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Summary: Bella is 23 years old, and still a virgin. Frustrated that only virgin between her best friends she decides she should finally get rid of her virginity and ends up sleeping with Edward Cullen, the most dangerous mafia boss. What happens when Edward wants Bella?

A One Night Stand

Chapter 1


I gave a frustrated groan as I sat down in my couch. This is ridiculous! I, Bella Swan, am 23 years old and YET I am a virgin. Yes I know, and I didnt even have my first kiss yet. Ridiculous and I hate it!

You see I am very skeptical when choosing a man to date, or so that is my best friend Rosalie says, which is why I am still a virgin and haven't even had my first kiss. Im not skeptical, I just dont find the click when I meet a guy and my best friends, Rosalie and Alice, say that those are just bogus. Hah, easy for them to say, they already found their perfect boyfriends with also a 'click'. They found their boyfriend when they were 17 and Im still single. Some people just have all the luck.

It gets really irritating cause Rosalie and Alice lost their virginity when they were 17 (6 months after they met their boyfriends) and when ever they talk about their amazing 'intimate' moments in slumber parties, I just sit their like a dumbo. Heck they push me out of the room when they talk about it. Saying "This talk is not for you, naive innocent Bella"

Really frustrating

So I have decided that today is the day I will finally get rid of my virginity, once and for all and shut Rosalie's mouth.

All of us had planned to go to the opening of the new club called 'Twilight'. We are going to celebrate Jasper, Alice's boyfriends, birthday. When after one hour Alice and Rosalie will get busy with their boyfriends I will also get busy. Of course I wont just do it with some guy, I wont just let my virginity go that way, I will do it with some atleast handsome. I dont wanna be that picky.

Suddenly a head poked out of the door and screamed

"Bella!!! Look at you, we are gonna go to the club at 9:00 pm and you are still not ready?" shouted the one and only Alice

"Chill out Alice its only 7:00 pm, we have alot of time" I said

"Alot of time! Are you out of your mind! We have only 2 freaking hours! Anyways, luckily you have me, I can make about anyone a hot shot princess in 2 hours. Now lets get ready, time is going lets go pick out a dress" said Alice by grabbing my arm.

I just let her take me cause I knew I cant win from this argument. Suddenly something occurred to me

"Alice, how did you get in my apartment?" I asked to the pixie

Alice stopped for a moment and looked at me and smiled sheepishly

"I uh, made a duplicate key of your apartment key.." said Alice

"You what! And without asking me?!" I asked raged

"Well I always have to wake you up and make sure your ready and stuff so I made a duplicate version of your key. I mean, you cant expect me to climb through the window" said Alice

I just stared at her disbelievly (correct sp?)

"But you could have asked!!" I shouted outraged

"Well, whats done is done now lets get you ready" said Alice and pushed me.

This was gonna be a plain torture as always...

2 hours later

"Ow Alice! Stop pulling my hair like that, it hurts!!" I screeched, damn that girl. For a pixie she sure has power.

Alice's height was 5'3. She had small brownish hair and looked like a pixie, but extremely hyper. I wonder how many candies and sweets her mother had fed her when she was small.

"Stop screaming! Im almost done, and there! Walla! Take a look at your self now" said Alice proudly

Giving her a glare I stood up, got out of the bathroom and stared at myself in my mirror.

I looked gorgeous.

I was wearing a sash and black mini skirt, a butterfly earring, a beautiful butterfly pendant and long black boots. (Pictures are in the profile)

I really hate to admit it but my hair looked actually good. Alice had done a nice job. My hair was wavy, had curls and there were a bit glitters in my hair. Downwards it was more curly and have glitters in them.

I smiled at myself. I looked pretty nice.

"I hate to admit it Alice but you did a nice job" I said looking at myself.

I turned around and saw Alice giving a proud smile.

"See! I told you so, you look absolutely fabulous! And you always shout at me!" said Alice with a pout.

I just rolled my eyes and was about to make a reply when there was a horn from outside.

"Yeah what ever now lets go!" I said grabbing her arm and went outside.

Hopefully I find someone atleast decent looking guy for my first time. Dont want a ugly one. Atleast decent one,

Boy was I surprised...

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