Well, you already read the summary when you clicked on this, sooo... to the story!

Disclaimer: It pains me deeply to say this, so let's get it over with...idonotowntwilight. :'(

Bella's POV

"I'm going to the grocery store, dad!" I yelled as I ran out the door. I had a blue shopping bag hanging off of my arm and I was as close as I'll ever come to actually enjoying the rain-a big feat for me. When I was halfway down the street, though, it began bucketing down and totally ruined my moment. I made it to the store and checked the list. My first stop was the pasta aisle-but I saw something there that wasn't pasta. It was mouldy spaghetti! I grabbed my fusili and progressed to the bread aisle, shaking my head. Something I saw there was even worse. Stale sourdough baguettes! Luckily Charlie will only tolerate sliced pan. With my bread, I strolled to the frozens. The list told me to buy wedges. But that aisle was the worst of all. Her hair was in a black ponytail, short but sleek and she had a very full fringe. She was about 17, her eyes were a deep, intense blue and her long skirt had so many colours in it that it hurt to look at it. But was hurt more was who she was talking to-wait, make that flirting with. Edward. He leaned into her and once I saw that I couldn't look anymore. I dropped the basket and fled home, only realizing when I got there that my crystal that Edward had given me was missing from my bracelet. Good, I thought spitefully. I didn't need it. I didn't need him.

Oh, God, I did.