A/N: Hello everyone! Just for a few things, one is lord I know KittyEd is terribly cliché but I have my reasons! Those being Ed is adorably cute with ears and a tail and slightly cat-like mannerisms it's just one of things I tried to avoid but couldn't seem to pass up and the fact that thought KittyEd can be cliché it's usually in the semblance of RoyEd relationships, and I find that depressing considering the one who really loves cats is Al, and of course Al just happens to love his brother too. Another thing is this was originally intended to be a one-shot but it was starting to get longish and I realized if I continued with what I'd planned it would be a rather LONG one-shot so I've decided to split it up into chapters and I can honestly say I have no idea how many words or chapters it will be, more than likely not too many. ~SeeInBlackAndWhite

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Alphonse wasn't sure what to think as he waited for the elevator and terrorized his lower lip. No one he had spoken to had been very clear on the phone; simply told him that there was a situation that required his attention. He could hear Ed throwing a fit in the background, though not well enough to figure out what it was about.

Finally the shinning doors opened with a rather un-masculine 'ding' and Alphonse hurried into the empty box, fumbling to press the button for the third floor as quickly as possible. He leaned against the wall, drumming his fingers anxiously on the smooth hand-bar. At least he'd heard Ed, right? Besides if it was something too horrific they would have told him and not hinted around it, right? …Right.

Straightening the hem of his shirt, tucked into his waistband, he waited for the doors to reopen and admit him to whatever madness could be occurring in the usually rather hectic offices of Brigadier General Mustang and his lackeys.

He was met, as always, by a closed wooden door and meaningless murmurs from beyond, he wasn't sure why he'd expected different but he had prepared for mass chaos. Nonetheless it did his racing heart good to be besieged by the calm, and he knocked with less trepidation. "Good lord if that's Al…" Jean Havoc's voice trailed off with what was more than likely a stiff glare from a woman particularly handy with a gun.

"Alphonse," the very same woman said softly just as the office was revealed along with a group of harried looking soldiers that looked at him with an odd sort of hope in their tired eyes. He gave his own wary look to Riza Hawkeye that she returned with a sympathetic smile. "It's Ed, he-."

"Is he alright?" Al asked immediately, somehow surprising no one that his first concern was his brother's safety.

"He's alive and apparently healthy," she reassured him evasively. Without further question the young Elric breezed past her to knock on the General's door. He knew Ed was in there, had to be anyway, and was surprised when the only reply was Roy's calm voice telling him to enter.

He opened the door to a positively shocking sight.

"Brother?" He gasped, staring unblinkingly at the small blonde curled on the couch with a long, gold tail wrapped around his body. Small, furry ears twitched as his voice but did nothing more. Alphonse turned disbelieving eyes to Roy Mustang and pointed a shaky finger at Ed. "This is some sort of sick joke, right?" He asked, the answer already swinging around his brain like an ape on rampage. A shake of ebony hair was all he got. "But I-…but…oh god. What happened?"

"Please sit down, Alphonse," Roy said, kinder than he was to most everyone else. "I'll explain. You look tired." Al smiled slightly. Tired? Tired didn't even begin to cut it, he was up until three or four every morning grading papers from his job as a teacher's assistant, still studying college classes to be a professor himself, and had been up since six that morning. No, tired didn't cover it. Still, he sat and gestured for Roy to get down to business, tired didn't matter, Ed mattered.

"I would love to tell you that it was merely an accident," the onyx eyed general began, rubbing a hand over his face in a more human gesture than others were usually allowed to see. "But, it wasn't and I won't lie; besides Edward would just tell you the truth of it anyway."

"Don't worry about telling me, Colonel," Al assured gently. "I just want to know what happened."

"Of course," there was only a trace amount of hesitation in what Roy said next. "Your brother has been forced into taking part in a military experiment with genetic mutations. I, unfortunately, vouched for the men that did this to him and the only reason they're still alive is to figure a way to reverse the effects." Al glanced over his shoulder.

"Why my brother? How did they do it?"

"Your brother because they wanted to test the effects on a skilled alchemist, he fits the bill rather well. And how is actually as simple as sedation and a series of highly developed shots." Roy went on to explain the process, showing Al data and stats that filled more files than Alphonse cared to count, and even apologized for leading Edward in to the situation as he hadn't know what they'd intended to do to him; all the while Edward slept complacently on the sofa, giving a small snore on occasion. When all was said and done Roy had left only one question on Al's racing mind.

"Will he be alright- I mean mentally, you've dealt with him already, is he okay?"

"He's still Edward, if that's what you're asking. He drove everyone else to near insanity and made several attempts on my life."

"He wouldn't really blame you, you know." Always reassuring, Alphonse was. It was still true, as much as Edward tried to deny it, the two of them knew Mustang would never purposely harm them. He made a note to make sure Edward didn't harrass him too much about it, cold as he seemed the general was indeed a human being with feelings.

"Thank you," Roy smiled again and it felt alright, because Alphonse did trust him. The young blonde glanced back over his shoulder again.

"He does look rather endearing that way doesn't he?" He said almost absently, receiving a noncommittal grunt in response. "I should wake him up. If he has any work that needs to be done would you please have someone get it together? If his mind is fine he can still work, but…well, I think he should come home for a couple days anyway. Get him used to it, at least as used to that kind of thing as he can ever hope to be."

"Of course," Roy said again and lifted the phone to begin speaking to Riza.

Meanwhile, Al made his way to the couch and knelt gingerly beside it, reaching out to brush a lock of hair from his big brother's face. "Ed?" He said softly, moving his hand to the blonde's shoulder. "Brother, it's time to wake up now."

"Uhn," the lump groaned and shifted away from him. Now that, was at least familiar, Ed hated being woken up no matter the time of day.

"Come on, brother, you need to get up." He continued, giving Ed a little shake.

"Don't wanna, Alph…" Al wasn't sure he'd ever seen Edward bolt upright so quickly. "Holy shit!" The young man cried, "When the hell did you get here, Al?"

"About forty-five minutes ago." He touched Ed's hand. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, just wanna get the fuck outta here." Ed mumbled, rubbing a hand along his automail arm. Al noticed that he didn't look upset at all, or even angry though that was the obvious message he was trying to give, he just looked uncomfortable; Al nodded.

"The car's waiting downstairs," he said, subconsciously noting that Edward's new ears twitched forward every time he spoke. Roy had told him Ed was a cat because they'd been experimenting with docile creatures in order to keep violence in 'projects' limited. That was lucky, he supposed, and not just because he was rather fond of cats himself. "As soon as everything's in order we can go home."

"Hawkeye will bring his work in a moment, also, Alphonse, there is something I didn't go very far into."

"Hmm?" Al didn't look up, too busy examining his brother for other side effects of the shots, other of course than ears and a silky tail.

"He has picked up some, abnormal affectations," Roy stated diplomatically. "His instincts are coupled with those of, well, a house-cat, and it does have influence on him." Alphonse looked up just in time to see his brother blush and pull in air ready to deny everything before Al cut him off.

"I could have expected that, it's all right we can manage. I'll take good care of him."

"I don't doubt that, Alphonse." Brigadier General Mustang said, just before answering a solid knock to allow Riza entrance. She saluted the general and turned a warm smile to the Elrics, as always having no qualms with shuffling a bloated manila folder in their direction. Al tucked it under his arm, ignoring Ed's inquiry as to what it was.

"Thank you, Ms. Hawkeye."

"If you need anything, call me." She said maternally, there was no need to exchange numbers for she'd given hers long ago when Al had first been returned to his body along with the very same words. Alphonse thanked her again, eternally, and she let herself back out.

Roy Mustang stood from his comfortable office chair and moved to the front of his desk, "Tomorrow I'll do my best to get the most important of this copied and delivered to you." He said, gesturing blandly to the files littering his desktop.

"Oh just call me, I'll come get them." Alphonse assured him mildly, glancing to see if Ed was alright, he was being unusually quiet. But, as it turned out, he was simply being very interested in watching his tail flick back and forth on his lap. "Thank you, Colonel."

"What the hell are you thanking him for, it's his fault I'm a part feline monstrosity!" Ed sneered, no longer finding the recently acquired appendage fascinating. Al glared at him, and thought about smacking him when the general had no scathing replies. Roy was guilty and that was obvious, making Ed a jerk for pursuing his mistake.

When he was through giving Edward the evil eye he cast a sympathetic and somewhat apologetic glance in Roy's direction, which was waved off with a tiny smile of his own.

"Can't we go yet? I've been sitting in this damn office for what feels like ever, I'm fuckin' bored!" Alphonse stood from his crouch as Ed catapulted off the sofa.

"Yes, yes, we're going now." He said, resisting the urge to grab Edward's arm like he had when they were little, just to make sure he didn't run off somewhere. Instead he suggested Ed put his hood up and headed towards the exit, where he was met by Roy, who gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"It'll be alright," he whispered as Ed walked out in front of them. "I'm sure Ed will be fine, but you need to get some sleep. It might not be easy." And in a louder voice he said, "I'll make sure you also receive each and every update with the trial to return Fullmetal to normal."

"Thank you, again." Alphonse smiled helplessly, Roy was always kind to him and he didn't know how to repay it. So he just kept grinning. "Have a good evening."

"You as well," he paused a moment before continuing, "and Alphonse, I haven't been a Colonel in years."

The younger man chuckled, "I know."

"Al! You coming?"

With a wave he hurried after his brother. It would be okay, if nothing else he and Ed would always be okay.