he had a commanding voice that no one dared disobey. His rimless spectacles never left the bridge of his nose, just as his stoic mask remained plastered on his face at all times. He was Captain of the famous tennis club and was admired by all. With the determined commitment of leading Seishun Academy to the nationals, the regulars on the team followed him without any hesitation. Girls swooned when he passed by and even teachers straightened their backs, mimicking as best as they could his dignity.

On that late afternoon, Tezuka was busy ordering the non-regulars into running thirty laps around the courts when a small figure appeared from behind him. He immediately recognized the soft chuckles and glistening honey-brown hair of the resident prodigy.

"Fuji," he acknowledged, his features softening ever so slightly at the sight of his childhood friend and current roommate.

"Maa, you shouldn't be so hard on them, Tezuka, they are already exhausted from the ranking matches we played this morning," Fuji reprimanded him playfully.

"That's right, nya! We're too tired to play anyway!" a voice chimed. Seigaku's two best players turned to see Kikumaru Eiji bouncing his way towards them with his doubles partner following behind closely.

"Eiji, you can not be tired if you can still jump so high," Oishi Shuichiroh, the team's vice-captain remarked playfully.

"The probability of him being sugar high is 73.5 percent," Inui, the data specialist informed them while scribbling down information on his green notebook.

"Oh, I see there is a gathering of the regulars. Why hasn't anyone informed me?" a loud voice mocked, and Momoshiro appeared from behind Inui with a nonchalant Kaidoh and a shy Kawamura trailing behind.

"It's because there wasn't one in the first place, idiot peach" the one nicknamed the 'Viper' retorted.

"Care to repeat that, Mamushi?" Momo and Kaidoh glared at each other, their foreheads pressed together and their fists grabbing the other's collar. Kawamura tried desperately to prevent an upcoming battle between the only two juniors that earned spots as regulars.

Oishi, being the mother hen he was, immediately got himself stuck in the heart of the dispute with his doubles partner cheering for him and adding fuel to the fire. Fuji chuckled at his unique teammates' antics while Tezuka felt a headache coming menacingly his way. He massaged his throbbing forehead and was about to order every single regular to laps when a loud yelp tore through the silent courts. "Wait… no… KARUPIN!!" the voice screamed.

Tezuka just about managed to raise his head in the direction of the voice when a solid body landed on his own and, being caught off guard, the extra weight pushed him down. There was a series of collective gasps after the collision took place, but Tezuka felt somewhat fine, after luckily landing on something soft. The body on top of his removed itself with as much dignity left, and voiced a soft, annoying "Che, Mada mada dane, Karupin".

It was then a series of loud shouts and wolf whistles resounded, most of them coming from the male students regularly watching the tennis club practice.

"Nice move, Buchou!" some shouted.

"Look, despite being so expressionless, he still loves his wife so much!" another laughed.

"Tezuka is being kinky!" they all chorused finally.

It was then said kinky youth noticed the 'soft object' he landed on was Fuji. They managed, God knows how, to earn the title of 'Husband' and 'Wife' during the beginning of their third year and every student of the whole school knew and gossiped about it. Fuji would just chuckle, and it bothered Tezuka to no end that the prodigy was just fine with it.

He cleared his throat and hastily removed himself from on top of Fuji, trying to dismiss the images forming in his head from their suggestive position. So what if the honey-haired boy was utterly breathtaking? They were only… suited acquaintances and Tezuka tried to restrain himself from thinking that they were more than just that.

He could see from the corner of his eyes Fuji's cheeks flush as he stood up and doubted he looked any better. "Sorry," he muttered, trying to avoid eye contact.

Fuji smiled a little and shook his head in dismissal. "It's alright, I'm not wound—"


Everyone around them turned their attention back to the mysterious boy who previously landed on their Buchou. The small freshman had his red racket pointing at Tezuka's face, his huge golden eyes mischievous and provoking.

"You're the captain, aren't you?" he asked, but judging from the confidence that overflowed from his voice, he already knew the answer. "Play a tennis match against me," he challenged.

Tezuka quirked an eyebrow, wondering how the unknown newcomer managed to sneak into their private school. He could already hear the displeased whispers among the club members.

"Your name?" he asked.

The boy hesitated a moment before blurting out "Echizen Ryoma".

"Who are you to talk so disrespectfully of our captain?!" Arai, a promising junior from the tennis club was the first to voice out his disapproval.

"I accept your challenge," Tezuka finally answered, completely ignoring the devastated sophomore.

Jaws instantly dropped to the ground, and every single gaze fixed on the tall bespectacled man for his out-of-character decision. Fuji's smile stretched into an interested grin at the sudden change in their morning routine. Somehow, he knew the small Echizen was good and felt a strong wave of thrill run down his spine at the match that was about to take place.

News spread like wildfire. Before the score reached 5-3 in Tezuka's favour, half of the school's population flooded towards the tennis courts like water following in a stream. The match had been a close one, but Tezuka managed to secure the game with his famous Zero-Shiki drop shot, ending it with a 6-4 score. Echizen knelt down in defeat, sweating and panting and yet his smirk did not leave his face. Some cheered for Tezuka, while others reflected on the mysterious freshman's extraordinary capabilities. Not many could maintain such a long game against Seigaku's number one tennis player. Excluding his 'Wife', the rest could be counted on one single hand.

"Finally, I've found you," Echizen said, fishing a beeping and glowing crystal-black tennis ball from his pocket and holding it in front of Tezuka.

The latter frowned. As far as his memories stretched, he had never heard of Echizen Ryoma before. "I'm sorry but I don't know you," he said bluntly.

"Meet me in the locker room after school," the smaller boy grinned, "and I will make myself known to you."

With that, he disappeared as swiftly as he came crashing down from the sky.


"Isn't he interesting?" Fuji said at last, breaking the dead silence that hung over the changing room after the day's practice ended. The tension was so strong, it threatened to overcome every single one of them, and the resident prodigy despised that.

"He is so small but he has potential playing tennis, and he even managed to break in the school without notice."

Although still uncertain about the suspicious newcomer, some nodded their approval. Not many were willing to accept the fact that the brat managed to hold a game against the almighty Tezuka. Fuji was the first to accept him. Knowing that Echizen could play well was unimportant to him for he was still a much stronger player whether they seriously faced each other or not.

"He is cute, isn't he?" apparently, Eiji was the second to acknowledge him. "He has those huge golden eyes!"

"He is slightly chubby, but well-toned" Fuji admitted, and chuckled along with the red head.

Tezuka frowned. It was starting to bother him, the way his heart squeezed painfully whenever Fuji decided to show signs of interest in others. He frowned and dismissed his unhealthy thoughts by concentrating on keeping his cold, impassive façade in place. He decided he was going to have that chat with Echizen before he could steal Fuji away.

One by one, the regulars who finished changing exited the locker room, most of them heading for the cafeteria to grab their dinner. Before long, only the Husband and Wife remained in the deserted room. "He is interesting, isn't he?" Fuji smiled.

Tezuka said nothing, feeling an unfamiliar surge of anger taking over his placidity. He quickly settled himself on the bench, looking over his school council works in a desperate attempt to shift his attention elsewhere.

"You're so devoted," Fuji chuckled again before making his way out of the club room. "Don't over-work yourself and return to our dorm in one piece, ne?"

With an abrupt click, the door closed. Tezuka heaved a little sigh of relief before immediately tensing up at the sound of light foot steps approaching.

"Hmm… you guys really do act like newlyweds," Echizen mocked and revealed himself from behind an empty locker.

"What did you want to talk about?" Tezuka asked, changing the subject at once.

Echizen threw him the crystal-black TennisBall he had been holding and Tezuka caught it in a swift motion. He eyed the object questioningly, turning it in his hand and bouncing it once. He was surprised that the crystal ball bounced back up without breaking and directed a querying look towards the small freshman.

"Press the small button on the TennisBall and chant 'Black crystal TennisBall power make up!'" Echizen dared.


"Press the button and say 'Black crystal TennisBall power make up!'" he repeated, his immense cat-like eyes laughing.

"Why is that?" Tezuka asked again, slightly baffled yet interested.

"Do it and you will see."

"What if I refuse?"

"Then the Rudolphians are going to take over the world by the end of the week," Echizen said as a matter-of-fact.

"I'm not sure I'm following you," in fact, Tezuka was totally lost.

The freshman sighed, "Just do it already! I'll answer your questions later."

Hesitantly, Tezuka pressed the little button located in the center of the crystal ball, and a sense of pure bliss filled him. His eyes widened as his body started moving on its own. Before he knew it, he had already lifted his hand up and chanted "B- black crystal TennisBall power maaake up!"

A sudden burst of bright light surrounded him and for that fleeting moment, all his pain disappeared. Ignoring the fact that he was immediately stripped from his clothes, he closed his eyes, enjoying the momentary feeling of ecstasy as his glowing body began materializing clothes out of thin air. His school uniform became a fancy, black tuxedo while a red necktie and a tall. Wizard's hat (which was just as dark as his costume) sprouted out of nowhere. An elegant, black cape flowed behind him, its under-half glowed bright red. An accompanying white ball mask, covering his eyes and his rimless spectacles, completed his fancy attire.

When the light faded, his transformation completed. He glared at his new outfit as if it would disappear if he continued killing it with his eyes. When he looked up finally, he saw Echizen down on one knee, his right hand firmly pressed on his chest where his heart rested underneath and his head bowed low. "Welcome back, Millennium King, or should I say, father."

"Pardon me?" to say Tezuka looked stupefied by the transfer of events was quite an understatement. What the hell was happening?

Echizen stood up straight again, his head held high as his eyes gleamed with regard. "Father, I finally found you! We must hurry and defeat the enemy before they take over… and mother! I couldn't find her no matter how hard I tried… I —"

"Echizen!" the smaller one of the two fell silent at once. He never dared disobey his father when he used his commanding voice. "Please explain yourself, Echizen. I am not married and have no children. I guess you are around two years younger than me. It is quite impossible."

"Father, even after the transformation, you do not remember anything?" Echizen's eyes widened. His face betrayed his shock and horror. A deadly silence settled and neither father nor son dared to speak. Finally, after staring at each other unproductively for a minute or two, Echizen sighed and decided he had to explain everything from scratch. "Father, you used to belong— "

"Please do not call me that."

"Fine," Echizen's scowl turned into a pout, "Your majesty the King, you used to belong—"

"Please do not call me that either, it reminds me of Atobe."

Echizen sighed. "You'll be Tezuka-Buchou for the mean time then," he decided speedily, eager to disclose his secrets.

Tezuka nodded his approval.

"You and mother come from the future, known as 'King Millennium' and 'Queen Serenity'. Mother was from the moon and you were the Millennium Prince back on earth. In order to end the war that raged between the Lunarians and the Earthrions, your parents decided to marry you together. At first, it had been successful and the war ceased, but mother had been angry that she couldn't even meet her fiancé, so she came spying on you secretly. When you finally met her, the two of you immediately became close friends and then came the sappy, sugar coated love story with the red cherry on top..." Echizen grimaced, willing the images to go away and stop bothering him. "I think, I'll skip that part."

Tezuka nodded, not sure if he wanted to hear it either

"And when you decided you would go to the moon and live with your beloved in the Celestial Palace, there had been a dispute arising. Never was an Earthrion to set foot on the moon, as humans and Lunarians alike feared it. You were reluctant to let go of the future that lied in front of you and mother though, so you went along with the plan and travelled to the moon. A pact was made to keep the population from rebelling: only the Millennium Prince along with three of his subordinates was allowed access to the moon."

"That's absurd," Tezuka cut him off, "life on the moon is impossible."

Echizen glared at him. "You live in the future, thousands of years away from now. It's only normal things changed."

Tezuka was still not convinced, but decided to go along with the story as logic and common-sense seemed to have dissipated into nothingness.

"Anyway, there was a thick tension on the moon ever since you set foot there, but it vanished after I came to life. But the Earthrions were angry and jealous of your privilege and decided to start another war behind their King's back. When they finally managed a way to land on the moon, they murdered your parents and Mother's as well. That short-lived war had been the worst! Earthrions set fire on the houses of innocents, killed anyone that crossed their paths, turning it into a total massacre. Mother became almost hysterical and decided that drastic measures should be taken. She used all her powers to temporarily stop the flow of time on the moon. After that, she fainted and a crystal glacier surrounded her body. I was only seven at that time. I was no help to her."

For a moment, Tezuka felt sympathy for the struggling freshman. It must have been hard on him to lose both parents at such a young age… wait. Tezuka did not just admit he believed in the boy's words!

Echizen continued with his narrative after composing himself. "Time stopped, and the villagers magically lulled into a deep sleep except for those who possessed strong magical powers; they were unaffected. That would be me, mother and her three sailors, you and your three guardians. One of your guardians read the future and saw that the Yellow Mustard clan from Jupiter was going to invade the moon while it was vulnerable. According to him, the only way to save the moon was for you and mother to fight together. In order to wake mother up, you had to return to the past in order to change the future. You asked help from the Gatekeeper of Time and returned to the past, followed by your three loyal guardians and three of mother's. Your body lied on the floor, lifeless for about a month. When you finally woke up, you told me that only half of your spirit returned to the past and that I must join that half soon. You trained me hard for the upcoming battles, knowing your other half has lost its memories and that I needed to be completely ready to remind you of our mission. That is why we are standing here right now."

Tezuka stayed silent for a moment, still trying to absorb the whole deal. "Where is your mother? What about the other guardians?" he asked, trying his best to understand his future son's words.

"According to Karupin, half of Mother's soul returned to the past as well. Mother," he paused, "is hard to detect. She has tremendous powers, which is why she hides them so well." Echizen declared enviously while taking a deep breath. He glanced at Tezuka before he continued, "She is always eager to win me and make fun of my incapability. I swear to beat her some day at her own game and give her a taste of her own medicine!" he grinned. "As for the other guardians, I can sense their presence. I am sure they are close by."

Tezuka nodded his understanding. "What should I do," he asked while glaring at his outfit, "what is with this costume?"

"Our first mission is to gather the Guardians and the Sailors in order to stop the Rudolphians from taking over earth," he answered, his confidence made it hard to believe he was lying about the whole episode. "As for your costume, mother designed it herself for you after receiving an invitation to attend a costume ball on Earth. It was the only tux you had left after the massacre."

Tezuka frowned. He really wondered who his future wife was, to design such extravagant clothing. It didn't look like something normal women would make. In fact, it somehow reminded him of Fuji. Still, he knew his wife couldn't possibly be Fuji, considering he was a male. Tezuka's heart clenched painfully and for a moment, he imagined himself officially married to the sadistic prodigy. He flushed slightly upon revealing to himself that he wanted his roommate to become his wife and quickly shoved the thought aside.

"How are we supposed to find your mother and the others?" he asked, just so he could take his mind off a particular smiling boy.

"We first have to find their TennisBalls as only they can recognize their master, just like yours did. I stumbled across yours when I was in America, looking for you."

"How do we search for them?"

Echizen shrugged. "Since I can't feel their powers, I think the TennisBalls have fallen in the hands of the enemy. We have to defeat the Rudolphians to retrieve them."

"I see" was all Tezuka managed to say before Echizen quickly silenced him. Night had fallen and they heard the sound of suspicious footsteps coming from outside the clubroom. They stilled, both hoping that the outsider had not heard their secret conversation. Just when it began to fade into silence again, a scream tore through the air and chilled them to the bone. Tezuka froze, recognizing the voice all too well.

"That's them!" Echizen declared, running to the door and swinging it open in a brutal manner.

"Them?" Tezuka asked, following his son out of the safety of the clubroom.

"The Rudolphians' minions!" Echizen sighed in desperation. His father was so damn slow!

They ran towards the tennis courts, and as they cautiously approached, the screaming increased in volume. "Leave me alone!" someone yelled.

"That's Kikumaru's voice," Tezuka told Echizen.

His assumptions confirmed when they saw the redhead tied to a tree with another male's body pressed on top of his. Echizen recognized at once the brown-and-white ensemble of St-Rudolph Academy. "Buchou, that's the Rudolphians' school uniform. It's the enemy!"

The mysterious Rudolphian loomed over Kikumaru, admiring him inch by inch. And then, he threw his head back and laughed in a maniacal manner. "You are quite cute for a male dane!" it said. "I wonder if your blood would taste as good as your smell dane! Are you strong dane? Do you have great powers dane?"

Judging from Kikumaru's facial expression, he was about to explode. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU DANE NYA?!" the acrobatic player finally burst out. "Why are you so annoying with your 'dane, dane' nya?!"

"My name is Yanagisawa dane," the enemy said cockily, his thumb pressed against his chest. "I am a Rudolphian, from St-Rudolph Academy dane. My blood type is A dane, and my favourite food is blood as well dane. My greatest hobby is to play with yellow rubber ducks dane, but I also like playing street tennis dane. And I don't know why you find me annoying dane, but I am not going to let you off because of that dane…"

Tezuka's jaw twitched in exasperation. What the hell was happening?! Wasn't Kikumaru supposed to be scared for his life? And most of all, how could that guy be so freaking irritating dane?! He glanced at his future son, his eyes silently asking for answers. When Echizen failed to notice his distressed signal, he sighed and asked out loud "What is happening here?"

"The Rudolphians gain energy by drinking other's blood." Echizen explained as a matter-of-fact, his eyes never leaving Yanagisawa, "and Kikumaru-senpai moves around a lot so his aroma is sweet and tempting."

The air suddenly dropped by several degrees. Tezuka's expression turned from confusion to outright contempt. Do normal humans suck others' blood for power? Oh, but they were not normal human, his mind corrected him; they were Rudolphians.

"Don't touch me, pervert!!" Eiji screamed, bringing Tezuka's attention back on him.

"But your blood smells so good from your neck dane! Should I take a bite before someone steals you from me dane?" the monster declared. He lowered his head towards the tied-up Kikumaru and bit his neck. The redhead wailed in pain and Tezuka cringed.

Echizen quickly turned to his father. "Now's your time, Buchou! Finish him off while he is unguarded!"


"Use your fighting instincts and finish him off!"

Suddenly, something clicked inside him. His eyes widen in horror as once again, his body began moving on its own. His hand grabbed a red rose he held in his black tuxedo and he launched it towards Yanagisawa, missing him by a few inches. The rose landed on the tree right on top of their heads, making the Rudolphian jump back in shock. A gentle breeze blew, messing with Tezuka's hair and making his cloak flow gently aloft the ground. He could almost hear a quiet, background music playing, something like an air of violin. Something inside him burned to be released. Something long forgotten, that was once a part of him that he had lost. He cleared his throat.

"A person with a pure heart is precious! You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of those who spread the message of love!" Tezuka shouted with his deep voice, startling Yanagisawa greatly.

"Who are you dane?"

"I am… I am…" Tezuka hesitated, not sure if he should reveal his real name to the enemy. He quickly shook his head and composed himself. His glasses suddenly glinting under the moonlight, Tezuka pointed menacingly at the enemy. "I am the protector of the Lunarians, and the leader of the Earthrions. Before you, the Millennium King stands. In the name of Love…" fighting over a sudden blush, he quickly composed himself, "I mean, in the name of Tennis, I punish you!"

After the whole deal was over, he was going to kill someone, Tezuka was sure of it. For now though, he will pretend Echizen was not tugging his cap low over his eyes and trying hard not to burst out laughing. He also deeply hoped that Kikumaru had either not recognized him or simply fainted somewhere along the way.

For a moment, Yanagisawa looked at him, unfazed. Tezuka seemed pleased that his mask disallowed others to see his growing blush. The Magical Buchou grabbed Echizen's racket from him and launched his crystal-black TennisBall in the air before smashing it towards the enemy at full force. It was the first move he surmised that would diminish his frustration. With a tumultuous yelp, Yanagisawa fled and a red TennisBall fell on the ground from his pocket.

Echizen grinned hugely at his father, his golden eyes still mocking. "Nice work Buchou, I always knew your instincts were very… strong."

Tezuka glared daggers at him. "What happened to me?"

Echizen shrugged, walking towards his unconscious Kikumaru-senpai to untie him from the tree. When he laid the acrobatic player on the ground, the red TennisBall that had fallen on the grass next to them began beeping and glowing. The freshman grinned.

"Buchou, we found Sailor Kikumaru."

Tezuka looked at him and then glanced at Kikumaru. "So I'm stuck working with him?"

Echizen nodded.

Just the idea of Kikumaru seeing him in his ridiculous costume was giving him a serious migraine. Tezuka sighed and rubbed his throbbing forehead. "I'm taking him to my room. I'm sure Fuji won't mind caring for him."

"You do know that you have to keep this evening's encounter a secret, don't you? We can't risk any outsiders to get involved, not even your 'wife'."

"I know," Tezuka assured him. "And Fuji is not my 'wife'."

"You should stop acting like newlyweds then," Echizen remarked. "Sometimes, he reminds me of my sadistic mother…"

Tezuka massaged his throbbing temple and sighed again in exasperation.


When Tezuka returned to his dorm room with a sleeping Kikumaru in his arms, Fuji's smile turned evil. At that hellish moment, he could have given anything to vanish from earth to escape his 'wife's' sadistic tendencies. He knew he was going to be questioned mercilessly any minute now. It was coming, he could see it from the way Fuji's expression changed when he laid the redhead on his bed.

"So, are you cheating on me now, Tezuka?"

Oh, there it was. Tezuka's living hell had just begun.

"Apparently, you are not very subtle when keeping a mistress either. I'm not sure if I should be glad or not."

"Fuji…" he warned. Echizen was right. They were acting way too much like newlyweds for their own good.

"I thought you were going to complete papers in the clubroom, but apparently you had other plans when I had my back turned, hmm?" Fuji asked in a voice over sweet for comfort.

Tezuka refrained from talking, as he knew anything he would say would only add fuel to the raging fire.

"What did you do to him? Where did you go? Did you take advantage of him? Just spit it out, Tezuka."

"I did not do anything to him. Echizen was there too," Tezuka replied. He was not technically lying; he was just saying part of the truth.

"Oh, so now it's become a threesome with an underage as the uke?" Fuji immediately assumed. "I'm disappointed in you, Tezuka. It is a crime to take advantage of others like that. Am I not satisfying enough for you?"

The bespectacled youth sighed for the nth time that day. No amount of narcotic was going to relieve him from his upcoming migraine. "Fuji, I didn't do anything to him or Echizen, please don't ask me anymore."

Of course, Fuji was not going to leave it at that. He was having too much fun teasing his stoic captain. "It's a shame you had to go to other people to find pleasure when you had everything you could get right here, with me." Slowly, Fuji began pacing towards Tezuka, his smile seducing and sensual. The taller man backed away, only to be sandwiched in between his sadistic wife and the wall. "I'll teach you," Fuji whispered in his ear while unbuttoning his shirt one button at a time, "what pleasure truly is."

"Fuji!" Tezuka could feel heat rushing through his cheeks at their proximity. He groaned when he felt himself harden with need. He could no longer ignore it. He would be damned if he denied it: his 'wife' was truly like a temptress.

To his immense disappointment, Fuji retreated. The honey-haired boy's long bangs covered his eyes, and his shoulders shook. For a moment, Tezuka feared he offended his roommate. He was about to apologize when Fuji chuckled, covering his mouth with his hand. The prodigy tried to stifle his laughs to no avail. Finally, he gave up and burst out laughing.

Dumbfounded, Tezuka stared at him until he calmed down once again. "You… you… you should see your face, Tezuka!" Fuji choked out in between laughing fits. "I would do anything for a camera right now."

Quickly, Tezuka recovered and his stoic mask was back in place. "FUJI!" he reprimanded, trying to ignore his aroused state.

"Sorry, sorry," Fuji mumbled, waving his hand in dismissal. "I'll go to bed now and stop torturing you. Whatever you were doing, it's none of my business. Good night, Tezuka."

With a click, the lights switched off. Tezuka sighed, groping his way to the bathroom in the darkness. Staring down at his erected lower half once alone in the showers, he knew he was in for a long, long night.

~To be Continued~

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