BWA: Believe it or not, kiddies, we've reached the end of our story!
Sky: -Gasps- Really?
BWA: Yep.
Sky: -Sniffles-
BWA: Aw, Sky! Don't cry..
Jak: -Sniffles-
Emmett: -Whimpers-
Keira: -Chin wobbles-
Kellan: -Hiccups-
Daxter: -Blows nose-
Tess: -Sobs-
Karina: -Blubbers-
BWA: Um.. can I get some tissues over here?

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Chapter Eleven

A year had passed since the historic Elvin - Dark Maker War. Although Haven had been destroyed, Baroness Ashelin, along with her boyfriend of six months, Commander Torn were working together to rebuild the city.

Damas had explained to Jak that he had been sworn to secrecy by the Haven City government to keep the crown prince safe and, hopefully, free from assassination. Jak was now the rightful crown prince of Spargus. And no prince could be complete without his princess. Jak had proposed to Keira three months after the war ended, and she had enthusiastically agreed. They were married two months later by a Precursor Monk at the Spargus Palace, where the two now lived.

Kellan and Sky got their happy ending as well, getting married a month after Jak and Keira. They lived in a nearby house in Spargus, having been living there since the reconstruction of Haven began. Jak and Sky would constantly joke about how, even when New Haven was finished, they'd stay in Spargus – which they would.

Karina and her older brother Zane also moved to Spargus with the group. Both siblings found love within their first few months in the desert city. Zane joined the other Spargain mechanics, realizing that he had developed a love of construction. He also helped Sig train budding young swordsmen and women during his spare time. Karina was engaged and working on hooking up Eco shields in the city, and in her spare time, she would go with the other Spargain women to find exotic fruits near the oasis. She also liked tearing up the desert in the newly manufactured Sand Shark.

Cal decided to stay in Haven with his girlfriend, one that he told no one of until after the war. He knew the two Eco Demons would tease him about it, and they did. He helped build the mechanical devices needed to restore the city.

Daxter and Tess got hitched, Tess giving birth to their daughter, Teela, nine months later.

Kellan and Sky agreed that, when they decided to have kids, they would name their daughter Vidia, after Sky's mother.

At dusk on the last day of the year, the group of seven sat on the Palace rooftop, watching as the two suns set over the horizon. The same thing had happened sixteen months before. Before the war began.

"Does this feel like déjà vu to anyone else?" Daxter asked as Tess curled against him, their daughter watching a nearby butterfly with her big blue eyes.

"No," Sky sighed, resting her head on Kellan's shoulder as the final rays of sunlight washed over her skin. "This is so different."

"How so?" Keira asked, curled up comfortably on Jak's lap.

"Put it this way," She continued. "The last time we watched a sunset, it was to distract ourselves from the fact that we were about to be in a war. We didn't know what was going to come of it and we didn't know if we were going to survive. This time around, we've all found what we didn't know we were looking for, we've welcomed two new family members into our lives and we're no longer afraid."

"She's right," Karina said with a smile, watching as the orange lights lit up her purple eyes. "Things are perfect now."

Zane smiled at his little sister, "I never knew that life could be so wonderful, I'm very happy I made the change."

"So are we," Kellan added. "At least now I'm not the only male mechanic. It was horrible having to deal with Sky and Keira fussing over things all the time."

The group shared a life as Sky swatted at her husband's shoulder. "If you don't want any tonight, keep talking like that."

Jak laughed, gently stroking the ring on Keira's finger, "I never thought things would end up like this. I found my Dad, I claimed the title of Prince of Spargus and now I'm married."

Zane laughed, "Everyone's married but me…"

Karina giggled, watching as the light glinted off her engagement ring, "Maybe that's life's way of telling you to pop the question."

Tess smiled warmly, running her fingers through her daughters hair, watching as the orange streaks in her blonde hair lit up in the light. "This is how things are supposed to be."

Keira nodded against Jak's chest, both her and her husband's hands resting on her abdomen, where their child had begun to grow. "I couldn't agree more."

Through it all, they had ended up on top. They had climbed their mountains, overcame their fears and reached their goals. They stuck together and realized that love conquers all, in the end. They now lived in peace and happiness.

Nevertheless, if anyone ever needed the help of a few Eco Demons, Jak and Sky would always be there to help.


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