Boom! Crack! Flash! Sonic's eyes popped open and looked at his window. Boom! Crack! Flash! It was the Boom, Crack, and Flash of a thunderstorm, he realized, then relaxed and resumed sleeping.


"Sonic?" Came a voice. How long had it been since he fell asleep last? He hadn't checked his clock, but he was still groggy. The storms raged outside his window.

"Sonic?" The voice came again. By now he had realized it was none other than Amy Rose.

Finally Sonic replied. "Yeah?"

"Are you awake?" Obviously this question was one of Amy's most foolish, and through the dark she blushed, expecting Sonic to reply meanly.

"Yeah," Sonic said, at first not realizing the stupidity of the question.

"Good, um, can….I sleep with you?" Amy asked awkwardly.

"Why?" Sonic asked, knowing the answer would be 'because I love you!' But instead of his prediction, came an almost inaudible peep.

"I'm scared…"

"Well…" Sonic was trying to come up with a story fast. One might expect this to be easy, since speed was Sonic's strong point, but alas, he was too late, and Amy sprang to his side.

"Hold me…" Amy said quietly. Sonic rolled his eyes. Amy Rose was good with excuses, but this one was way too obvious.

"Amy…" Sonic began. He felt a weird feeling, and realized that Amy was shivering. His skepticism started to fade a bit, and he started to wonder if she was really faking it.

He let her hold him for a while, to see if she would stop, or if the storms would. A faint whisper escaped her shaking figure. Sonic's skepticism dropped below 50%, and put on a worried face. Another whimper emerged, however this one quickly grew to a sob, and the shaking became a combination of shivers and sobs. Sonic couldn't take it anymore. She wasn't faking it.

She really needed him.

Finally he held her, shushing her, so that she didn't wake anyone else up. He felt his fur become damp, and he decided he needed to calm her down.

"Hush, Amy. The lightning can't get you! We're on the first floor. Nothing strikes the first floor." It felt hard lying to her. The house was in an open field and it didn't make any difference what floor they were on.

But if she stopped crying now, he could explain later.

He hoped.

She started to calm down a bit, and the shivering weakened, and the sobs became exasperated breaths, which slowed, and Sonic could sense relaxation. Her relaxed their grip and Amy's breath slowed considerably.

Sonic knew she was asleep. And he didn't bother waking her. Just then, a voice came from the door.

"Sonic, it's me, Tails. Can lighting hit us? I'm scared."