"It huurrrts!!!" Hermione shouted in pain. Hermione had already started having contractions.

"Hurry, Ron, I'm dying here!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Okay, honey, I'll go as fast as I can, but not one ounce over the speed limit." Ron said in a sarcastic tone.

Then he started speeding, and I mean speeding. The speed limit was 60 mph for the highway. He was going almost 100.

"The wheels on the bus go..."

"Stop it Ron! I am not kidding! These are going to be terrible memories!"

They finally reached the hospital, and Ron surprisingly carried Hermione in, despite two things- they didn't know how many children she was having, and two, Hermione was extremely heavy.

Ron sat Hermione down in a wheelchair and was told to wait until the mother was finished with birth. He was sad because he brought his video camera.

He sat on the couch for almost three hours, until the nurse came and told him he could see the baby for himself. He figured Hermione was going through extreme pain, and that she only had one child.