Love potion…again.

The hallway was silent and deserted, except for the three guards standing still and alert in front of Princess Ishtar's room. At least, Captain Darres is, while the other two guards shifted from one foot to another, looking around for some entertainment or simply day-dreaming. When the Princess isn't pulling one of her usual tricks or run away, guarding her is the most tedious duty on earth.

Slowly, the door creaked open, wide enough for Ishtar to show half of her face.

"Darres, can you come in for a second?" she said, with one of her fake-innocent smile.

"Yes, Princess" The Captain answered, wondering what petty joke the Princess is planning this time. Oh well, at least she is still in the castle. The other two guards watched, hoping for some amusement, as their Captain entered.

In her room, Ishtar asked Darres to sit at the table, where she has prepared a cup with suspicious-looking green liquid in it. She sat at the other end of the table, waiting.

"Oh Darres, I did not poison it, you know" she pointed to the cup, pretending to be insulted. She stifled a giggle at Darres' disgusted look, glaring at the cup in his hand as if ordering it to disappear.

"Drink" she ordered. With a resigned sigh, Darres tried not to think about the revolting liquid he was gulping. The worst that can happen is ending up in my bed for the whole day with severe stomachache, like last time. These past months, Princess Ishtar seems obsessed with feeding me weird liquid. I don't mind if she's doing it for one of her lessons, but I wonder how much my stomach can take.

A few minutes passed in silence…

"How… How are you feeling, Darres?"

"I feel fine, Princess. I don't know what effect that thing supposed to have, but it seems that you failed again." Princess Ishtar wore a look of defeat and started rambling.

"…that fake witch! After I went through all the trouble to fetch the ingredients for the love potion, and brew it….. –Sob-…." She went to sit on her bed and drop of tears are falling from her eyes. Darres was surprised to hear the words 'love potion' and only stared at Ishtar. He thought that since the fake love potion from Leene, Princess Ishtar had given up on using love potion.

"Princess, I…" he approached the Princess, not knowing what to say. The sob has stopped and Ishtar was lying on her bed quietly, with pillow covering her head. Darres felt bad and sad to see her in that state. Love potions, huh? Well Ishtar, of course none of them work, since I already am in love with you… the Princess sat up with a start.

"What, Darres! Is that true? You…" it takes a few moments for Darres to realize that he had spoken his thoughts aloud! He covered his mouth with his hand, and went redder than a ripe tomato. Ishtar stared at him, open mouthed.

"Oh, Darres! I love you" Ishtar flung herself at Darres, weeping with joy.

"I… I love you, too, Ishtar" Darres whispered, hugging Ishtar –rather clumsily.


There! At 1st, I wanted to make Darres confess only in his heart, but I think it's better if Ishtar hear them! ^^ please review!! ^^v