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The squad room was buzzing with life one Monday morning during July. Elliot Stabler looked up as he heard his partner's boots tap against the tiled floor with each step that she took before she took a seat at her desk.

"Morning," he greeted Olivia.

Yawning, Olivia turned on her computer. "Morning."

"Long night?" he asked and stood up.

Olivia smiled. "Yeah, long weekend actually," she confessed, blushing.

Elliot laughed. "Want a cup of tea?"

"That would be great thanks," she replied, logging on to the computer.

"Benson! Stabler!" Captain Cragen called out, approaching his two best detectives.

Elliot stopped what he was doing and turned to Cragen. "What's up?"

"A new case. A seven year old boy named Julian Sadler. Mother is accusing her son's biological father of abuse. Mother and child are at St. Mark's," he explained and headed back in to his office, shutting the door behind him.


Driving to the hospital, Elliot saw Olivia yawn again for the third time in ten minutes. "Did you get any sleep last night at all?" Elliot joked, turning down another street.

Olivia nodded. "Yeah some," she laughed, knowing what Elliot was hinting at.

After a long, hard journey of re-building their partnership and friendship after a big, violent argument, they were finally back in sync with one another. Not just one the same page but they were on the same sentence and they were finally able to crack jokes and laugh freely again.

"That's nice, Liv. You didn't tell me that you were seeing someone," he spoke up again after what seemed liked a long silence, trying to keep the hurt out of his voice as he kept his eyes on the road ahead.

Olivia sighed. "I didn't want to jinx it, El, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's just... I'm finally happy.. He knows what I do for a living and he doesn't ask questions or get disgusted or anything. He asks how my day was and leaves it alone. I think I've finally found the right guy."

Elliot pulled up at the hospital and reached over, giving Olivia's thigh a gentle squeeze. "I'm happy for you, Liv. What's his name? I would like to meet him."

"You're not going to interrogate him and scare him off, Elliot. Because if you do, I swear..."

Elliot laughed and took the key out of the ignition before taking off his seatbelt. "Calm down, Liv, I won't interrogate him, I promise. I just don't want to see you hurt."

They got out of the car and headed toward the building.

"So, Liv, you going to tell me his name?" he asked again when she didn't respond.

Sighing, Olivia lifted up her sunglasses and rested them on the top of her head. "Fine, but you better not interrogate him."

"I won't, Liv. I promise."

"His name is Andrew McCain. He's a Travel Writer. He goes overseas and writes articles."

Elliot nodded. "As long as he treats you right."

"He does, El. Let's go see this little boy," she said as they walked toward the hospital room.


Walking in to the hospital room, Elliot and Olivia found mother and child sitting on the bed. The boy had short blonde hair and green eyes. Bruises and red marks covered his arms.

"Mrs Sadler?" Olivia asked as she and Elliot approached the bed.

The tall, long blonde haired woman stood up and turned to the detectives, showing a very rounded pregnant belly. "Yes?"

It seriously made Olivia jealous, she still wanted to be a mother so bad that it ached her terribly within.

Trying to keep professional, Olivia took out her badge. "I'm Detective Benson and this is my partner Detective Stabler. We're from the Special Victims Unit," she introduced herself and Elliot.

"Yes. I'm Jacqueline and this is my son Julian. I caught his father hurting him this morning. I want him charged," she demanded, rubbing her belly.

Olivia nodded. "Is it okay if I talk to Julian?"

Mrs Sadler sighed. "Yeah, sure," she said and pointed to Julian.

Smiling slightly, Olivia sat down on the bed beside the child as Elliot started to talk to the mother.

"Hi Julian, my name is Olivia. Can you tell me how old you are?" she asked softly.

Scared, Julian slowly looked up at her. "Five," he whispered and lifted up an open hand to show her.

Olivia smiled. "Cool. So, you're in kindergarten?"

Finally smiling back, Julian shook his head. "I start first grade soon," he told her proudly. "I turn six in a couple weeks."

"That's so cool... Now, honey, can you tell me what happened this morning?"

Julian stilled instantly and backed away immediately. His bottom lip quivering as tears welled up in his eyes. "I want my mommy."

"I know, buddy, it's okay. Your mommy is right there. See?" she said and pointed over to Elliot and Mrs Sadler talking.

"She's talking to my friend Elliot. Can you tell me what happened? I'm here to help you."

Julian sniffled and looked back up at her, slightly tilting his head. "Really?"

With a small smile, Olivia nodded. "Yeah, I'm a police officer," she assured him softly and gave him her badge to hold. "So, can you tell me what happened this morning?"

Julian finally nodded. "Yeah... I woke up and my daddy was standing next to my bed... He picked me up and dropped me on the floor. He hit me over and over and I was so scared. He smelt yucky," he said and held his nose before giving back her badge.

"Oh yeah? Do you know what what the smell was, Julian?"

Julian thought for a minute before answering, "That stuff he drinks and says I'm too little to drink it."

Nodding, Olivia jotted down the information in her notepad. "Okay. Thank you, buddy. You did very well," she praised him for his help, seeing Mrs Sadler returning.

She stood up and headed out in to the hall to Elliot. "She tell you much?" she asked as they headed out of the building.

"Yeah, she saw it happen. She went to wake her son up and saw her ex-husband hitting him."


Elliot nodded. "Yeah, they divorced six months ago. Mrs Sadler found out she was pregnant a month later. It's not his child, so now he's trying to deny that Julian is his, so he doesn't have to pay child support. She says it looks like he took off the fly screen and used a window cutter to cut a hole, so he could unlock the window. His name is Henry Cooper. Lives... Apartment 7G. East 98th Street."

Opening the passenger side door, Olivia said, "Well, let's go pay him a visit."


Riding the elevator up to the seventh floor, Olivia yawned yet again and rubbed her tired eyes.

"Maybe you should take a sick day, Liv?" Elliot suggested.

The elevator dinged, the door slid open and they walked out.

Shaking her head, Olivia rubbed her sore neck. "No, I'm okay," she assured her partner.

Elliot just nodded and knocked on the apartment door.

"Who the hell is there?" an angry voice flowed through the door.

"Detectives Stabler and Benson of the NYPD. Open up!"

The door was yanked open and a tall, thin man with sandy brown hair opened the door with a bottle of beer in hand. "And what the hell do you two want?"

"Could we come in?"

"Hell no!"

"Fine, we can do this down at the station."

"I know my rights! You can't make me!" he yelled, slurring.

"Where were you between six and seven this morning then?" Olivia asked, trying to ignore the strong smell of alcohol on him.

"Sleeping!" Henry yelled and slammed the door in their faces.

"What a nice guy," Olivia sneered sarcastically as they walked away.

"Let's head back to the house and see if he has himself a record."


Walking in to the squad room, Olivia found a red rose and a box of chocolates on her desk. A note in a small white envelope was set on the top. 'My beautiful Olivia' was written in familiar cursive handwriting on the front. Andrew.

Olivia smiled and picked up the note, vaguely aware that Elliot was standing behind her, watching over her shoulder.

She pulled it out and opened it to read it. It read: 'Hey beautiful, if you get this by 10:45, come down stairs and meet me in the car. I love you.'

Olivia smiled, blushing. She put the love note in to her desk drawer and grabbed a chocolate out of the box, popping it in to her mouth.

"Tell the cap, I had to quickly do something."

Elliot laughed and leaned down to her ear. "Go have your quickie. I've got your back," he told her, trying to keep his jealously back.

Blushing, Olivia couldn't help but smile. "Thanks," she replied and headed back downstairs. She had to see her romantic man. But as she rushed down, she couldn't help but think that the rose, chocolates and note should have been from Elliot and that she should be heading downstairs and meeting him in the car.

She was in love with Andrew but the fact of the matter was she was even more in love with Elliot Stabler and wanted to have his baby before her time ran out. But with Elliot being married to Kathy with five children, the youngest just aged two, she knew that it most probably wouldn't be happening, no matter how hard she wished.

Walking out of the building, she found her boyfriend's sports car almost instantly. She was glad to see him because he was headed for London in a just a few short hours.

She opened the passenger door with a smile and got in. "Hey babe."

"Hi beautiful. Thought we could spend some more time together before I have to leave," he said with a smile.

Looking in to his gorgeous emerald green eyes, Olivia grinned. "I'd love to, babe, but it's gotta be quick because unfortunately it's not even my lunch break yet... Do you really have to leave me, Andy?" she whined, pouting. It would be the first time that they'd be apart for more then a few days.

Andy reached over and caressed her cheek. "I'm so sorry, baby, but I do. I'll be back in about ten days though."

"Can we have another quickie before you go?"

Andy grinned. "Sure. Let's find somewhere quiet."


"So, El, have you met this new boyfriend of Olivia's yet?" Fin asked.

Elliot shook his head. "Not yet but I'm checking to see if he's got a record."

Fin got up and stood behind him, looking at his computer over his shoulder. "Does he have one? We needa make sure he won't hurt Liv."

Elliot typed in Andrew's name and waited to see if any results popped up.