K-On! Truth or Dare, Chapter 1: Ritsu's Game

Warning: this fanfic doesn't make any sense. I can't really call it a story, more like writing practice or something? I randomly selected each target and what she had to answer or to do, and made them react in character (hopefully). It does generate some funny situations.

Lemon, yuri, all characters.

I don't own K-On! and the characters. This story might contain some spoilers for K-On!

Ritsu watched the rain pouring down outside the window and sighed.


Sighing again, Ritsu turned around. It was Nakano Azusa, or Azu-nyan, who had been talking to her. The rest of the gang was sitting or lying around the room of the living room of one of the summer houses of Tsumugi's family.

"Senpai, couldn't we practice or study today, since it's raining?"

Ritsu walked up to Azusa, grabbed her head into her armpit and rubbed her knuckles on her head. "No! I said that today is our leisure day! We will have fun, no matter what! That stupid rain will not stop us having fun. I refuse! We agreed that today is for fun, tomorrow for practice, and the last day for study."

Azusa squirmed and apologized profusely, until Ritsu mercifully let her go. Azusa made a bolt for the kitchen door and disapperead.

Ritsu took a look around the room.

Tsumugi was staring out of another window and sighing. "Where are you, Sawako-sensei? You promised to come …" she whispered.

Yui was lying on the carpet, being fed grapes by her little sister Ui.

Mio was sitting on the couch and reading something – it looked like a schoolbook.

"WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!" Ritsu screamed at the top of her lungs, startling everyone.

"What's the big idea to scream like that!" Mio snapped, after she had recovered from the shock. The surprise had made her accidentally throw her book away. It had landed into the fireplace, but thankfully there was no fire in it at the moment.

"We must have fun! Now!" Ritsu shouted.

"But it's raining," Yui muttered.

"So what? We can have fun inside."

"I was having fun, enjoying my book," Mio remarked, as she was picking her book up again.

"Yeah, let's have fun! Let's … umm … play Tokyo Doodles!" Yui suggested.

"Are you a child?" Ritsu said.

"Chopsticks? Dancing Teddy Bears?"

"You are a child," Ritsu said. "No, let's play something good. It's an American game. I saw it in a shop and picked it up," she continued, and took a box out of her bag.

Others looked at it and tried to read the difficult English words.

Several people were talking. "Truth or dare? – Adult? – K-On? It says, K-On? – No, that's 'K-18', not K-On. – What does that mean? – I have no idea."

"Don't worry, this is translated to Japanese," Ritsu said.

She opened the box and the others saw that it contained only an instruction booklet, two packs of cards, and some weird-looking dice – there were 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-sided dice.

Ritsu took the booklet and leafed through it. "Okay, we also need a bottle. Azu-nyan, since you are in the kitchen, get a bottle and come here!" she yelled.

After half a minute, Azusa, holding an empty bottle, peeked from the kitchen doorway. Since nobody seemed to pay attention, she sneaked into the room and sat down at the couch, beside Mio.

Ritsu announced, "Everyone, gather here, sit down on the floor. I'll explain the rules."

Azusa and Mio were the most reluctant to move, but seeing that everyone else was taking part, they also sat down. Clockwise, and starting from Ritsu, their order was Yui, Ui, Azusa, Mio, and Tsumugi.

"Okay, this will be fun! First, we spin the bottle. To whomever it points at must choose either truth or dare. Truth means, you have to answer a question truthfully. If you choose dare, you must do whatever you are told to do. The person who swung the bottle asks the question or sets up the dare."

Everyone seemed a bit uncertain. "… what kind of questions there are?" Mio asked.

"They are in these cards, although you can make up your own question as well. Let's see," Ritsu said, and took the first card. "Who in this room you like the most, and why?"

Tsumugi, not paying much attention, announced, "I like Sawako-sensei the most! She's so cool!"

The others giggled. "She's not in this room, Mugi-chan. And you didn't have to answer that, it was just an example."

Tsumugi blushed a bit. "Sorry, I somehow blurted that out. But, but, I like everyone else too!"

"Since Mugi-chan answered the question, she can take the first turn. Okay?" Ritsu asked.

"Whatever," Mio said. "But what kind of dares there are then?"

"They are in these other cards – again, you can make up one of your own," Ritsu said. She picked one card from the other pile and read it aloud, "Draw a silly face into a paper bag and wear it on your head for now."

Yui laughed aloud, others smirked – at best.

"What a stupid game. Do we even have a paper bag around here?" Mio said.

"If the dare is impossible to do, you are excused," Ritsu read from the booklet. "Anyway, let's start! Mugi-chan, spin the bottle!"

"Shouldn't we wait for Sawako-sensei?" Tsumugi asked.

"I don't think she's coming," Mio said. "Sorry, Mugi-chan."

Sighing, Tsumugi placed the bottle in the middle of them and swung it. When it stopped, it was pointing directly at Ritsu.

"Oh. It's pointing at you," Tsumugi noted unnecessarily.

"You're supposed to ask me, 'Truth or Dare?'", Ritsu explained.

Tsumugi giggled, and said the magic words, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth!" Ritsu said. "Do you want to ask a question of your own or should we draw a card?"

"I can't think of anything just now, so take a card, please," Tsumugi said.

"Okay." Ritsu drew a card and gave it to Tsumugi. She read it aloud, "Have you ever stuffed your bra? Er … what does that mean?" she then asked, looking at the others. Mio and Azu-nyan were blushing. Yui looked clueless – and Ui explained, "It means putting something into your bra to make your breasts look bigger."

Ritsu laughed. "No, I haven't. So I have small breasts, who cares? I often don't wear a bra at all."

"Are you wearing one now?" Mio asked, glaring at her.

"Tsk, tsk. I already answered Mugi-chan's question, so I don't have to answer that. And it's my turn to spin the bottle now," Ritsu said.

The bottle spun around for a long time, until it finally stopped, pointing between Yui and Ui.

"Is it pointing at me or Ui?" Yui asked.

The others took a look. "I can't say! – Yeah, impossible. – What do the rules say about this?" someone asked.

Ritsu leafed through the booklet. "This situation is not covered in the rules. Why don't we apply the truth or dare to both sisters. So – truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Yui said, before Ui had a chance to react. Ui just sighed and nodded.

"I'll pick a card," Ritsu said and did that. As she read the card, her eyes widened.

"What? What?" Yui asked.

"Um … it says … 'Wear your underpants on your head'."

Everyone's jaw dropped.

"WHAT?" Mio shouted. "What kind of game is this?"

Ritsu started to laugh. "An exciting game, it seems. Okay! That's your dare. But I want Yui to wear Ui's panties and vice versa. Go on!"

Both sisters were wearing skirts, so it was relatively easy for them to wriggle out of their panties without any indecent exposure. Blushing brightly, they handed their panties to each other.

"Yui. You don't have to wear them on your face …" Azu-nyan said. That remark made Ui's blush become several degrees brighter.

After a short, awkward silence, Tsumugi started to giggle. It was contagious, and soon everyone except Ui was laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes. A sudden bright flash startled them; it turned out not to be thunder but the flash of a camera held by Ritsu.

"Ricchan, did you take a picture of us?" Yui gasped.

"You two look so hilarious that I absolutely had to!"

"If I ever see any pictures from tonight anywhere, I'm going to … " Mio growled.

"What? You're going to do what?" Ritsu asked.

"Stuff that camera into a place where the Sun doesn't shine!" Mio hissed. "Your place, that is."

Ritsu gulped. Mio sounded convincing this time. "Okay, okay," she said meekly. "Ui, spin the bottle."

The bottle pointed back at Ui twice, so she had to spin it three times until it stopped, pointing at – near halfway towards Azusa and Mio.

"It points more at Mio!" Azusa claimed. After a careful look, it indeed did.

"So, truth or dare?" Ui asked Mio.

"Da- … no, I mean truth!" Mio said, being almost equally afraid of both choices.

"Can we take these panties off now?" Ui asked.

"No, you can't," Ritsu said, handing a card to Ui.

Ui cleared her throat and read: "What sex toy did you use last?"

Everyone turned to look at Mio. The room became so quiet that they could hear a pin drop – if it had not been raining so hard outside.

Mio's mouth hung open and her eyes were wide open, her face in all shades of red.

"Mio? Answer the question. You chose 'truth', remember!" Ritsu said.

"I … I … I … I …" Mio stuttered.

"Well?" Ritsu grilled her.

At that exact moment, several things happened. A lightning struck nearby, accompanied by a huge sonic boom, the front door of the house swung open, a dark shadow of a person standing at the doorway, and Mio screamed, "Electric toothbrush!"

Everyone screamed in horror, not at Mio's answer, but at the shadowy figure.

Sawako-sensei stepped inside and into the dim light so that everyone could see her. Water dripped onto the floor from her wide-brimmed hat and the numerous bags she was carrying. "Sorry that I'm late. I got a bit lost on the way. Sorry, Mio, I don't have an electric toothbrush with me, can't you use a normal one?" she said.

The only answer she got was Ritsu's roaring laughter. She literally rolled on the floor laughing. Most of the others started to giggle as well.

"Ritsu! If you tell her about this, I will kill you! I mean it!"

"Okay … uhh … uhh … I won't tell her. Mugi-chan, you tell her! Sensei, we are in the middle of a fun … uhh … game, want to join in?" Ritsu managed to say in between bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

"Good evening, Sawako-sensei! Mio was just telling us what sex toy she …" at this point, Mio jumped on Tsumugi and violently covered her mouth with her palms. Both toppled over onto the carpet.

Sawako noticed the bottle and said, "Truth or dare, is it? I know this game." She developed an evil grin. "Sure, I want to join! Let's take a little break first, I need to change clothes and take a drink."

"How did you use an electric toothbrush?" Yui asked, but got no answer.

* * *

Mio was unable to silence everyone and to her embarrassment, Sawako-sensei was told everything in detail. And Yui and Ui were still wearing each others' panties on their heads while they gathered some snacks and drinks from the kitchen.

Tsumugi arranged things so that Sawako-sensei sat down beside her. So, now their order was: Ritsu, Yui, Ui, Azusa, Mio, Tsumugi, and Sawako.

"Mio, it's your turn to spin the bottle," Ritsu said.

"I don't like this game; do we have to play it?" Mio complained.

"Yes! We got hours to kill today, we must play this to the very end," Ritsu declared. "Any objections?"

Ui and Azusa looked at each other, but didn't dare to object a senpai and a teacher.

Mio gave the bottle a spin. It turned to point at Yui.

"Dare!" she eagerly said, before even asked anything. Ui looked at her sheepishly.

Ritsu was already handing a card at Mio, who took it but kept it away from herself, as if it was dirty. "Umm… it says … 'Eat a raw egg'."

"What kind of lame game is this? Such an easy dare…" Sawako-sensei complained.

"We don't have any raw eggs," Azusa said.

"Darn. Yui, spin the bottle then," Ritsu said.

"Mio! Truth or dare?" Yui asked, as the bottle again pointed at Mio.

"Why me again?" Mio moaned. "Tru- … no, dare! Dare!"

Yui took a card and said, "Lick …".

"Lick?" Sawako and Ritsu said.

Yui looked a bit nauseous. "Lick the edge of a toilet seat."

"W-what!" Mio gasped.

"We have a Western toilet here, as you know. You should be thankful," Ritsu said. "Okay, let's all go to the toilet and look Mio doing it."

"I'm not going to do that!" Mio yelled.

"You chose dare, you must do it," Ritsu declared.

"No! I … I choose truth instead!"

"You can't change it anymore."

Mio got up and, faltering a bit, walked into the bathroom. Others followed and milled around the doorway. "Go, Mio, go!", Ritsu cheered. "Don't worry, I used it last. And I only did 'number ones'," Yui said.

"Why did you have to tell me!" Mio groaned.

Mio knelt down at the seat and bowed down. Very quickly, she touched the tip of her tongue to the seat.

"No, that's no good!" Ritsu yelled. "Lick it properly! Like it was soft ice cream!"

Mio had turned pale, but she complied, and took a long, proper lick with her whole tongue. Some of the other players watched and laughed, others – such as Azusa – turned their head away.

Gagging and spitting, Mio jumped up, and rinsed her mouth in the sink repeatedly.

"How did it taste?" Yui asked.

"Go ahead and try!" Mio snapped at her.

They returned to the living room and sat down again. Mio grabbed the bottle and gave it a good spin.

"Why are you now so eager to play this game?" Ritsu asked.

"I want to see you doing something even worse," Mio said.

"Oh, thanks for warning me. I'll be choosing truth only from now on," Ritsu said, and grinned.

"Oh, no you won't!" Mio said. "I will ask you about the 'love letter' incident if you do that."

"You wouldn't dare!"

The bottle had stopped and was pointing at Azusa.

Mio sighed and asked, "Truth or dare?"

"Tru-, no, dare! No, truth. No, … I don't know!"

"If you don't choose, we will," Ritsu threatened.

"Dare," Azusa said. "I can do it because Mio-senpai did it too."

Mio got a card and said, "Put your hand inside another player's un – oh my God!".

"What? What?" the others asked.

"It says, p-put your hand inside another player's underpants and keep it there for the next round."

Everyone looked at each other. "Into whose pa-panties I should …" Azusa stuttered.

Ritsu said, "The rules say, Mio can choose the target. Or we can select randomly, if you don't want to."

"Yui!" Mio said.


"Azusa-chan, put your hand into Yui's panties," Mio said, and smiled.

"But she's wearing them on her head – ah!" Azusa smiled as well as she realized that Mio had saved her.

Azusa walked over to Yui, but was interrupted by Ritsu, "No-no. Yui's panties are on Ui's head, did you forget?"

Azusa put her hand inside Yui's panties – atop Ui's head and sat down beside her.

Most of the others laughed. "This is a funny game," Yui said. "Talk for yourself. You haven't had to do anything bad yet," Mio said.

The next spin ended up with the bottle pointing at Tsumugi.

"Dare!" she exclaimed gleefully.

"Aren't you enjoying this a bit too much?" Mio asked.

Sawako-sensei took the card instead of Azusa, who was a bit occupied at the moment, and read it loud and clear: "Take of all your clothes, if you still had any on, lie down on the floor, and everyone can tickle you for 30 seconds."

Everyone else's jaw dropped. "You can't be serious!" Ritsu – of all people – said, and snatched the card from Sawako. But the card said exactly what was announced.

"Hah, you've seen nothing yet. That's an easy one," Sawako said.

Tsumugi started to take her shirt off. "Are we really going to do this?" Mio said. Nobody else said anything.

The entire K-On!, including Azu-nyan and Ui, is on the last summer break before graduation. They decided to have one day of leisure, one day of practice, and one day of studying. The sun was shining until they arrived – then it started raining…

I know this game has been used a lot in fanfics – maybe not in K-On! fics, though. The game, by the way, is practically an unknown pastime in my country. I myself never had a chance to play it – dunno whether that's a bad thing. But now I have researched this game and collected about 160 questions and 140 dares. I even made a random truth or dare generator.