When Hilarity Ensues

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Points -

Normal – normal story

"Dialogue" - dialogues

Italics – thoughts


------- - scene change

_____ POV – character's Point Of View

"---" – sweat drops on all characters

"…!!" – falling down, anime style

(Author speaking, although she isn't supposed to)

[Something sneaky going on behind at the back]

Koko – what in the world, happened to you?

(Don't even ask. It's a long story)

Koko- I can't read your mind. There's a block in there.

(Must be my writer's block)

Koko – so that's why you were gone so long.

(I had a terrible block, various emotional problems to deal with which was surprisingly not mine and the worst of all, exams…)

Jin-jin – exams are very important to the current education system.

(Great! Him again)



Persona – you like frogs! Weirdo…

(Am not!)

Persona – are too!

(Am not!)

Persona – are too!

(Am not!)

Persona – are too!

Jin-jin – blah, exams, blah… are you even listening to me?!!!

(Am not! I mean yes jin-jin, I mean uh… uh…)


(Yes exactly! Everyone listen to the frog!)

[Persona and Jin-jin turn to look at the frog. Author has snuck away.]

Koko – I think I'll do the disclaimer

Disclaimer – animeotakupooh does not own Gakuen Alice or Daa! Daa! Daa! anime. She only owns this plot.

(Is it safe yet?)

Chapter 9 – Bakers

Anna and Nonoko were in deep confusion.

Anna – Why what happened?

Nonoko – We are in confusion and we don't even know why! Now I really am confused….

(I was getting to the explanation!)

Both - Oh…. Sorry…

They both had decided that all the new students in the class that is, Miyu – chan, Nanami – chan, Kanata – san and Seiya – kun should have a welcome party. But now they were undecided on the future course of action.

Koko – Wow… you can use big words and language like that.

Kitsuneme – I'm blown…

(Funny guys, really funny…)

Both – sorry.

Sumire – what's going on?

Yuu – well, we are trying to decide what to do to welcome the new students to our class.

(Well… Anna – chan aren't you good at cooking? Maybe you could cook up something and the others could decorate!)

Mikan – Wow Author san! That was actually a good idea!

(What do you mean by "actually"?)

Mikan – nothing…


(Let's get on with the cooking then!)

In the kitchen

Anna had gathered everyone to help. She had taken on the challenge of making the biggest cake yet. Somewhere along the whole process, Nonoko had disappeared.

"Where's Nonoko?" Yuu asked.

"Figures" Sumire said with a giggle.

"What?" he asked.

"That you'll be the one to think of… uh no. that Kit would be the one to help Anna so much. Right?" Sumire answered.

(You might as well tell him.)

"Let's keep that for later" Sumire said.

(I meant tell Koko)

"Tell him what?" she asked.

(That you… nothing. Don't tell him anything. )

Sumire shook her head.

"Looking for someone?" Nanami asked as she peeked into the kitchen.

"Yeah. For Nonoko, how did you know?" Anna asked.

"I told her" Seiya said as he appeared from behind Nanami.


"So what is the whole gang doing here?" Nanami asked.

"Making a cake" Seiya answered.

Everyone paled. Anna looked sad.

"Well, we were making a cake." Anna confessed.

"It was supposed to be a surprise" Nonoko said as she came up from behind.

"It was for you guys and Miyu- chan" Kitsuneme said.

"And Kanata, if he would have come." Yuu said.

(That's no reason to not make cake!)

"Yeah!" Nanami said.

Anna looked a little brighter. Everyone smiled.

"Which reminds me," Nonoko said. "The reason I disappeared was to get my chemical kit. Do you remember the last time when we came up with a chemical to make cakes really fluffy?" she said as she started taking out two bottles which contained a blue color chemical and a red color chemical.

"Yeah, I remember that!" Kitsuneme said.

"Of course you would. Anna was really happy then. She had even danced with Kitsuneme. There's no way we could forget that incident." Sumire said mischievously. She shared a grin with Nonoko and Nanami. Yuu, Koko and Seiya grinned too. Anna and Kitsuneme were brightly colored.

Nonoko took the bottle with the blue colored substance and poured the entire contents down into a bowl of flour.

"Nonoko! It isn't that one! Duck!"

But it was too late. Everyone was covered with flour. The chemical Nonoko had put in was an explosive of a kind. The dangerous kind.

"My new green top!" Sumire cried. It was ruined.

Koko and the author went to comfort her.

"It's okay!" he said.

"No it isn't!" Sumire cried. Then she looked up and noticed something.

"How are you clean?" she asked. Everyone stared at the author.

(I'm the author. I knew what was going to happen, so I ducked.)

Sumire took a handful of flour. She flung it at me.

(You just did not do that…)

"Oh I did – ouch!" Sumire said. The author had thrown more flour at her.

(Well, I don't get my hands dirty but you are an exception.)

And so began a food fight. For which the author was responsible.

(Why me?)

You did cause the explosion didn't you?

(Uh… yeah…)

Koko threw a roll of bread that missed Yuu and hit Sumire instead.

(She's not going out with you after that…)

"WHAT?" Sumire and Koko both yelled.


"STOP! The cake plan is completely ruined." Anna sobbed.

Kitsuneme put an arm to comfort her. Everyone was ashamed.

Kitsuneme then had a plan. He whispered something to Koko, Yuu and Seiya. After quite a discussion, they announced a party in central town. It was to be on Sunday and it was the guys' (Kitsuneme's) treat to the girls (Anna)

Koko and Seiya shared a grin as everyone cleaned up the kitchen. Then slowly everyone left for their rooms.

Misaki saw the entire incident from behind the kitchen door. She had had to duck so many times herself. She was intrigued by the plan and knew it was going to be exciting.

(I can't wait for it)

"Neither can I," Misaki agreed.

Koko – so it'll be like this and that will be like that…

(Guys, let me in on it!)

Kitsuneme – no. you won't be spoiling it like you did with the cake.

(No I won't! Promise!)

Yuu – you really want to know?


Seiya – (whispers) the sun is going to rise from the east on Sunday.

(Funny guys… real funny...)