AN: as was promissed. This is my Naruto/Tayuya story, Naruto-Code Geass crossover...

Summary: When Naruto was cornered during one of 'demon hunts', he was saved by mysterious green-haired girl. She formed contract with him, giving him the power of the King. Now Naruto will have to grant her one wish...

Title: Pyro
: NHunter aka N.H. aka 夜狩猟家 aka 灰色天使
: Adventure, some Romance
: Naruto/Tayuya, Naruto/Tayuya/mortal-C.C.
: M = NC-17
: AU, OOC, Code Geass fusion, future lemons, female not-so-evil Kyuubi, will contain certain elements from Neon Genesis Evangelion anime, StarCraft, Heroes of M&M III, Heroes of M&M V and Half-Life I games...
: I DO NOT own Naruto or its characters. Nor do I own anything from Code Geass or any of aforementioned anime/games.


"speaking of higher beings / Naruto while using Kyuubi's power / jutsus"
'thinking of higher beings / Kyuubi talking to Naruto through mental link'


It was late evening in the Konohagakura no Sato. One Uzumaki Naruto, ten years old blue-eyed blond boy, wearing dirty ragged black T-shirt with fire sign on the bag and orange pants, also dirty and ragged, was running for his life. Why? Simple, several drunk civilians decided to play 'demon hunt' and two older generation genins and one chuunin joined the hunt. And Naruto was the prey... He took another turn and stopped in despair - this was dead end...

"Finally... We caught it..." Said one of drunks, trying to catch his breath.

"It killed our families! We must kill it!" Another one said.

"Yeah! Let's finish what Yondaime started!" Shouted one of two genins. And beating began... While ninja stood on guard, civilian part of the mob began beating Naruto up with legs, empty beer bottles and plankings that could be found in the deadend. Naruto tried to protect himself, but adults still caused him a lot of pain, bruiced his body and broke several ribs... What it seemed eternity later, chuunin commanded to the mob:

"Everybody back. I will kill the demon." He summoned big blade from the scroll and others complied, not wanting to be wounded or killed, as chuunin only cared about what will happen to the 'demon' at the moment. Naruto looked at chuunin and then closed his eyes, preparing himself for the death... But instead of blade piercing his heart, he felt it only scratching his stomach. And something warm dripping on his left hand. Opening his eyes and was shocked. In front of him was girl of about sixteen-seventeen with green hair made in a single braid. She was wearing dark blue T-shirt, now soaked with her blood, and a black mini-skirt. And the blade that must have killed him was piercing her chest and her heart.

"Why... Why?" Naruto asked quietly.

"Stupid bitch!" Chuunin cursed. "I will burn you to ashes!!!" He yelled, jumping back, and flashed through handseals. Once again preparing to die, Naruto felt a grip on his hand. Looking down in surprise, he saw that it was green-haired girl whose hand was on his. "Katon: goukakyuu!" Naruto saw fireball and then his world shattered.

Naruto found himself in a sky-blue with white leaks and lightning-shaped stripes world. He was slowly floating through this space... Then he heard a voice. Female, musical voice...

"You don't want it to end like this, do you, young one?.." Suddenly white feathers appeared out of nowhere, forming a sphere of fifteen feet in diameter. "You have a reason to need to continue to live..." Sphere of feathers was blown away, revealing the very same green-haired girl that saved him from being pierced by chuunin's blade, only there she was naked. Blushing dark red, young boy moved his eyes up to her face and tried to keep them there... Girl had pretty face, though different from any he had seen before, and deep amber eyes, that kept a lot of wisdom and... pain? "Is it if you have power, you can live?.. This is the contract. I'll give you power. I return you only have to grant my one wish." Naruto listened as this strange girl was explaining this contract thing... "Once contract is created, although you will live in humanity, but you will live following a different set of morals than people. A different fate. A different life. The power of the King will make you lonely... Most probably... If you have such resolution..."

"Resolution... I don't want to die, but what is your wish?" Young jinchuuriki asked.

"I can't tell you this yet." Green-haired girl answered.

"Will it harm me? Or Hokage-jiji? Or anybody else?" Girl wasn't expecting such question, that's for sure, but seemed to be only mildly shocked.

"Worry not, young one. My wish will not cause any pain to those precious to you." Naruto nodded.

"Then I'm in! Let's form this contract!" He shouted.

"Take my hand then, young one." Naruto did what she asked and as soon as their hands touched, world around them changed into darker space, filled with gigantic and outright enormous cow wheels of different forms and red and white masks. "Contract is formed. The power of the King, you have it now..." And world shattered around Naruto...

Naruto returned to the real world and saw that the fireball covered less than meter while he was entering into the contract. He had some kind of power now, but he didn't know what was this power or how he could activate it.

'Somebody... Something... please... save us!' Suddenly Naruto's left eye turned purple with red 'bird' on the iris. Immediately fireball slowed down and started changing into two and a half meter high humanoid shaped... something. This was the last thing Naruto saw before his world went dark. Fire beast stopped in front of Naruto and green-haired girl and turned around.

'This hairless ape has pyrokinesis, something that even I, demon of fire, wasn't given? Maybe, just maybe, he isn't as bad as I thought...' Certain demon thought in the dark depths of blond boy's subconscious.

"What is this? What have you done, demon?" Chuunin asked with both fear and infuriation in his voice. Fire beast exhaled weak stream of fire at the mob, then picked up both unconscious Naruto and the girl, before leaping on the roofs and dropping from sight. Moment later Hokage and several ANBU appeared in the deadend... Not a minute later every last man in the mob was dead.


Blond boy opened his eyes and sat up. He was in the hospital.

"Naruto, you are OK. Thank Gods!" Said old man, Hokage, who was sitting on the chair near his bed. "I was so worried when we couldn't find you in that street... Luckily one of ANBU teams found you outside village walls half an hour after the accident. I'm sorry, Naruto, I again couldn't protect you."

"Don't worry, Jiji, You know that I won't die until I take your hat!" Young boy exclaimed. "But what happened to that girl?"

"Which girl?" Hokage asked, a bit surprised by boy's question. "When ANBU found you, you were alone." Then he remembered something. "Oh, this was found by your side." He gave small folded paper to Naruto. Boy opened it and read.

Don't worry about me, we will definitely meet again.
P.S. Don't let the power become stronger than your will.
P.P.S. You're cute.

Naruto blushed heavily as he saw girl's lips' imprint in the corner of the paper. Things will be very interesting from now on...

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