This was my first ever fanfiction for Supernatural. Now I have a disclaimer here, and I hope it's okay to post this, it's a crossover of sorts. I was reading the book called "Touch of Evil" and could wondered what it would be like if the Winchesters were involved. This first story is like 98 - 99% "Touch of Evil" with a few changes made to fit the Supernatural line. I don't mean to do anything bad copywright wise - just a fun idea I thought of, but the Thrall and most characters involved in this story - besides Sam and Dean - belong to the writers of the series CT Adams and Cathy Clamp - some names were changed, others taken directly.

My character Max O'Reilly is loosely based off of the story's main character Kate Reilly - but essentially, Max and her crazy family are mine. And, if I am able to post the rest of the story, you will see how crazy they are.

Like I said, just an idea I least one review, let me know if I should post the rest. I hope I gave enough credit to the writers of the book - I'm always paranoid about that.

I think I've covered everything...I hope you like the story.

"Touch of Evil (After the Book)"

Dean Winchester slept soundly, and peacefully. Unless you happened to be able to see inside his mind, where he was having a nightmare…

"What do you have those amped up to?" Sam asked.

"100,000 volts," Dean answered, grabbing the weapons from the trunk of his Impala.


"Yeah, well, I want this raw-head extra freakin' crispy," Dean shrugged.

He and Sam ran down into the basement of the abandoned house. Two kids were in the cupboard, and he told Sam to get them to safety as he went after the demon. He scrambled after it, trying to get good aim with the tazer, not realizing he'd ended up in the water until he'd fired, and electrocuted both the demon…and himself.

He felt the pain again, and cried out. Darkness filled his mind, then the memory of the ambulance ride, and the sounds of heart monitors, beeping steadily…

Until he'd opened his eyes, and realized that the beeping was his cell phone. He reached over and flipped it open, "Hello?"

"Um…am I speaking to one of the Winchester boys?" A man asked. He sounded nervous, and distracted.

"Yeah," Dean answered slowly, suspicious of the caller. "Who is this?"

"My name is Jonathan Thompson; I am a priest at a church in Denver called Our Lady of Perpetual Hope—"

"I'm familiar with the place," Dean said, rubbing a hand over his eyes. He'd driven past it when they'd been staying in Denver years before.

"Yes, well," Jonathan said, "A situation has come up, and I was instructed—"

"You called our father, and his voicemail told you to call me," Dean recited. He gave a sigh, "What is the situation?"

"Um…I will explain it upon your arrival," the man said quickly, and cut the call.

Dean sighed, and closed the phone. "Sam, get your ass up!"

Sam jerked awake, then shook his head, "Dean, we have to get to—"

"Denver?" Dean asked.

Sam nodded, and his eyes held confusion.

"A priest beat your vision by about five seconds," Dean told him, "What did you see?"

"There was this girl…"

"She hot?"

Sam rolled his eyes, "That's not the point…and I don't know, I didn't get a good look. I saw fangs…blood…"

"Vampires?" Dean then asked.

"Yeah," Sam nodded, and grimaced, "A whole lot of them…like a hive…all talking at once…"

"And you didn't see the girl?" Dean asked.

"Well…I saw she had this reddish-blonde hair…that was the only detail I could make out, everything else was in shadow…"

"Maybe part of it was a dream, and you saw Mary Jane Watson," Dean said.

There was a silence, followed by Sam's question, "Wait…what?"

"I have no idea…" Dean shook his head.

Sooo...what do ya think? Should I post the rest?