Life, Aizen reflected idly, was like a game of chess.

He liked to think of himself as the black king, shrouded in mystery and dormant to the last. He might choose only to move one slow step at a time, but – he chuckled suddenly, reminded of his little vice-captain – he was lethal to all he touched.

Gin, of course, was the lightning-fast queen, flashing out of nowhere to strike down an enemy and vanishing just as quickly. All in the service of his king, of course.

Tousen – well, faithful Tousen could only be the bishop. Unwavering in his loyalty, remaining by his king and leaping in to protect him from all potential threats. Not one to question orders.

Everyone else were just the pawns – Arrancar, Shinigami, it didn't matter – who existed only to be manipulated as the mood took him. It was common knowledge that they would never do any real harm.


Written LONG ago. Like, a year. Or something.