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Author's note: Okay, this was an idea for a story I got after finally watching 'Pitch Black' all the way through. I've seen some good stories come from this crossover and thought I would give it a try myself. My other stories will take priority, so updates would be rare and random…but I would like to finish this once I have the time.

Hermione was right, Harry had to be the human incarnation of a trouble magnet; how else would he get into these situations? There he was, minding his own business in the jungles of the Amazon where he was doing research as an Unspeakable, when a dart stabs him in the neck and he collapses to the forest floor. Did he forget to mention he was in his panther animagus form? …That might be important.

When he had woken up sometime later he found himself in a large metal cage, still in his panther form as he watched two men before him trading money before his cage was dragged up into a large merchant class spacecraft with an older spectacled man following behind him. He didn't know who the fuck Paris P. Ogleby thought he was, but the moment Harry had the chance that man was dead; Harry never approved of cannibalism, but that didn't count if he ate the man while he was a panther right?

And that's now he got to this point, held in a cryogenic cage in the middle of deep space with 40 some odd people and being taken to who knows where. He would have to find a way to escape, and probably wouldn't be able to for quite awhile. He had no idea how he was going to make it back to Earth; he had no idea if he would ever see his friends again.

Harry had been the first to wake up to the shuddering of the craft, the flashing lights and distress signals were the first hint that something had gone wrong with their ship…the next hint came from the bullet sized space rocks leaving the inside hull of the ship looking like Swiss cheese. He pulled himself up and slammed into the door of his cage repeatedly to try and make a break for freedom, but it was sealed tight and all Harry could do was snarl behind the heavy glass as he watched the members of the crew awaken; the captain had died quickly, hopefully since he was still in the process of waking up…maybe it didn't hurt when he was riddled with holes by more space-rock bullets.

Next was one of the men who smelled of gunpowder, then the dark-skinned man and the second woman on board the plane. Many of the others remained unconscious and only one man had been awake for as long, if not longer than Harry had. With the keen eyesight of a panther, he could easily see the warning label across this man's cryogenic chamber. The man reminded him of a predator, one that even he felt wary of. He knew this man was well aware of what was going on around him, even if he was blindfolded and secured with some of the strongest chains that Harry had ever seen outside of the magical world.

His attention was distracted from the human predator as he heard the only woman crewmember arguing with a man by the name of 'Owens'; it was difficult to tell from what he could hear at this distance, but it sounded like the woman wanted to drop 'excess cargo'…Most likely the passengers. Would Harry do the same if he was in her position, or would he be more like Owens and do what he could for them, even if it caused him to lose his life? He felt pretty confident that he would choose what Owens had, but one could never be sure until they were put into that situation.

The rumbling became louder and louder until finally with a sharp jerk what remained of the spaceship crashed against the hard surface of a planet, shredding the metal hull as if it was made of tissue paper. He could see through one of the halls the planet they were crashing into was insanely bright, after being in the darkness of space for weeks on end, such light was blinding. The ship rolled and skipped along the terrain of the barren desert hell of a planet before it finally came to a stop, and Harry's cage door smoothly slid open. He looked up in shock to see the man-predator before him with a smirk on those dark pink, slightly full lips.

"Well now kitty-cat. What kind of beast would I be if I didn't help my fellow prisoner go free?" The man chuckled and caused Harry to nearly shiver in pleasure. That voice was pure, unadulterated sin. Harry felt more seduced by that voice alone than he had ever been in his entire life. He watched quietly as the man picked up a thin pair of black goggles and slid out of the room without a sound. Looking around the remainder of the craft he saw that the others were regaining consciousness and felt that he should do the same. He snuck off of the craft, only stopping by one of Ogleby's many crates of antiques to leave his mark. Pissing on the crate may have been a bit petty, but it was pretty satisfying in Harry's mind. With that, Harry leapt out of the ship and onto the hot sandy terrain.

"He's gone. Somehow that fucking bastard Riddick got away." Johns, a blond haired and blue eyed Merc, growled out angrily as he stormed back to the ship and the waiting survivors. He had only let that creature out of his sights for but a few moments as they tried to gather up supplies, and when he came back the man was gone.

"Oh…Oh, dear. Well that only makes matters worse then." Paris Ogleby nearly stuttered as he pushed open the lid of a sarcophagus and picked up a bottle of wine as well as a large ax. The man adjusted his broken glasses before he looked around at his fellow survivors, feeling pretty confident he was about to be mobbed upon.

"How do you mean worse?" The heavily accented voice of the Free-Prospector Shazza growled as she eyed the man she considered to be no better than a sniveling cockroach.

"Well, it seems that in addition to our convict escaping…my prize Black Panther from Brazil seems to be missing as well." The man gasped out and stepped back as angry faces flashed his direction.

"So let me get this straight; we have a convicted murderer running around merrily in the desert, as well as a man eating beast as well?" Carolyn Fry, the false 'captain' of the fallen ship muttered to herself as she ran her fingers through her short dirty blond hair. She ignored the comment from Johns about them both being 'man-eating beasts' as she growled out. "Well this just can't get any fucking worse can it?"

"Sure it can." The young woman ignored the cheeky grin from the pre-teen boy known as only 'Jack' as she tried to figure out how the hell she was going to get out of this mess.

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