*********************Zack's POV*************************************
Zack was sitting on the couch in the living room. he had noticed three things in the last month: one was that cody was depressed, second is that he is gay, and third is that he was in love with cody. he wanted to tell him today and he was going to. he walked to the door of their room and turned the handle.

*********************Cody's POV************************************

Cody was lying on his bed in the room he shared with his brother at the hotel. cody knew he was depressed but he didnt want to tell anybod especially his mom because he was worried she might take him to the doctor an get him on anti-depression meds and he sure as shit would rather be depressed than be taking fucking pills. suddenly he herd the door open and imediately pretended to be asleep.

*********************Zack's POV*************************************
Zack walked into his and codys room and found his brother sleeping and thought"damn hes so cute when he sleeps" he shook him. "cody... Cody wake up i have somethin to tell you... come on budy wake up"zack said "mmmggnnhhhh what do you want?" cody asked attempting to sound like he was just woken up. "cody im gay... and i love you" zack said nervously. "i know you love me zack were brothers and we have to love each other" cody said not understanding what zack meant. "no cody thats not what i... look take this as what i meant' zack said. when cody just stared blankley at him he grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. after a few miniutes they broke apart and cody whimpered from the los of contact then said "fuck zack that was...great." to this zack said " really so do you love me back or do you not want to speak to me again?" "zack i love you and always will" with that cody got up and kised him again. " zack looked at cody after they broke apart and said " so how long till mom comes home from her show?" "2 and a half hours... why?" cody asked. " because im trying to figure out if we should have sex or tell mom that were in love first?" zack said.

End of first chap.

sorry i know its really short will try to write more in the future