Depression Ch. 13

Cody's POV

I am going to die I think as I start to cry. Peter suddenly leaned so near to my face that I could feel his warm breathe on my cheek

"Is this real enough for you?" Peter whispered in my ear

"Wh... What?" I asked confused

"Is this real enough for you?" he said a little louder now leaning back and removing the knife from my throat.

"What the fuck are you talking about." I said getting angry because I was confused

" How many times have you cut yourself?" he said tears rolling down his face.

"What does THAT have to do with ANYTHING?"

"DUMBASS! You came close to taking your own life so many times! And yet as I stand here with a knife and as I'm about to ACTUALLY kill you, you start crying!"

"I don't understand." I said more confused then when this whole thing started

sigh "y'know, for as smart as you are you are dumb! I'm teaching you a lesson Cody! Do you understand now?"

"Kinda... you are basically showing me theres little difference between cutting and being killed right?"

"Yes... I've lost all my family and I won't lose you to something so stupid!"

"I'm... I'm sorry Peter,"

"As you damn well should be!"

I was about to respond but then Peter kissed me.

" Promise you won't ever cut yourself again," he said nearly hysterically

"I Promise Peter"

"Thank you" he said with a smile

Passing bystander on the Pier

what a nice... wait what is that on the... "OH MY GOD!"

"Hello this is 911, what is your emergency?"

"there are two boys on the rocks near pier 27, they look like they jumped together!"

"Ok calm down does it look like they are moving at all?"

"No not at all... oh god"

"Sir just stay calm please the Paramedics are on the way"

"Okay... oh the paramedics are here already that was fast... goodbye" hangs up phone

"What happened here?" one of the EMT asked

"I don't know I was just passing by and I looked down and saw the two of them,"

"Alright, Somebody get down there and get those bodies!"

"Yes sir," another EMT said

A few hours later

*phone rings *

"Hello?" Said Carey as she answered the phone.

"Hello, miss Martin?" said the voice on the other end

"Yes that's me"

"I'm afraid I have some horrible news"

"What's happened?"

"I need you to come to the Morgue to identify a body"

"Oh my... who do you think it is?" she said quite worried as she hadn't seen her eldest son since before she had come home

"We believe the body may be that of your son a Zack Martin"

"Oh my God"

"I'm sorry"

"is there a possibility that its not him?"

"Possibly but you need to come down here... soon... when can you?"

"Right now... I will be there in a bit."

hangs up phone

at that moment Cody and Peter walked in holding hands. Cody had no shirt on and Peter looked like he had been crying hmm wonder what they were doing

"Whats wrong mommy?" Cody asked innocently

"Cody... you're brother... is... dead," Carey said in shock

"That's not funny!" they said in unison

"I know," Carey said starting to cry

"how... he just went to see... FUCK!" Cody said

"whats wrong?" Carey asked

"That bastard! He fucking did it! He killed him! Ahhhh! That ass hole!" Cody screamed

"What... wait Brad?" I asked incredulously

"Yes! Dammit!"

_Authors note _

Okay so this is the end... its been a good run and I loved working on this and reading all of your comments Thank you for everything guys! as you can see Peter taught a lesson and Brad won... moral of the story: don't go running back to your ex? Idk lol and yes Carey was correct Cody and Peter did do "naughty stuff" in the room after the wise advice :) thnx again guys luv ya!