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Chapter One

The horse, head down, slowly trudged over the hill. If his rider had've been conscious he would have savoured the sight of the castle in the morning light. Carefully the horse picked its way down the hill and through the village. Farmers were the only people out at this time and there were only a few of them. Even fewer stopped plowing to see who's horse it was that was disturbing the morning silence. The very, very few men who looked were too shocked to do a thing. The horse eventually reached the castle gates. The guards at the gate silently watched, aghast, as the horse passed through. Then realising their mistake stopped it to see who it was.

"Oh no," were the only words whispered.


Will could see his former master ahead, already waiting at the trees. Strange, he thought, Gilan isn't here yet.

As he rode closer Tug gave a friendly call to his fellow Ranger horse, Abelard, and he replied. Will grinned and pulled Tug to a halt next to, well, Halt. He lent over in his saddle and wrapped his arms around his old mentor in an awkward hug, Halt, in return patted the young man's back once. He never really was one to show emotions.

"Halt!" Will greeted cheerily, arms still around him. "How are you? How's Abelard? Why isn't Gilan here yet? Is he even coming?"

Will was about to continue with even more questions but Halt stopped him. He managed to throw Will's arms off him and was now holding up a hand for silence, with a slightly amused look on his face. I don't know how I could have ever missed this, he thought to himself.

"What's so funny?" Will asked.

"Oh nothing-" Halt said, "Nothing at all."

Will looked at him suspiciously.

"Soooo," he said slowly. "Where's Gilan?"

"Not sure. Not here yet."

"Really?" he goggled. "I hadn't noticed."

"You know, Will, sarcasm-"

"Isn't the lowest form of wit, in fact its not a wit at all." Will cut him off knowingly.

Halt eyed him. "Yes." Halt knew his former apprentice was poking fun at him.

"Maybe we should go." Will suggested.

Halt grunted in agreement. "Whatever reason he has for being late, it'd better be a good one." With that Halt turned Abelard and headed towards the Gathering grounds, Will following behind.


They rode into the grounds in a companionable silence. Will looking around in clear interest at the other Rangers and their apprentices, catching up with friends and sitting around fires. Halt was looking but not making it anywhere near as clear as Will.

After finding a spot to camp the two unsaddled and watered their horses and let them freely graze on the green grass.

"So Gilan didn't contact you?" Will asked again, setting the fire.

"No, as far as I knew he was meeting us at the trees, as normal." He looked at his former apprentice and could see the worry clearly written on his face. "I'm going to see Crowley," Halt stood. "Maybe he knows something."

"I'll come to." Will said.

Halt shook his head. "You stay here in case he turns up."

Will saw the sense in what Halt said and nodded.

"I'll be back," the older Ranger stated.


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