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I felt the pull, laughing as I heard Emmett's girlie squeal, and I grasped Edward's hand tightly in mine, hopefully getting rid of some of the fear. My hair flew everywhere, as did Esme's and Rose's.

We all landed with a thud, thankfully not falling over this time. I shook my head, letting my hair fall back into place. Edward straightened out, and I saw Emmett clearing his throat and flexing his muscles slightly, trying to regain some form of manliness. And failing.

"I've seen this before" Rose said as she looked around the little courtyard, the chickens clucking away as they ran everywhere, startled by our sudden appearance. Hay littered the floor from somewhere, but I was distracted by a small crack, light illuminating the concrete floor and my feet.

I turned around, having to raise my hand to shield my eyes from the glaring light, but the figure standing in the doorway, blocking the light was undeniabley Mrs Weasley.

I guess this was meeting number two


Bella's Perspective

"Bella!" She cried as she shuffled her way out of the doorway, me running towards her, my vision clouding as I flung my arms around her, clutching to her tightly as she did the same to me.

"Oh Bella, I was so worried about you" She cried into my hair, squeezing me tightly.

"I know, I'm sorry" I whispered, my voice strangled as I held a woman I saw as a mother to me.

"Listen to me Bella" She said sharply, pulling back and holding my face between her hands, looking at me sternly with red watery eyes.

"None of this is your fault. I heard about what happened with Arther and you in St Mungo's, and I sat with him all night after he got escorted away from Dumbledore's office" She said sadly, her eyes still hard until I nodded.

"Bella, you're freezing!" She exclaimed as I shivered.

"It is cold out here you know" I told her, my hair still wet from getting rained on in London. It was absolutely black here, the only reason for my being able to see was the light pouring out of the open doorway and the windows. I didn't even have the benefit of a jacket.

"Well come on in then. Where are these guests then?" She asked, tucking me into her side and looking at the courtyard. The Cullen's walked towards us slowly, probably trying not to scare her. I rolled my eyes at them. When will they learn that witches are not scared of vampires?

"Ah, you must be the Cullen's. I'm terribly sorry but I don't know much about you" And she did look mortified. In her book, it was obviously a terrible offence.

"There's no problem with that" Carlisle smiled gently at her, making Mrs Weasley simply smile in return, motioning to the open door of the house.

I detached myself from Mrs Weasley, grabbing Edward's hand as he went passed and walking in with him. I smiled and relaxed as the warmth of the house comforted me. Everything in this house screamed 'family' to me.

"She cares about you so much" He whispered as I led them into the living room, all of them sitting down awkwardly, gazing around the room. They had been here before, but it was obvious they were paying more attention to what was happening in the memory than their surroundings.

"Here you go Bella" Mrs Weasley walked in the room with a steaming cup of soup in her hands. I took it eagerly with a thank you before wrapping my hands around it, letting it warm them. She disappeared in a fluster into the kitchen and I smiled.

"She worries so much. All she can think about is how thin you are" Edward frowned down at me, obviously disagreeing with her.

"Edward" I chuckled "It's her mission in life to make sure I am as round as a pig. Anything less and I'm too thin" I shook my head as the others laughed a little.

"This place is amazing" Jasper said rather awed as he eyed a stack of spell books by the fireplace. I recognised them as Lockhearts. Even after we unveiled him as a fake, she still takes his word on things.

"What's that" Alice chirped up, frowing at the infamous Weasley clock on the wall.

"That's the Weasley clock. Every hand has a family member on it, and it tells you were they are. Whether they are at work, school, mortal peril, prision..." I waved as I trailed off, all of them eyeing it with wide mouths.

"I love this place!" Emmett almost yelled, turning his head this way and that, smiling like a great big child.

Mrs Weasley came back in, drying her hands on a hand towel as she watched the clock.

"Arther will be here in a moment" She said, turning to me and smiling encouragingly as Mr Weasley's hand on the clock went from 'work' to 'home'.

It was only a moment later that there was a thud at the door and a shuffling of feet. I stood up anxiously, ready to grovel on my hands and knees if I have to.

"Molly, what's-" He stopped mid sentence as he walked into the living room and coming face to face with all eight of us, plus his wife. His eyes immediately found mine, growing wider as mine filled with tears once more.

I stepped over Edward's feet as he stepping closer, both hugging each other tightly. I couldn't help but feel ashamed of what I had said to him. Mr Weasley had accepted me into his life, his home and his family, and all I did was yell at him.

"I'm so sorry Bella. I should have never listened to Dumbledore" He said, his voice muffled as he spoke through my hair.

"Don't be stupid. You had to follow orders. I don't blame you Mr Weasley, I'm sorry I took it out on you" I lowered my head as he stepped away, my shame and guilt rearing up once more.

"How about we both stop apologizing and leave it at that?" He said, raisng my head with a finger beneath my chin. I gave him a watery smile before turning around and looking at a rather engrossed and confused looking family of Cullen's.

"Ah, so these must be the vampires you were talking about" Mr Weasley bounced slightly on the balls of his feet, his eyes twinkling with childish curiosity.

"Yep, these are the Cullen's" I smiled as Mrs Weasley came and stood next to her husband, smiling warmly at the vampires.

"Well, it's a pleasure to have you here" Mrs Weasley nodded, obviously shocking them.

"Which one's Edward?" Mr Weasley's eyes scanned over the boys, widening as he spotted Emmett. He thought it was Emmett?

I waved to Edward, and he stood up, coming to my side and wrapping an arm around my waist, kissing my cheek before resting his chin on my head.

"This is Edward" I chuckled as Mrs Weasley's eyes widened as she witnessed out little exchange.

"Thank you for having us, and taking care of Bella" He said, his voice soft but formal. I saw Mrs Weasley melt a little.

"We consider Bella a daughter to us, of course we would look after her. Any friend or... well you're all welcome here" She said kindly.

"It's nice to finally meet you Edward, and relieving to find you're much more civilized than other vampires we've met" Mr Weasley held out his hand, not even wincing as Edward shook it.

Oh God, this was... meeting the parents. This was mortifying.

"Civilized? They didn't see when he and Bella were at it against the wal-" He was cut off by Rose slapping a hand over his mouth, smiling guiltily.

"Oh really? Bella, you and I will be having a little talk" I turned back to find Mrs Weasley looking at me like a child and I nodded, planning on sending a hex or two Emmett's way later.

The next hour was taken up by introductions and explanations. The Weasley's were amazed by the Cullen's life, and the Cullen's were amazed by the Weasley's.

I zoned out completely, already knowing both sides of the story anyway, being part of both worlds. I traced circled on Edward's arms, sitting in his lap and leaning my head on his shoulder. There were a lack of seats, and Alice and I had graciously chosen to sit our partners laps. Neither of is complained.

It didn't take long for my eyes to droop and Edward's arms wrapping around me to keep me from sagging.

"I'm sorry Bella. You must be exhausted. We got the message from the others, and we know about the Deatheater attack on the way to Grimmauld Place" Mr Wealsey's voice suddenly made me wake up slightly as I opened my eyes sluggishly.

"S'okay" I slurred out as I yawned. I sat up a little straighter, forcing my eyes open as a thought occured to me.

"Do you know what's going? What's this emergency?" I asked, waking up a little bit more. I needed to know this. They could tell me, couldn't they?

The married couple shared a nervous glance before turning to me, both of their eyes full of worry and sympathy.

"Bella, maybe it would be better to tell you when you've had some sleep" Mr Weasley didn't meet my eyes when he spoke. He was lying, he was stalling. I'm sick of everyone doing this! Protecting me like I'm a child. I may only be sixteen, but not many wizards can say they have done all that I have. You'd think after everything, I would at least get told these things.

"No it wouldn't. Tell me" I gritted my teeth. Shouting at Sirius was on thing, he would yell right back. But yelling at Mr and Mrs Weasley was unforgivable. They were so generous an gentle.

Mr Weasley sighed deeply, sitting up straighter and rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Bella, there's an event going on at Hogwarts. Something that hasn't happened for quite a while. The Ministry thought it was time for it to be reinstated, things are much safer this time though and nothing will happen..." He trailed off as I frowned.

I had spent too much time with Edward, because when I'm too anxious I can't sit still. I stood up, pacing back and forth in front of the fire place as I thought it through. Some event going on at Hogwarts, getting reinstated by the Ministry because it wasn't safe enough but it is now....

I finally realised what they were talking about.

"The Tri Wizard Tournament" I gasped as I stopped pacing, turning to look at them. They both nodded grimly and I began pacing again. This was not good.

"But what's that got to do with me? I wasn't even there. Unless-" I stopped mid thought and mid step.

"My name came out of the Goblet of Fire" I spoke to myself, looking blankly ahead at the wall of books hung above the sofa where Edward was sat watching me closely.

"No-one understands it Bella. But... you were chosen as a Champion. The fourth" I began pacing again at his words.

"Fourth? I thought there were only three?" I questioned, my gaze on the carpet as I walked.

"There were. Dumbledore thinks someone created a fourth school, and submitted your name. If only your name was submitted under that school...." He trailed off.

"My name was definately going to come out" I concluded.

"Someone wants me at that school. Someone is setting me up, they have to be planning something. Why else would they lure me out of hiding? They had to know that only something like this would force Dumbledore's hand" I spoke to myself, the only other sound in the room being the crackling of the fire behind me.

"This is why I don't have a choice isn't it? Once your name comes out, that's it. It's a magical contract that can't be broken" I mused, nodding to myself.

I mentally thanked Hermione for giving me that Hogwarts History book in my second year. It had records and stories of the Tournament in it. It didn't sound very safe either.

"People died in those tasks" I thought out loud, stopping as the Cullen's growled slightly.

"Certain measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of death" Mrs Weasley said, frowning at the angry Cullen's until they calmed down. She obviously trying to soothe me. It wasn't working.

"That can't be it. They can't have done all this. Sneaking into Hogwarts, hiding it from Dumbledore and putting my name in the Goblet just so I would do three tasks. There has to be something more to it" I ran a hand through my hair as my mind raced. There were too many possibilities and variables to consider.

"What else could there be?" Arther asked.

"I don't know. But if they went to all this trouble to get me in that school and competing in that tournament, I don't think they'll leave it to chance that I'll die in a task" I said quickly, wringing my hands.

I hadn't counted on this. My reunion with my friends had suddenly gotten a whole lot darker. I now had this hanging over my head as well.

"I guess the rule about being seventeen has gone out the window too" I sighed tiredly.

"Bella, I don't want you to worry about this" Mr Wealsey stood up and held my hands in his, halting my pacing.

"Not worry? Someone wants me dead and seems to be quite determined to see it's done" My voice was getting louder, but it was more out of frustration than anger. By the look in Mr Weasley's eyes, he knew it too.

"I know Bella, but I meant what I said. There is going to be more protection than ever before at Hogwarts this year. No-one will hurt you" His eys grew large and watery behind his glasses as he stared at me imploringly.

"They've gotten this far already, what's to stop them from finishing the job?" I asked quietly, looking away. Too many people had been hurt and killed because of me.

"Us. We won't let them hurt you, ever again" He pulled me to his chest tightly as I nodded. I knew a lot of people cared about me, and were willing to sacrifice themselves for me. That was what I hated. That people had to suffer because of me.

"It's Voldemort isn't it?" I asked with a sniff, ignoring the wince from him.

"What makes you say that?" He asked, letting me go and returning to his seat. I felt Edward take my hand, turning around and finding I was in front of his sofa. I let him pull me onto his lap, hugging me tightly to him as I hugged his arms around my stomach.

"Who else is powerful enough to trick Dumbledore and the Goblet of Fire? Who would even think of something like this? Besides, he's wanted me dead for quite a while now, why should he stop now?" I sighed, resting my head back on Edward's shoulder as he squeezed me tighter.

"I guess you're right. We've all been thinking it Bella, but no-one wanted to actually say it" He sighed, taking his glasses off and rubbing his eyes. This must be stressful for everyone.

"Bella, all of us will do everything we can to ensure your safety. Though seven vampires may help your cause" He said seriously and I nodded.

"Help? We could scare them away" Emmett puffed his chest out and I couldn't help but laugh, rolling my eyes with the Weasley's.

"Emmett, you always wondered why I wasn't scared of you when I first met you. Why do you think Mr and Mrs Weasley let you into their house? Why Sirius was okay with you after the confrontation? Emmett, witches and wizards aren't scared of vampires. Not when they are so easily dealt with" My voice turned sympathetic at the end as he deflated significantly.

"Don't worry Em, I'm sure if you growl at someone they'll get the idea. Besides, these are kids not fully grown witches. They'll probably be scared of you anyway. Or maybe fascinated. They've probably never met a vampire before" I shrugged, imagining the screaming crowds of girls for the boys, and a group for the girls.

"That's okay then" He smiled brightly and I smiled too. He was so easily pleased....

"Bella, you should get some sleep, you have to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to get supplies for school" Mrs Weasley said as my eyes slid shut.

"'Kay" I mumbled, sleepily opening my eyes and standing up, swaying slightly. Edward grabbed my hips to steady me until he was sure I wasn't going to fall. I took one of his hands and pulled him along with me, saying a quick goodnight and kissing and hugged both the Weasley's, heading up the hundreds of stairs. Well, it felt like it.

Without a word, on the second floor Edward scooped me up. He must have known from Mrs Weasley's mind which room I was staying in, because I was quickly laid on Ginny's bed, the duvet pulled over me. I didn't bother getting changed, I was too tired. Edward lay next to me above the duvet, but I crawled onto his chest anyway, laying my head on his shoulder and draping his arm over his chest.

With one last sigh, I fell into a deep sleep.


"Bella, come on. It's time to wake up" I heard Edward melodic voice close to me but I screwed my face up and groaned. A chuckle made me frown and roll over, hoping to find sleep before it evaded me all together.

"Isabella Swan! Get your lovely round butt out of bed right now!"

I knew that voice. The soft yet chirpy voice of Nymphadora Tonks. Tonks.

I huge smile spread across my face as my eyes opened and I sat up straight. I blinked a few times to clear my vision, but there was no mistaking the purple haired smiling woman stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest.

"TONKS!" I yelled happily, flinging the duvet off me and running to her, throwing my arms around her waist and squeezed her tightly. I heard her laugh as she stumbled back a little from me running into her, hugging me tightly too.

"It's so good to see you Bells. Even better to see you in one piece" She pulled back and put her hands on either side of my face, looking me in the eye seriously. I still couldn't stop smiling. Tonks was here!

"You're stronger than I thought Bella, but if you ever run off to some World Cup without telling me again I will hunt you down and curse your head off" She smiled, lightening the mood instantly in the way only she can.

"I'm sorry, but Dumbledore said I could and I really missed everyone. I wanted to see them again. I didn't exactly expect Deatheaters to be there" I rolled my eyes since she still held my face.

"I know that" She rolled her own eyes at me "But you could have invited me to go with you! I can't believe I missed going to the World Cup with you! Was it as amazing as they said? Apparently Krum was amazing! And poor Lynch!" She began to ramble, that childish glint shining in her eyes as the rambled on.

I laughed as I pulled my face from her grasp, grabbing her hands and pulling her inside the room.

"Edward, I need to get dressed" I turned to him, feeling bad for ignoring him totally. I was relieved to see he was smiling at me. He merely nodded, pushing off from the dresser he had been leaning on, kissing my cheek before exiting the room.

The room was silent for a moment after he left before Tonks let out a wolf whistle.

"Nice! Feel like sharing him?" She pretended to fan herself and I simply laughed at her.

"Sorry, I was never taught to share my toys" I smirked as I plucked my wand from my pocket, turning to Tonks for her direction.

"Oh my God! You're letting me pick your clothes? Are you feeling okay? Usually you go kicking and screaming" She laughed and I shook my head.

"You have yet to meet Alice. I think you two will get along quite well" I smirked wider thinking about those two together.

"I will have to meet this 'Alice'. She seems to have taught you well" She laughed as I huffed. My dress sense is not that bad.

"Okay, spin" She ordered, and I was too used to this to give it a second thought. I felt the material on my body changing, becoming smoother and getting slightly bigger in the shirt department, but tighter in the bottom department.

Once she told me to stop, I turned to her and gulped as I saw the smug smile she wore. With a great effort, I looked at what she had dressed me in. Jeans that were way too tight, and a shirt that was so low cut it would make Mrs Weasley faint if she saw it.

"Tonks! I cannot wear this"

"Come on Bella! Your boyfriend won't complain, besides, you've got... extras you didn't have a few years ago and its time to flaunt them" She told me seriously, and I swore I could hear the others laughing downstairs.

"I don't want to flaunt them! If I turn the wrong way these jeans will snap open, and my boobs will fall out!" I whined.

"No they won't. Your ass looks lovely and your boobs will not fall out, and if you want to make sure they don't, just put a holding spell on them to hold them down" She rolled her eyes as if it were the simplest thing in the world. Why hadn't I thought of that?

I huffed in defeat "Fine!" I poked my tongue out at her, only making her laugh. She grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room and down the stairs, me going with her knowing it was pointless to resist.

I walked straight passed the living room doorway and straight into the kitchen, sitting down at the table while Mrs Weasley fried eggs and bacon, her back to me.

"Good morning Bella, Tonks" She chirped happily as she slid them onto a plate, her back still to us. I turned to see Tonks walk in and sit opposite me, frowning at Mrs Weasleys back.

"How does she do that?" She whispered to me and I shrugged.

"I live with Fred and George, Dora, you have to watch your back with those two" She said, scraping some more onto another plate. With a flick of her wand they flew towards us and sat in front of us gently, knives and forks appearing a moment later. Being used to magic by now, we both picked the cutlery up and dug in eagerly.

"Molly! This is amazing!" Tonks said between mouthfuls, spearing a sausage on the end of her fork. I hummed in agreement, my mouth too full to speak with. I turned to the doorway and smiled as I saw the Cullen's walking in. Tonks followed my gaze, the sausage forgotten as she stared at them.

They all sat down, Carlisle, Esme and Alice beside Tonks, Edward and Emmett either side of me and Jasper beside Emmett.

"Enjoying that Bella?" Emmett laughed as I stuffed half a sausage into my mouth. I simply nodded mutely, earning even more laughs from the others.

"So... your the famous Edward Cullen, eh?" Tonks seemed to have unfrozen, watching Edward with her head tilted to the side slightly as she appraised him, pointing the fork at him, which still held the sausage. I rolled my eyes and continued to eat, knowing what she was doing.

"I approve" She smiled at me and I rolled my eyes, sick of repeating myself.

"So... who's Alice?" She continued, breakfast forgotten as she looked around, jumping slightly as Alice squealed beside her.

"I love what you put Bella in! Its so cute but sophisticated and makes her look so much older!" She ranted and I glared down at the plate, angrily chopping up a poor egg.

Their conversation carried on for some time, but I zoned out, not wanting to listen to the new seasons trends in the wizarding world. I pushed my plate away as I finished, wishing I had looser trousers on now.

I saw the Cullen's all jump as both mine and Tonk's plates and knives and forks flew off the table and into the bowl, Tonks and I just smiled knowingly.

"So... I thought you were going to tell me about the World Cup! Come on! I missed it!" Tonks resembled Alice as she bounced in her seat ever so slightly, her eyes shining as she watched me.

"It was amazing! Krum flew... words cannot describe it! He was amazing!" I now sounded like a giddy scool girl but was passed caring.

"Apparently Krum caught the snitch because he knew they were going to loose and decided to finish it before the distance got too much" Tonks rushed out and I shook my head.

"He's just an idiot and didn't realise what he was doing. But that wasn't the best thing! They all came up into our box! They stood in front of me! I had Lynch's bum in my face" I squealed, remembering how at the time, I was not so happy. But I had a famous persons bottom right in front of me!

"Oh. My. God. Lynch? He is...." She fanned herself again before we both started laughing as our childishness.

"Er... who's bum?" Edward asked, and I turned to him a little guilty. Oops. I didn't want him to think I was looking other men, but..

"It wasn't my fault! It was right in my face! I couldn't not look at it without looking behind me! Besides, he had a rather nice bum" I smiled dreamily as I thought of it. Hmm....

"And that six pack" Tonks pitched in, sighing as she gazed off.

"How have you seen Lynch's six pack?" I asked, rather amazed.

"Well, I am a aura you know. I may have.... asked to search him in case anyone had slipped him a potion or something. I asked him to take of his shirt to make sure there wasn't anything being concealed, and so I could... search him properly" She smiled wider, not caring that she had totally taken advantage of her status.

"Didn't you ask him to remove his trousers too? He could hide a few things down there" I wiggled my eyebrows, watching as she deflated.

"I did! And he was going to but his manager or someone came along and dragged him off glaring at me!" She pouted and I laughed. Tonks had had a crush on Lynch for as long as I have known her. She loved him. The fact that she had tried to get him to strip did not shock me.

"Aw, maybe next time" I laughed, but she flicked her wand, water shooting out the end and effectively soaking me. I glared at her playfully before reaching for my own wand, and sending a silent Densaugeo spell at her. I watched in amusement as her teeth began to grow until she looked like a rabbit.

I burst out laughing as she frowned at me "Oh for heavens sake girls" I turned and saw an amused looking Mrs Weasley walking in, trying to appear stern.

"Can't you be around each other for less than an hour and you cause mayhem" She shook her head as she walked passed us. I saw her eye what I was wearing and simply shaking her head and muttering about something I couldn't make out. We both just shrugged, Tonks going cross eyed as she tried to watch her teeth shrink back to normal size.

"When are you leaving?" Mrs Weasley asked, flicking her wand absently again, making the scrubber suddenly jump up and into the bowl, scrubbing the plates and cutlery while we spoke.

"Leaving? Where are you going?" I asked, not ready for her to go just yet. I had really missed Tonks, she was like a mixture of Alice and Emmett. Impossible not to love, and the most fun person ever!

"I'm not leaving, we are. We're going to Diagon Alley to get you your school things" She sang happily but I frowned.

I heard a sigh from behind me "Bella, after what happened at the World Cup, the Deatheaters attacking the Cullen's house and you while you flew to Grimmauld Place, do you really think we would let you go to Diagon Alley by yourself?" Mrs Weasley asked and I hummed in understanding. When she put it that way it made sense.

"Of course we wouldn't! Not with all of those wizards around! And you have to remember, Deatheaters don't go to school, some might be there" Tonks said quietly, and I gritted my teeth in anger.

They get to walk around freely in society, murderers and monsters, while I get attacked and pestered by everyone. How they have the guts to show their faces in public I will never know.

I heard several growls and snarls, only settling after Jasper filled the room with calm.

"I'll be there Bella, nothing will happen to you. Besides, there are plenty of witches and wizards that would help if anything did happen. And with all of these on your side... I think you'll be okay" She motioned to a very angry looking Edward who was currently glaring at the table top with black eyes.

I reached under the table and grabbed his hand in mine, hoping to offer him some small amount of comfort.

"Tonks, you know as well as I do that a whole army of vampires is no match for the Deatheaters" I said sadly, hating the fact that it was true.

"I heard Edward did alright against one" She reminded me.

"The Deatheater was a little bit distracted with torturing me" I rolled my eyes, wondering why I was contradicting her. I didn't want them to get hurt because of me.

"So, when are you leaving?" Mrs Weasley asked again after witnessing all of that.

"As soon as Bella and the Cullen's are ready" Tonks stood up, quickly walking towards Mrs Weasley, whispering something in her ear and walking out the back door, Mrs Weasley following behind her. I frowned at them, but let them have their privacy.

"I will see you in a minute" I said, jumping up and kissing Edward's cheek before basically running up the stairs in an effort to hurry. I skipped to the bathroom, jumping in the shower quickly, not wanting to smell.

After I was sufficiently clean and my hair was washed, a dried myself with a simple flick of my wand. Getting redressed was harder than I thought possible. The jeans were so small I could barely fit my butt in them anymore. Had I put weight on that quickly?

After world war three in the Weasley bathroom, I cleaned my teeth. I bounded down the stairs while brushing my hair, walking into the living room and singing a hello to everyone. I stood in front of the large mirror and sorted my parting out.

"That's not hair! It's a mop! Pull that shirt up! You'll catch your death!"

That stupid mirror was shrieking at me, but I was so used to it that I simply laughed. I could hear the Cullen's stuttering behind me, but I ignored them. They would have to get used to all the wacky stuff.

"Right..." I spun around "Ready"

"Finally" Tonks heaved herself up and walked towards the fire place, taking the flower pot out of its holder and grabbing a handful, throwing it on the fire. Green flamed erupted quickly, and the Cullen's gasped once again.

"Tonks, they've never traveled by floo powder before" I stepped forward, glancing meaningfully at the terrified looking vampires. I understood, fire was the one thing that can kill them.

"It doesn't hurt, its just warm. Its rather a pleasant feeling actually" Tonks said gently, but none of the Cullen's looked anymore comfortable.

I sighed, turning to Edward "Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Of course" His eyes widened and I sighed, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the fire. I was yanked to a stop as he planted his feet. Damn vampire strength!

"Edward, it won't hurt. I'll do it too" I conceded, yanking his arm as hard as I could. He allowed me to guide him the rest of the way. I grasped his hand in mine as hard as I could.

"If you get hurt, so do I" I explained as he frowned. I shook my head as he opened his mouth to protest.

"Look" I said, slowly extending our hands into the green flames. I heard a huge gasp, and turned to Edward, whose eyes were tightly shut, popping open as he felt the heat and no pain. He stared at our hands, watching the emerald flamed licking at our skin, his eyes as wide as galeons.

"Told you" I whispered, taking our hands out of the flames and turning around.

"See, no pain" I shrugged, glad to see the vampires a little more relaxed.

"Now, what you do is throw down a pinch of the powder, and clearly state where you want to go. We're going to The Leaky Cauldron" I told them, watching them all nod as they took it in.

"I'll go first. Wait a minute before following. I make sure its safe" She told me seriously, hugging me and winking at the Cullen's behind me and Edward before pushing the two of us away from the fire were we had been stood in front of, our hands entwined once more as Edward's eyes danced.

"The Leaky Cauldron" She spoke clearly, throwing down a handful of powder and disappearing ain the flames as they rose and engulfed her body. They fell once more, revealing the now empty fire place. I laughed as all the Cullen's leaned forwards, as if checking for hiding places.

"Honestly, its safe. But tuck your arms in, and if you try to concentrate on something, you'll get rather dizzy and fall out at the wrong fire place. Look for me and Tonks and then step out" I explained, sighing as I saw their confused faces.

"You'll understand" I nodded.

"If you do get lost or end up somewhere totally different, simply step back into the fire and say The Burrow, and you'll come back here" I added.

"Its been a minute" I sighed as I stepped forward and took a handful of the fine powder, stepping into the flames, having to crouch down a little. I smiled as I felt the heat around my ankles, it was rather pleasant.

"The Leaky Cauldren" I said, winking at the others before throwing down the powder.

Green enveloped me for a moment before my world was spinning. I suddenly wished I hadn't had that extra egg. I watched the fire places whizz passed, my curiosity peeking as I saw a huge field. Why would there be a fire place in a field? I begrudging stayed where I was.

I kept my eyes open though, stepping out as I spotted the back of Tonks head. She was standing with her back to the fire, her wand held tightly against her leg as her head turned right and left again and again as she peered around the small pub with critical eyes. I coughed lightly as I stepped out, stumbling as the world stopping spinning.

"Hey" I blinked a few times as my world righted itself, walking a few steps and standing beside Tonks as she surveyed the nearly barren pub.

"Its clear. Only a couple of goblins in" She nodded her head in the direction of a shadowed corner, two cloaked figures sat making small grunting noises while moving small coins around on a table.

I turned around as I heard the pop of the fire igniting as someone else arrived. I smiled as Edward stepped out, laughing as I saw his rather dazed face. He seemed to be disoriented for a moment before his eyes settled on me, and they crinkled in a smile.

"That was so cool" He laughed as he walked to my side. He peered down at my face, not my eyes, but my cheek, smiling even wider.

"You have a little..." He wiped his thumb down my cheek, showing me the black residue left on it. I hurriedly brushed myself down, Edward chuckling slightly as he did the same, ruffling his hair and frowning as black soot floated to the floor slowly.

It wasn't long before the others arrived, Edward's courage no doubt encouraging them. They all looked rather scared when they stepped out, swaying a little. Emmett was probably the funniest. He stepped out and tumbled into a table, nearly knocking it over as he came to his senses and stood up straight. He was the last to arrive though.

"What's all that racket? If its Jenson again I'll-" I could hear Tom's voice getting louder and louder as he marched from behind the bar around the corner and into us, freezing as he saw me, his eyes widening.

"Well I'll never.... Isabella Swan. Haven't seen you around here for quite some time" He smiled as I stepped forward and shook his hand. I knew it was a question. Of course everyone will want to know where I had disappeared to for two years.

"I've been busy" I said, telling the truth really. His face fell a little but lifted again as he spotted Tonks.

"Nymphadora, not here to arrest Mundungus are you? He isn't here quite yet, but if you wait until four, you can catch him" He smiled, his already wrinkled face wrinkling even more.

Tom was an elderly man now, his salt and pepper grey and brown hair was now totally silver, his skin rather saggy as his eyes drooped a little. It seems the wizarding world had carried on without me.

"Thanks Tom, that man's always up to something" Tonks said kindly, but attempting to put an end to the conversation as she put her hand to my back, urging me forward.

"Hey, I heard you were at the World Cup!" Tom exclaimed, making me and Tonks freeze.

"Yeah, I did go" I gulped as I turned to him, trying not to make anything obvious.

"I heard the game was amazing. 'Course, I couldn't go myself, not with this place to run. Shame about those blasted Deatheaters though, eh? I expect it was a little frightening for you, being the Girl Who Lived, 'an all" He commented, throwing a kitchen towel over his shoulder as he leaned against the wall, watching me and awaiting my answer.

"Yeah, it was a little scary" I conceded, my voice shaking slightly. I felt Edward's hand snake into mine as he squeeed it slightly, offering his support.

"Sorry Tom, but we're in a bit of a hurry" Tonks rushed out, still managing to have the kind edge to it. We waved us away with an "of course, of course" before disappearing back behind the bar.

We quickly made our way out of the pub, into the small courtyard. It seemed a lot smaller with nine of us stood in it. All of us were uncharacteristically quiet as Tonks tapped the bricks with her wand, my focus on the floor.

So people knew about the Deatheaters at the World Cup...

Of course they do! They attacked thousands of wizards and witches publicly!

But they don't know I was the one the captured. I gave a soft mental sigh. Thank God for that.

"Diagon Alley" Tonks proclaimed as we all stepped through onto the cobbled streets. It was rather empty actually, only six or seven wizards walking around the street, to and from shops carrying huge bulging bags.

"Wow" They all choked out at once and I smothered a giggle, my mood lightened by their childish wonderment.

Tonks quickly ruffed around in one of her pockets, and I noticed then that she was wearing a maroon cloak, her own jeans and trainer poking out from underneath. I wonder what the Cullen's thought of her wearing a cloak? It's not exactly normal muggle clothing.

"Here, its your Hogwarts Letter. Theres a list of the equiptment and books and stuff you need in there too" She turned and handed it to me, her eyes never leaving the people that stood in the street. She was definately keeping watch.

"Thanks" I took them, sighing as I saw a whole new list of books.

"I need to go to Gringotts first" I said, pointing at the huge white stone building at the corner, leaning precariously to one side. I folded up the letter once again, frowning once I realised I had no pockets besides the ones in my jeans. There was no way I would get the letter in, the jeans were like a second skin. Edward plucked it from my hands, tucking it into his jacket pocket and smiling at me.

"I'll stay outside Bella, if you get in trouble-" She began as she down into another pocket and extracted a key. My volt key. I rolled my eyes at her, taking the key.

"I know, I know. I'll yell or scream or something" I sighed.

"Okay" She nodded before beginning our journey up the cobbled street. She led our party, me and Edward in front with the others behind us in a line. I could hear them all muttering behind me as we walked passed Olivander's and Madam Malkins Robes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Flourish and Blotts, Quality Quiddich Supplies.

Edward seemed disinterested in the new world around him as we walked hand in hand, frowning at me as I wached the ground.

"Are you okay?" He asked, squeezing my hand gently.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I muttered, offering a small smile as I looked up at him as he carried on frowning at me. It was obvious he didn't believe me. Thankfully, he sighed and let it go.

"I'll wait here" Tonks said as we reached the steps leading to the doors. I nodded as I walked around her, pulling Edward up the steps with me, the muttering from behind me falling silent as they trailed after us.

"Just to warn you, Gringotts is a bank, a wizards bank, and its run by Goblins. Goblins are easily offended, and very underhanded, so try not to stare or insult them in any way, Emmett" I sighed the last sentence sadly as we reached the top of the white marble steps.

I ignored his spluttering as I pushed one of the large glass doors open and walked in, loving the warmth that washed over me. Emmett was silenced as they all followed me, obviously shocked at what they saw.

It hadn't changed at all. Huge long marble counters lines three of the four walls of the ginormous hall. Goblins waddled through the numerous doors, carrying papers and leading people. Others sat behind the counters, higher up than us on stools, stacks of coins in front of them, writing down something on parchment, the feathers of their quills quivering at the speed they worked.

I gasped quietly when I saw two wizards approaching us, seeming to be in deep in conversation and both clutching a dragonhide bulging bag. I could recognise Otto and Ludo Bagman in their megenta robes. I knew they worked for the Ministry, and that at least Ludo Bagman knew full well who I was and what happened at the World Cup, he was the Head of the Department of Games and Sports.

And I knew that Ludo was not one for keeping quiet about anything.

I turned my head in the other direction quickly, earning a concerned look from Edward. I simply shook my head as I held my breath, waiting for them to pass us.

I let out a breath as they walked passed, not noticing me or the Cullen's at all as we continued towards the counters.

"It can't be Bella Sw-" I heard Ludo's voice fill the hall, and I winced as it bounced off the high ceiling. Our group came to a halt, as did every Goblin. They all stopped their work, peering over glasses and scraping stools to get a look at what was happening.

I turned around slowly, taking a deep breath and forcing a polite smile on my face. Ludo stood frowning at his brother, rubbing a spot on his stomach. His brother was totally ignoring him, looking at me concerned. He began to make his way over to us, his brother trailing behind him, glaring at him brothers head all the way.

I took a small step backwards, once again taking a deep breath as I waited for the onslaught of questions.

Otto came to a stop in front of me, looking down on me. His brown hair drooped in his face as his eyebrows scrunched together.

"Isabella... I was under the illusion you were to be in St Mungo's for at least the next two months" He whispered, and I was glad he did. It hadn't escaped my attention that Goblins had begun edging towards sus in an effort to hear the conversation.

"Sir, with respect I left St Mungo's the day after I went in" I whispered back, wondering if I should be telling him this.

His eyes widened as he gasped "But with the extent of your injuries... you should have been in there for at least three or four months. Why..."

"Dumbledore. It was too dangerous for me to be in such a public place" I explained, watching as he shook his head.

"Sometimes I believe people when they say he's a bit batty in the head" He tutted.

"Ah Isabella, its jolly good to see you up and around. Heading back to Hogwarts I expect, eh?" Ludo stepped around Otto and smiled down at me, his eyes wrinkling encasing his lightening blue eyes.

"How do you know about that?" I forgot all about manners as I frowned at them.

"My darling, the Tri Wizard is a prestigious event. People come from all over the world to witness the tasks, the Champions are famous even if they don't win. Of course, no-one knew what would happen with your case. Though I am, for one, glad that you are taking part. Things always seem more entertaining when you are there" He chuckled as I grimaced.

I jumped as I heard Edward growl loudly at Ludo. I tugged on his arm to make him stop, my face burning as every Goblin stared at the two of us.

"Ah, vampires, wonderful. And even better, they don't hunt humans!" Ludo clapped happily, totally ignoring the angry vampire and shocking them all at his casual reference.

"Well Otto, I think we have outstayed our welcome" Otto cleared his throat as he eyes Edward with dark eyes, glancing down at our hands for a moment.

"Of course, of course. Well, I'll be seeing you at Hogwarts then Isabella" Ludo smiled as he walked away, leaving me sighing deeply behind him.

"I'm sorry for my brother and his callousness. How are you?" Otto asked and I was taken aback by his worry.

Otto and I had met, but we were in no way friends. We had met when Dumbledore had taken me into the Ministry to verify my absence from the Wizarding World. It was all secret of course, very few people outside of the Order knew I was even leaving. Otto was one of them, unfortunately Ludo was not.

"I'm fine. Were you there at the World Cup?" I asked, glancing at an impatient looking Ludo as he stood beside the doors, tapping his foot.

"Of course. Why do you think there was so much security and you were in the Ministers Box? People didn't know who or what they were protecting, but they were defending you against.. anything. They all tried to break through that darn shield those animals put up" He snarled out angrily.

"Every.... everyone saw? Everyone knows?" I choked out, utterly terrified by this little piece of news.

"No. Those bastards obstructed you from view for the most part, but a few saw who it was. Don't worry, even if they didn't see they were forbidden to speak of what happened under penalty of imprisonment" He told me with a sigh, his face relaxing again as I gaped. Imprisonment for talking about me? A little extreme.

"I'm sorry Bella but I'll have to talk to my brother. Don't worry, he won't tell a soul he saw you" He patted my shoulder before walking away. I watched him as he walked away from us, his burgundy cloak billowing out behind him as he and his brother left, talking animatedly once again.

The entire room seemed to unfreeze as I turned back around, goblins bustling back and forth, trying to catch up on what they had missed while eavesdropping. We continued towards the counter, eyes following us closely, a hiss of whispers erupting behind us.

"I'd like to make a withdrawl" I stated loudly, and slightly irritated, banging the key on the marble top and surprising the young goblin so much he nearly fell from his stool.

"O..Of course Miss Swan" He stuttered and I gnashed my teeth together in frustration. Everyone knew my name and I hated it. My anger must have scared him because he let out a yelp and jumped down from the stool, snatching my key before he hit the floor.

"T..This way please" He stuttered again, basically running across the room and behind the counters, towards one of the large stone doors.

"Jeez Bells, are all of them scared of you?" Emmett whispered, Edward squeezing my hand as I clenched and unclenched my jaw a few times.

"Shut up Emmett" Both of us hissed, making our way swiftly after the goblin. I quickly clambered into the cart, Edward hesitating for a moment before following. After the goblin saw how many of us there were, a cart shot out of the dark caverns and attached itself onto the back of ours.

"Vault 687" The goblin croaked as we set off, shooting through the cold corridors. I looked over at Edward, Alice and Jasper who were sharing our cart, wondering if they felt sick. Instead, I found immense looks of concentration on the faces, their lips moving but no words coming out.

I slammed into Edward as we came to an abrupt halt, Edward glaring at the goblin as he clambered out, keeping his eyes on Edward until he turned and took out my key from his pocket, putting it in the lock and turning it.

I stood up, Edward helping me step onto the platform, watching the stone door of my vault open with a dramatic thud. The goblin handed me a dragon hide pouch, and I thanked him quietly before entering the cold and damp room. I was slightly unnerved by the fact that the goblin could shut the door on me and I would be shut in here.

With this in mind, I hurriedly scraped Galleons, sickles and gnuts into the bag, glad an extending charm had been cast on it to fit everything in. I had quite a lot of money, but I didn't let it go to my head. I might need it when I'm older or something.

With enough money to last me two years in my bag, I stepped out and climbed into the cart again. I felt Edward pull me against his chest, wrapping his arms around me tightly. I smiled as the goblin climbed back in and the cart took off again. Conversation during the ride was impossible for me, the only thing I could hear being the wind rushing past me.

"Your key Miss Swan" The goblin gulped as he turned and handed me my key as the Cullen's all climbed out. His scaly, wrinkled hard greeny-grey coloured hand dropped my key in my palm.

"Thank you" I smiled, a little guilty at my previous behaviour. He simply grunted, the goblin universal sign that can mean anything. I took it as an acceptance and clambered out, taking Edward's hand as he helped me. We made our way back out into the huge hall, walking swiftly as whispered chatter built up once again.

Edward pulled me into his side, his arm over my shoulder as he glared at every goblin he could lay eyes on, all of them looking away hurriedly when they caught his eye. The outside world chilled my skin and I shivered slightly, glancing up at the grey sky before walking down the stone steps.

Tonks turned on hearing our footsteps, frowning as she saw Edward and I, walking briskly to my other side as we reached the bottom of the steps.

"What happened? I saw Ludo and Otto walk out. Did they say anything?" She rattled off quickly, her hair changing from dark brown to a deep red as her emotions changed. All of the Cullen's watched in shock and awe as her appearance changed, but I was used to it by now.

"Ludo started yelling but Otto shut him up. Apparently some people know what happened at the World Cup but have been sworn to secrecy. The goblins were quite enthusiastic about it though" I sighed, walking towards Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions hoping they were open so I could get some new robes.

"Did any of them hear anything?" Tonks gasped, her eyes wide as she turned to me, basically walking sidewards.

"I don't think so. Everything that could have given it away was said in whispers between Otto and myself" I tried to calm her down, relaxing once again as she nodded slightly, turning back to the front.

"Will the others need robes?" I asked her, wondering if they would be sorted into houses.

"Perhaps, but not house robes. I think they'll be alright in muggle clothing. They will need some dress robes if they are wanting to go to the Yule Ball" She bounced slightly as she bounced, looking and sounding just like Alice.

"Ball? As in dancing?" I asked, perhaps going into shock a little.

"Since when does Hogwarts do dances? This is stupid! Why does there have to be a dance when I go back?" I huffed as I pouted, the others laughing lightly as Edward pulled me even tighter into his side, chuckling at my childish behaviour.

"Bella, the Yule Ball is part of the Tri Wizard Tournament" Tonks laughed and I felt my cheeks heat up slightly. So the Yule Ball was there because the Tri Wizard Tournament was there, and I was a champion.

I was going to have to dance.

"Go on, I'll wait here" Tonks smiled, seeing my expression as we walked towards the open doorway, Tonks standing against the wall beside the threshold. I groaned but Alice grabbed my hand and dragged me inside, the others following.

It was torture. If I ever thought that maybe shopping in Diagon Alley would be better thanks to the aid of magic, I never factored Alice into the equation. She managed to turn buying school robes into buying several jackets, shirts and even two dresses for me. I received strange looks from Madam Malkin as she watched the little vampire racing around and putting shirts against people, shaking her head and then putting them back to go find another. I simply rolled my eyes in response. How could I begin to explain Alice?

Alice would be Alice, magic or not.

I couldn't help but giggle as Emmett got measured, watching the floating tape measure with a mixture of fear and curiosity. All the Cullen's were measured and fitted with several robes each, being observed and directed by Alice as to which colours to choose. I was used to the whole procedure after getting fitted for robes three years in a row after my growth spurts.

"Bella, what are you doing?" Alice asked sharply as I opened my pouch of coins and took out four galleons, laying them on the counter. I rolled my eyes at Alice, smirking once I realised that the tables had turned.

"Well dear Alice, I am paying for your robes and mine since you have no money" My smirk widened as her mouth fell open in shock, the others chuckling at her expression.

"Bella! You can't do that! We'll of course pay our way-" Carlisle insisted, stepping forward once it was clear that Alice wouldn't be replying anytime soon.

"No. Way" I smirked again "It's time you know what it feels like" I poked my tongue out at him as I grabbed my bags, the others stepping forward and grabbing theirs too as we walked out, Alice glaring at the back of my head as I skipped to Edward's side. He simply smirked back, shaking his head as he took my bag from me, ignoring my protests and attempts to snatch it back.

For a minor victory I snaked my hand into one of his jacket pockets and retrieved the Hogwarts's letter, ignoring the wolf whistle from Emmett as I unfolded it and looked at the set books. Of course after being away for two years has set me behind a little.

I managed to procure the previous years books from Flourish and Blotts as well as this years, eager to get back on track with my magic. The others had fun browsing the shelves for books, and I had to laugh as Alice held an old worn looking book called '100 baby names', and it actually started crying- loudly, actual tears running down the pages and smearing the ink.

The salesman came and took it from her, hushing and cooing to it until it stopped.

I had to drag them away, threatening them with many spells and curses until they actually moved. I managed to get some owl treats for Hedwig, feeling guilty that I hadn't seen her in so long. The Cullen's remained outside, saying that the stench of animal droppings and food were too much. I simply laughed and went in without them.

Tonks was being miserable, taking this guardian thing seriously as she glared at anyone who spoke over a whisper and walked too close. The Cullen's were talking happily, smiling and laughing, and it was good to see them so comfortable and relaxed in the open. Especially knowing that I did that.

"What are you smiling at?" Edward nudged me, our entwined hands hitting my leg as we walked to Scribbulus Ever-changing Inks, the bags on our wrists banging together.

"Just happy to see you happy" I hummed as I nearly began skipping.

"It's nice to actually be ourselves in public" He sighed, a far away grin on his face.

"Yeah, no more hiding or being slow, faking illnesses or weakness because of humans" Emmett pitched in as he spoke in a sigh.

After buying some cool ice blue ink that actually sparkled, I was sufficiently tired, my feet aching from walking on cobbled streets all day. Edward was curious why I bought that ink, knowing I wouldn't be able to use anything but black or blur in school. I just thought it looked good...

"Hey, can we sit down for a minute? I'm pooped" I asked Tonks since she was the leader of this expedition.

"Sure. Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour is just down here, you can rest there for a while" She peered down the street at the vacant metal tables that sat outside, seemingly glad that we would be alone. The little seating area was set on the right hand side of the street on the small amount of flat surface the road has.

"If you want to carry on exploring I'll give you some money..." I suggested as I sat down, knowing how much they wanted to of inside every shop and just... see things that they never thought was possible.

"It's alright, we'll stay. This takes a lot of getting used to" Jasper sighed as he fetched a chair from around another table and pulled it to mine, the others taking chairs and sitting around the table too, placing their bags on the floor with a slight rustle.

"Bella... I need to buy a few bits and bobs, do you think you'll be alright?" Tonks asked as she looked at me sadly. Tonks was one of my best friends, I knew she was only looking out for me, but she was so serious.

"I'll be fine Tonks" I smiled and she nodded, smiling a little as she hesitated. I huffed loudly and she rolled her eyes before walking away. I watched her until she rounded the corner and fell out of my view.

The others all looked at me for a moment before Alice huffed, attracting the gazes of everyone on the table.

"Please let us pay for something" She begged and I had to laugh. She was still mad about that?

"Nope" I smirked at her glare "Besides, I don't think they accept American Express here. It's wizards money or nothing I'm afraid" I chirped, hurriedly standing, creating a horrible metallic scraping noise as the chair grated on the floor. Alice's eyes were searching as she thought deeply, and any moment she would realise that I had tricked her and blow.

"I'll go get some ice cream" I said hurriedly, nearly jogging towards the doorway, risking a glance back and giggling a little as I watched Alice's eyes widen as she gasped.

I ran inside once she turned her glare to me, the others laughing at her expression and my 'fear'. I couldn't help but smile as I stood at the glass counter, leaning on it and peering over it as far as I could go as I searched for Florean and finding the shop empty. He wouldn't have left the shop open if he wasn't here.

I saw a little piece of paper on the top of the glass and looked at it, searching the room like you always do when you are doing something you know you shouldn't. This might be private but... as it turns out, it wasn't.

Dear customers,
Staff is short as of late, so please write in your orders and they will be served

Thank you, Florean

I shook my head at the amount of trust the wizarding people had in its people as I picked up the pen that was laid beside it and wrote in our orders.

1x Gooble Gloop

I had discovered the delight of the cold treat in my third year when I was left to wander the streets of Diagon Alley for most of the summer holiday. It was much the same as raspberry ripple, only with something added to make it even better. Sometimes I love magic.

I frowned as I realised that I had no idea what to get the Cullen's. They didn't eat ice cream, obviously, but this was the wizarding world, maybe there was something for them here. I tapped the pen against my chin as I thought, smiling when I just wrote down what I thought.

7x anything suitable for animal drinking vampires.... please?

I set the pen down, casting my eyes around the small shop once more before heading outside. I slowed my pace once I saw an angry looking Alice being held by a very amused looking Jasper.

I plopped down in my seat, unable to keep the smirk from my face as I looked around innocently. I knew it was only a matter of time until-

"You knew! You knew we would need money and you didn't say anything!" She fumed shrilly, causing the few people in the street to turn and stare at her as she glared at me. Edward took my hand into his own as he smirked back at me. He liked winding Alice up as much as I did.

"Maybe" I shrugged "But now you know how annoying it is for everything to be bought for you when you have quite a lot of money yourself but it's useless" I pointed out, remembering how many shopping sprees I had been pushed into and watched Alice pay for everything because all the money I had wouldn't be accepted there.

She seemed to see my logic as she settled down with one last huff, relaxing into Jasper's arms.

"Isn't that yours?" Esme asked, facing my left with a frown on her face. I turned in the same direction and watched my cool ink bottle rolling roughly through the uneven cobbles, in the other direction.

I jumped up from my seat and ran over to the other side of the street, hoping that I would get there before one knock was too hard and it smashed, hurriedly grabbing it and holding it tightly in my hand as I made my way back to the table. I ran my eyes over the bottle, checking for holes or anything that needed mending and finding none.

I stumbled forwards and almost dropped the bottle anyway as I felt someone or something walk into me, seeming not to even stop until it was absolutely sure that I was a solid object and they backed up again.

"Sorry" I mumbled, my cheeks glowing as my mind raced at possibilities of who it could be. Everyone knew of me, and I hope that my voice was too low for any sort of recognition.

"Yes, well filth like you always are aren't you?" The person sneered and my stomach clenched, my heated cheeks growing cold suddenly, my breathing coming to a halt as my grip tightened painfully on the bottle in my hand, my eyes never leaving the glittering label.

I knew that voice, one of the voices that had plagued my mind and dreams. And as I looked up at them I wasn't surprised by the way his lip curled, his eyes darting up and down my body as he sneered at me, his greasy hair slick back on his head.

"Why Isabella, decided to grace us with your presence once more have you?" He sneered and my mind flashed through that night at the World Cup and the time that they attacked the Cullen's home. I had to concentrate on not choking on my own hate as I spoke.

"Lucius" I spat out, my hands shaking as I restrained myself, sensing that my wand was in my left jean pocket and would take only a second to reach.

"It's Mr Malfoy to you. Show some respect you ungrateful child" He spat back, his dark eyes narrowing at me as he stepped closer. I didn't know what I was supposed to be grateful for, what did I owe him?

"Who respects weasels?" I retorted, my anger boiling as I ignored the three people that had stopped and were unashamedly edging forwards.

"I see you're still the brat you always were, still think you rule the world" He tapped his cane on the floor as his leather gloves creaked from the tight grip he had on it. I knew for a fact that his wand was in that cane, having nearly been on the receiving end of one of his curses in my second year when I freed Dobby.

I heard a growl behind me, and before I could even respond to his jibe I was being pulled back by a cold arm around my waist.

"Leave him Bella. He's not worth it" Edward whispered as he tucked me into his side, turning me around so that I was facing away from Lucius as his glares and insults at me.

"The company you keep! First your mud blood mother-" My legs locked in place as he yelled the insult across the street to me, Edward freezing with me as I stared blindly at the floor in front of me.

"Then your blood traitor father! That miserable oaf Dumbledore! That filthy muggle born friend of yours! And now this?! Vampires! And not even human drinkers! You must attract the freaks of the world!" He snarled, his voice filled with amusement as he laughed loudly and evilly, and I shuddered slightly at the memories that noise conjured.

I felt Edward tense beside me, his arm growing slack around me as I felt my anger peak, grabbing my wand from my pocket and spinning , advancing on the bastard with my wand raised and aimed at his face.

He could insult me, I would take it. He could even insult Dumbledore to an extent because I have my own issues with him. But no-one, not even dangerous murderers could insult my friends, my family and the ones I love.


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