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Chapter 1


"I am going to be the fifth wheel," whined the southern attorney

" What do you mean you are going to be the fifth wheel?" asked the blonde looking up to see why her friend had plopped herself down in the chair across from her.

"Oh come on Alex, you know that with you and Olivia and then Casey and Serena going, I am going to be the fifth wheel," Abbie Carmichael said tilting her head to the side to show Alex she wasn't fooled.

"Serena and Casey aren't…" Alex Cabot started but was cut off by her friend.

"Alex, seriously have you crawled under a rock lately? They are practically married!"

"Abs I don't think the occasional brush of the arm and lingering look constitute marriage," Alex giggled.

"Well I wish they would go ahead and hurry it along, I'm tired of them pretending they aren't head of heals for each other. And speaking of head over heals Alexandra Cabot don't think this conversation is not coming back around to you and that lovely detective of yours," Abbie said coyly.

"I don't know what you are talking about," the blonde ADA tried to hide her smile behind the case file she was reading.

"Oh sure, and I am sure that smile the Ice Queen is trying to hide has nothing to do with the gorgeous, brunette that just walked by her office," Abby said smirking.

"What? Liv walked by and didn't…" Alex was cut off again by the roaring laughter of her friend.

Chunking paper weight in the brunette's direction, Alex blushed furiously, "Not funny Carmichael!"

"Well well who knew the Ice Queen could turn such a bright shade," Abbie quipped after dodging Alex's assault.

Trying to sound angry, Alex narrowed her eyes at her long time friend, "Abbs don't you have something better to do than harass me?"

"Hell no, if I have to go on this weekend getaway as the fifth wheel, you are going to hear about my misery…. Starting now!" Abbie said in a huff before marching out of Alex's office.

Alex laughed as she leaned back in her leather chair. The weekend hadn't even started and there was already drama. What the hell were you expecting Alex, it's a freaking weekend with five lesbians, of course there is going to be drama.

Drama or not Alex couldn't help her thoughts from wandering to a certain SVU detective who would be joining the normally all-ADA getaway. Yes, Olivia Benson was in for a treat, and if Alex had her way, that treat would be something the detective would not soon forget.


Detective Olivia Benson threw the stack of papers she had been trying to read for the past two hours to the side and banged her head against the desk.

"Hey Liv, don't think you have the brain cells to spare to be doing that," her partner joked from his desk.

Her only response was the lifting of a certain finger.

"Ooh someone is cranky this morning," Elliot continued to taunt.

The distinctive clink of heels hitting the squad room floor, interrupted Olivia's comeback, as ADA Alex Cabot made her way towards the two detectives.

God, does she know what that sound does to me, Olivia thought taking in the blonde haired blue eyed attorney who had recently taken over Olivia's every thought and dream.

Olivia didn't know really how to classify her relationship with the ADA. All she knew was that when Alex had been ripped from her world by the workings of the Colombian drug lord and the FBI, Olivia hadn't been able to fill the void she found left in her heart. For two years she tried to tell herself Alex was gone and never coming back.

Then almost as abruptly as the ADA had been removed from the detective's life she had returned. With Alex now back in her life, Olivia found their relationship quite changed. It was as if they were dancing around each other, each afraid to grasp too tightly for fear of losing the other completely. The first few months it had been lingering glances, soft touches of comfort after a hard case, the needed company on a lonely weekend. Somewhere along the way though, neither sure quite where, it had grown to something far more than friendship, as if the thought of breathing was impossible without the other near. Olivia couldn't imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning without Alex in her arms, not being able to watch the way her lips curled up slightly in a smile when she felt Olivia's touch lifting her softly from her sound sleep. You have got it bad, Benson! Olivia had told herself in the beginning knowing she never let relationships go that far. But now, watching Alex sit down on the edge of her desk brushing her leg 'innocently' against her own, Olivia Benson knew she was falling hard for the women who was capturing her heart.

"Morning Detectives," Alex chirped happily from where she sat on Olivia's desk.

"Well it's a good morning for some of us, Counselor, but others of us don't seem so pleasant," Elliot laughed nodding towards Olivia who sent him a glare.

Pretending she had no idea why Olivia seemed so tired, Alex turned a wry smile to her lover, "Late night Liv?"

It was Alex's turn to receive the death glare, "Yeah it seems someone was screaming and moaning all night in my building," Liv shot back quickly figuring two could play that game.

Alex blushed furiously for the second time that morning at the detective's words.

There had in fact been lots of moaning and screaming coming from Olivia's apartment building last night, except they both knew exactly who the culprit had been.

Quickly changing the subject before she dug herself into a deeper hole, Alex asked if anything new had come in on the case they had been working.

"Nope, nothing so far," Elliot acted as though he hadn't heard the exchange between his partner and the ADA.

"Ok well you know where to find me if you need anything," Alex said before turning to leave, "oh and Liv don't forget about this weekend," she called almost out the door.

"Weekend huh? Since when does Olivia Benson allow herself to go away for the weekend?" Elliot asked actually a little surprised.

"Since Alex got it in her head that it would be a good idea to drag me along to her monthly girl's weekend with Serena, Case, and Abbie." Olivia muttered.

"Come on Liv, that doesn't sound so bad."

"Easy for you to say, you have never had to spend a weekend with four lawyers!"

"Ahh I'm sure Alex will make sure you two have plenty of alone time," Elliot joked wagging his eyes playfully.

Before Olivia could jump up to assault her partner, Captain Cragen popped his head out of his office door, "Benson, Stabler we got a lead on the Johnson case"

"On our way Cap," Elliot called grabbing his jacket and effectively sidestepping the stapler that flew towards his head.

"Bet Alex likes it when you are feisty," he laughed before sprinting out of the 1-6, with Olivia on his heels.

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