Hey guys! I know you haven't heard in a while but just to let you know I will be continuing this story and rewriting it. I know it has been a while but I hope you love that it is going to be continued. The fact that it still gets attention made me want to finish it, so I hope I haven't let you down. I will rewrite it all because my writing has evolved into a better state now, so once I rewrite it new content will come, but I am back in fan fiction writing none the less!

This is the first chapter of the rewrite, so enjoy it and let me know what you think about it. I will be changing parts of the plot too so enjoy and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

A mahogany haired girl gave out a frustrated groan as she fell flat on her bed. Her phone was vibrating loudly on her desk but she wasn't paying attention to it. She knew exactly who was calling her. She only knew a few people fully, being an introvert meant she only had two people who would always contact her. And the time on the clock made it even clearer who was calling her.

She was tempted to avoid it but the phone kept buzzing, she got the feeling that it wouldn't stop until she took the phone. She knew it to be a fact, after all that was her best friends and they were stubborn as hell. Cursing at herself for making the promise, she got up and took her phone. Turning it swiftly to see the name 'Alice' flash brightly.

She was Bella Swan and she had made a stupid decision. At the age of 23 she was still a virgin (much to the dismay of her best friends Alice and Rosalie who had lost theirs at 17th). She hadn't even had her first kiss but that had never bothered her before, she wanted to wait for the right guy and she had never gotten much interest in school. Surrounded by Alice, who had the black pixie cut cute factor going and Rosalie, who was icy blonde the queen bee in school and wanted by all, she was plain beside them even though they never treated her that way. They cared but around them to others she wasn't an interest. So it hadn't been a surprise to Bella herself that she got no interest.

She didn't even mind, she was used to being the invisible one. But lately Alice and Rosalie had disliked the very notion. They finally noted the lack of male attention she got and were enraged. They found it to be disgraceful that at 23 she hadn't had any male experience so they, for their own peace of mind (why this was causing chaos in their mind she didn't know) guilt tripped her into a promise of going out clubbing to scout for potential guys to give it a try.

Bella had been reluctant, she didn't mind not being in the spotlight, she actually preferred that. But Alice and Rosalie roped her in it and they were going to come and kidnap her tonight. She had unfortunately already given her word, so they would take her come hail or high water. She bit her lip as she stared at the phone. Though she didn't have to take the call to realise what it meant. Rosalie and Alice were on their way to pick her up now. She threw the phone on her bed and got up to look into the mirror. Pyjamas certainly weren't what one wore in a club and she knew Alice would blow a gasket if she saw that she hadn't gotten ready. So she grabbed the first dress she could find in her wardrobe (from Alice approved section, the pixie had a strong sense of fashion and disliked most of her clothes) and wore the miraculous blue dress. For that was the only piece of clothing Bella owned which she and Alice both adored.

She had barely put on the dress when her door opened with a bang and made her jump. Letting out a scream Bella turned to see that standing in her room right in front of her stood Alice and Rosalie. Just looking at them she wanted hit her head on the wall. Alice stood adorned in a fetching emerald dress which was strapless while Rosalie was in a blood ruby dress with a single strap and her hair in molten gold curls. Both looked beautiful as always, she didn't know why they thought they could find her a guy with them around her. She folded her arms and raised her eyebrows at them.

"What was I thinking giving you the key to my apartment? I must have been crazy" she remarked while looking at them.

"Hey you were smart to give us the key, otherwise I would have stolen it and made a copy. I wouldn't risk my dress in climbing through the window!" Alice exclaimed with her eyes bright, though that happiness vanished quickly when she looked at Bella up and down.

"Bella! How dare you! You haven't done your hair or your make-up! We are gonna be late?!" screeched the pixie as she ran upto her.

"Alice! I am going to have my hair just down normally and well this is my makeup. You know I don't like outlandish makeup."

"This is a disaster, are you even trying!?" Bella simply shook her head at her over-dramatic action.

"Oh relax Alice" Rosalie finally spoke up, Bella noted that her blonde friend had a devious smirk on her face "We knew this was going to happen, its why we turned up here with the contingency plan didn't we?" Now Bella froze up.

"Contingency plan? What are you on about?" she asked her eyes widening.

Though that sentence was enough to make Alice happy again. Just then Rosalie went out of her room and then walked in again, this time she was carrying a big bag.

"We know how you work Bella, we knew you wouldn't bother get dressing up that much and try to deflect going so we brought over our-well Alice's makeup items to make you perfect for tonight."

"What?! No! You know I don't like that; I don't-I don't want to!" Bella tried to get out of their way but Alice, in a remarkable speed, got hold of her and instead forced her to sit on her bed. As soon as she was on there, Rosalie was sitting on her side with the makeup bag which was open now.

"Hey you agreed to give us one night of you going out so we are going to do this properly" Alice said it as she got a curler out of the bag, "New Moon is not only a new club but its packed and full of hotties. In an hour you will be a knockout, you will shine in there and you will enjoy it!"

Bella simply sighed and let Alice do it, cringing at the way she was pulling her hair. There was no stopping the pixie now, once she got something in her head she would do it. Sometimes Bella wondered why she was best friends with such extroverted friends. Though she loved them too much to contemplate not being friends. They had been through so much together, the memory of the incident in school, that glazed her eyes. She shook that thought out of her mind, she wouldn't think about the incident, not that. Instead she sat still as Rosalie worked on her makeup while Alice worked on her hair. She would let them have their fun tonight, besides they wouldn't let anything happen to her. They stuck together. She smiled and relaxed finally. One way or another tonight was going to be a dramatic ride that's for sure.

Footsteps echoed as a figure ran through the night. All the street lights were out, making the figure illegible. Panting was heard as he kept running. Without a stop he ran and ran, looking back every other second, seeming to check something. But there was nothing behind him.

That didn't give any relief to him. He ran on, seeming even more frightened than before.

He wasn't safe, he wasn't safe. He had to go, he had to run otherwise…

He couldn't stop to contemplate. His body was running out of steam soon and fast. He could feel the exhaustion seeping in fast but he knew if he stopped he would die. He wouldn't survive. But his body wasn't listening, it physically couldn't.

Exhausted beyond limits he fell on the floor on the street. He wasn't safe on the view he had to hide if he couldn't run. With as much as he could, he crawled into an alley near him and leaned his head on the wall.

"Well you certainly made this easier for us. Out of the view" the silky voice echoed in the alley freezing the man. He looked up to see two towering forms above him. One right in front of him and one behind him. But the darkness of the night made it hard to view them, though he didn't need to see it to know. He knew exactly who it was in front of him, he knew the one who was hunting him.

"Did you really think you could outrun us? Outrun me?"

The figure in front of him reached down in remarkable speed and caught his collar to pull him up. He slammed him against the alley causing him to cry out while he glared at him.

"No, no please…please I will do anything. I will-I will work for you-I will, I will give you the information?! Please just don't, don't kill me! If you kill me you won't get the information!"

The figure behind his attacker chuckled.

"He got the information the second you thought of it. You are of no use now"

"Besides, if you hadn't run then maybe I could have made you a part of us, but you aren't trustworthy" his attacker spoke.

"No, please…no!" he cried out but he didn't listen. Before he could comprehend the attacker viciously bit his neck and all he felt was fire before his mind shut down.

The body went limp and was tossed further into the alleyway.

"Get the others to do the clean-up" he spoke commanding the blond haired man standing behind him "I will go and track Black."

"Where is he?"

The towering figure turned fully to look at the blond man and coldly spoke.

"New Moon."