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Set a year after the grand fight with Valentine, it is time for Clary to return to Alicante. For what? her mother's wedding of course! Everyone seems to have their happily ever after,Clay included, but she wonders why Amatis still seems alone. And after having a strange dream about her past, only intensifies her want to crack the code on why Amatis and Stephen HErondale's fairy tale love story was cut off a little too short.

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a spell or energy of illusion used to hide or disguise beings.

If it were not for the illumination coming from the lights of colorful candles set all around, the Halls of the Accords would have been as dark as the muddy waters. She emerged from the lowly steps, a beauty dressed in a long silver gown. The silky material was accented with glitters that shimmered endlessly against the bright glow of the night's festivities. But no luminous dress could out shine the smile that breached those sweet and young lips, when her bright eyes caught sight of her lover. He made no gesture, or wave of any sort. But his eyes alone told all he needed to say. She made an effort to walk towards him, determined not to trip or make a fool of herself especially in front of so many nephilim that seemed to have been born with poise and grace. He, as expected, sauntered over to her with a fluid like grace, incomparable to most. Oh, such love glittered in those golden eyes. They burned with a passion for her, she hoped would never fade away just as her own would remain unmoving. He surprised her by bending down, (and in front of everyone too!) only to take out a single velvet box from his pocket and with his eyes never leaving hers, he said exactly what his orbs had been saying, time and time again.

"I love you," He seemed exasperated. "Marry me, and spend the rest of our lives with me."

She remembered scanning the sea of now crowding people, remembered seeing his family holding their breaths waiting for her reply. And when she did, she had said every word as if it was a separate part of each sentence.

"Yes," she found herself in a state of complete and utter joy. "Yes, of course, Stephen."

Clary awoke with a feeling of lightheadedness. She was wondering about three things: First, why her dream seemed so different from all the others; second, why the ground was moving; and third, why her pillow seemed attached to an arm, a neck, and a body.

The answer to Clary-wonders-why question number three said, amusedly, "Welcome back to the land of the living, sleepy head."
It was Jace who pulled her upright since she was basically leaning on him.

It would have been a total Jace-Clary moment but then a voice piped in, his tone indignant and offended. "Yeah, sure, ignore the semi-living."

If you haven't guessed it yet, that was Simon.

"Exactly," Jace started, burying his hands into Clary's messed-from-sleep hair. "What I'm going to do, Vampy-mundane."

Oh god, Clary rolled her eyes, unseen by both males. I'm way too tired to scold these idiots, She thought.

"And this is why," a familiar, strong, feminine voice said with pride. "the female race is said to be the more mature species." It was Isabelle Lightwood.

Clary realized that she was in a car; which totally explained Clary-wonders-why question number two. It was most probably that Alec and Magnus left ahead of them to Alicante since there was no one in passenger's seat, or to her right. Clary craned her head and saw that Izzy was seated beside Simon at the back, beside him was Maia, and beside her were bags and luggages. The answer to Clary-wonders-why question number three would be sitting beside her left, as we speak. She glanced to her side and caught Jace plotting with Simon on finding a good come back at Isabelle's gender retort, though he idly toyed with her hair; a gesture she was well used to by now. It has been, what, a year since the final fight with Valentine; a year since her mother has learned to let go and decide to live a normal life back in New York again; a year since she has been allowed to train as a shadowhunter at the Institute. To train with Jace.

The answer to Clary-wonders-why question number one never came. Why had she dreamed such a dream would not be her problem, since she was already used to having whacked out premonitions but what confused her was that it was not a premonition but a flashback. Her mind had conjured up a scene of a romantic memory; a romantic memory that Clary knew, no longer existed. She dreamed of Amatis, and reminisced on how beautiful she appeared in the same gown Clary had used during that celebration night in Alicante. Strangely, it was also in the same place, and with a man who reminded her so much of her own.

Clary caught his naughty smile, and Simon whispered something into his ear. They were partners in crime now, the two idiots. You could barely tell that before, they practically wanted to rip each other's guts out, piece by piece, limb by limb. Clary gave a soft laugh, deciding to brush off the strange new dream aside, when both egotistical men high fived then Jace said, "Yeah, the most brutal race, too."

"I second the notion." Simon supported, remembering how Maia and Isabelle glare at each other like a bunch of Viking priestesses.

Apparently, Clary mused, they had basically scripted this.

Izzy narrowed her eyes at them both, but they especially lingered on her brother. Jace met her gaze with just as much challenge, and let's face it; Jace isn't the type to lose in a Poker face game.

Izzy, refusing to admit defeat just yet, turned on her best card: the girlfriend card.

"Clary!" Clary was surprised she became a part of this ridiculous feud. "Control your man!"

"She can't," Jace was nowhere near desperation; the speed of his caress on her hair never lost its synchronization. He said with a smirk, "She likes me wild."

"I like you quiet," Clary broke the contact between them by moving away from him to stare at him in the eyes. This would have been the first time they had direct eye contact since Clary had woken up and this stirred a lot of emotions in her, and sparked an unknown feeling in them both. They have been together ever since the party in Alicante, set exactly a year and six months ago, and since Clary now officially lived in the Institute, they saw each other almost daily. But why did it feel like it wasn't enough?

Nothing could ever fill those gaps their relationship took when they believed that they were siblings; nothing could ever let them take back those moments that could have been spent loving each other, but instead made them drift apart, honestly thinking it was sinful.

She leaned back on him, after a few seconds of seeing him agonizing over the fact that his hands were not touching anything Clary .She always did have a problem when it came to resisting Jace. "How long was I out?" she asked, her head in that space between his neck.

"Oh not long," He drew his arm around her. "According to my numb shoulder, you've been asleep for three hours."

Clary pouted, but she moved closer to him, suddenly needing body contact. But her voice was leveled, and just a bit annoyed. "And we're still not there yet?"

"Good things come to those who wait, my child." Clary rolled her eyes at Simon. Ever since he found out it wasn't "Good things come to those who do the wave" he has been constantly blurting out the quote at the most circumstantial moments.

"Yes, I'll have to agree with Yoda on this one, Clary." Jace said, then kissed her head as if a kiss could bribe her into believing it. Clary felt that she deserved points for only half falling into the trap.

Jace gently parted his lips from her head and whispered, "Can't wait to get rid of me?" he taunted.

"I can't wait to be rid of them," Clary gestured to those behind them. They made aloud indignant scoff at the same time. "Jace," Clary said, but she was looking at those at the back. "It is impossible to be with you when they're around to sigh and make snide side comments." Clary explained.

"But you like people who make snide side comments, don't you?" Jace inquired, interested to know her reply.

She looked at him, and damn him and that ability he has of raising an eyebrow and she cant! "I'm in love with you, aren't I?" she stated it as a fact, and no one could deny that.

"Well, there's that." Jace's eyes were beaming with approval of her reply; more than approval in fact, he practically adored the response. He brought his hands to her hair again; it was one of those kinds of things he did whenever there were too many people around for him to do something more intimate. The feeling still brought Clary over the moon up till now. He brought his lips to her head again. And breathing in a sigh, he said, "You're more beautiful when your hair is long," His lips trailed down to her ear. It sent shivers of delight down her spine. "You shouldn't cut it like you're planning to."

Clary snuggled closer to him; it was amazing how they fit perfectly into each other's arms despite being so different physically.

"My hair; my rules" said Clary.

"..And MY eyes!" It was Isabelle. "You two," She pointed from Jace to Clary. "get a room!"

"Preferably one that isn't this one!" Maia pointed accusingly at Jace. She never blames Clary; just Jace. This wasn't something that bothered Jace; he even found it amusing and constantly tried break her shell. Truly, it wasn't hard to like Jace; he was nice enough and he seemed very family oriented. Maia didn't truly dislike Jace, it was just that he reminded her so much of her dead brother who once tortured her so much. Well, Jace does have that wicked aura around him, but it was not an evil kind of wickedness, Clary mused.

Clary's cheeks flushed at the thought (A/N: eek! Implied! :D).

Jace looked at Simon who was making no effort in hiding the gag face he was making. Jace said, "Sure, throw out the only male in this vehicle with you who will stand alongside you in the battle of the genders."

Simon gave a long dreamy smile as a response. "Battle of the Genders: That would be an awesome song title."

"Let the dream die peacefully, Lewis." Clary felt it was payback since Simon had called her Fray many times in the past.

He narrowed her eyes at her, and spoke in a bad-ass-like tone he must have learned from watching too much anime again. "You 'aint the boss of me!" his gaze shifted to Jace. "Tell her she 'aint the boss of me!"

"I would," Jace sounded remorseful as he gestured to Clary as if she were a flesh-eating cougar. "But then I'd have to die."

"We are within meters from Alicante." A new voice interrupted the ocean of laughing teenagers. It was the driver informing them they were near.

Clary suddenly felt her head spinning and her knees giving in.

"Ooh! I should text Alec; inform him and Magnus we're close. They're probably waiting at the Gard, by now." Isabelle didn't skip a beat; she seemed excited.

Jace's hands slowly rubbed up and down Clary's shoulders. She looked at him, and he noticed she was bone white.

"Getting goose bumps?" His eyes were deep with concern.

"Yes," Clary didn't see the point in pretending not to with Jace; he always knew her inside and out. "It's not everyday I get to be in my mom's wedding."

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