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Chapter Four

"Everything hurts..."

Halt sat up straighter in his chair and stared at the still body before him. A small frown creased Gilan's features and he squeezed his eyes shut a little tighter.

"Gilan?" Halt's gruff voice asked in anticipation.

Gilan took a deep breath and held it in, then slightly opened his eyes as he let it out. He groaned as the light pierced his vision.

Halt held out a hand to stop Gilan from sitting up, "Take it easy."

He quickly stood, made his way to the tent flap and caught the attention of a passing Ranger. "Get me Doug, now."

The young Ranger nodded and moved swiftly to do as Halt said. Everyone knew the incident of Gilan arriving in a certain...state. And quite simply, it had everyone worried. Halt stepped back in, next to where Gilan was lying.

"How do you feel?" his voice was gentle. The younger Ranger, though awake, still seemed a little out of it and Halt gripped his shoulder comfortingly. "Can you tell me what happened?"

Gilan's groggy eyes suddenly were filled with fear and looked a little wild. He trashed violently under Halt's hand which the older Ranger immediately removed.

"Gilan!" he knew it would panic him more but Halt gripped both his wrists to keep him from harming himself. "Gil, calm down. It's me! Look, it's Halt!"

In Gilan's urgency he managed to get a hand free and punch his former mentor, knocking him away from the bed. At that moment Doug strode in, he instantly ran to the side of the bed and, with a recovered Halt's help, he managed to restrain Gilan.

Once checking Halt had a decent hold on Gilan he quickly brewed up a foul smelling tea, all the while Halt was failing at trying to calm him down.

"I need you to open his mouth," Doug commanded.

And Halt tried but Gilan's mouth would not budge. He tried talking him into it but Gilan would not listen.

"I'm sorry Gil," he said eventually. As Halt held him down tight Doug pinched his nose. Eventually his struggles became weaker until he gave in and opened his mouth, gasping in desperate air.

As he did Doug quickly poured the foul substance down his throat. He choked slightly but it went down relatively well. Almost instantly his struggles stopped and his eyes drooped. Then he just fell asleep.

Halt let out a breath and released his friend's wrists. "What the hell?" he exclaimed.

Doug shook his head. "I have no idea."

"Just tell me this isn't permanent?" Halt pleaded.

"I wish I could Halt, but unless I know what's wrong I can't accurately say anything."

Halt sighed and slumped back down into the chair next to Gilan's bed, rubbing his now bruised jaw.

"So, what can we do?"

"I suppose we'll just have to wait until Tony or Edward return with news of..."


"Yes, Horace. Until then I'll just tend to his wounds as normal. If he wakes up again...we'll just wait and see."

Gilan woke a further and had to be sedated a further two times before he began getting out of hand. The third time he woke, despite his injuries, he managed to throw off both Halt and Doug. The fourth time simply broke Halt's heart. Apart from the first time Doug always had a sedative ready for when Gilan woke, but this time he didn't. As he was quickly making it Gilan became so frustrated about being held down, so afraid that salty tears escaped his eyes. Halt wanted nothing more than to embrace the young man but he was sure his reaction would not be a good one.

Will, of course, made regular, daily visits. Halt told him what had happened while he was assessing the first year apprentices and he was worried, as everyone else was. If it was up to him he would have stayed constantly by Gilan's side, sleeping uncomfortably in a chair next to his bedside as the good friend he was, but Halt would not have it.

He made sure Will ate properly, slept decently next to a fire and that he contributed as he normally would to the Gathering. Only once did Will point out that Halt was being hypocritical and the death stare he received was enough to silence him.

The only thing Halt could be thankful for in the situation was that Will had not been there even once when Gilan woke up.

He didn't know what was wrong, but no one deserved to see one of their closest friends in such a state as that. He didn't know how Will would cope with that. He had such an air of innocence about him and it would cause him too much pain to see his friend like that. So Halt sent him away as much as he could.

For just over two days it had been like that. Doug changed Gilan's bandages frequently and, though he would be sore when he properly woke, all his sleeping was doing wonders for his wounds and he was on the mend pretty quickly.

As Halt sat forward in his chair, back hunched in exhaustion from not sleeping for two days, and hand clutching a paler, limper one, Edward was just leaving Castle Araluen with disappointing news.

Tony was just entering Castle Redmont, unaware of what surprises lay ahead.

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