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Amber had just pulled in the driveway to her home when she noticed Johnny sitting on her steps. Part of her just wanted to turn around and leave but the other part wanted to walk up and punch him in the face. She got out of her car and walked over to him. "What are you doing here Johnny I told you its over."

"I know and I'm sorry that I lied to you please don't let this be over."

"Just leave."

"Please baby, give me one more chance. The guys all took Zack back home so give me another chance." Johnny stood up and put his arms around her.


"Yes, he is going home everything is going to be fine. He said he's going to tell everyone he ran away and wants to hang out with us all once this is all over." Amber wasn't sure what to believe anymore but she knew Zack loved hanging out with everyone so it sounded believable.

"You get one last chance Johnny don't fuck it up and I mean it."

"I wont baby I promise." They both walked in the house to celebrate the rest of Ambers birthday.

"Johnny what are you doing?" Amber asked he was looking threw one of his bags of clothes.

"Just looking for something."

"Ok I am going to shower." Once Amber was in the shower Johnny really started ripping his bag apart. Finally he found what he was looking for and just in time. Johnny had rose petals that he spread on the floor making a path from the bathroom door to the living room. He then grabbed all the candles he could find for along the path. Once he was done he set up some more candles in the living room for light then sat down waiting for Amber to come out. It wasn't much of a wait because Amber was just getting dressed. When she opened the door she was shocked at what she had found. This was a side of Johnny no one but her ever seen and she loved it. Fallowing the path to see what he was up to she noticed him sitting on the couch.

"This is so sweet, you really didn't have to."

"Oh yes I did, come here and sit down." Amber did as he told only to have him stand up then get down on one knee.

"Amber, I know I messed up and this is not the best time to ask but I have been wanting to ask you for months now. I love you more then anything in this world and I want to be with you forever. I know I wont be able to make it with out you so please just say yes and marry me." Amber looked at the ring he had just pulled out seeing it was the one she found that day in his dresser.

"Yes, only if you promise no more lies." Johnny got this guilt feeling in his stomach.

"I promise" Amber leaned over and kissed him while he slid the ring on her finger.

"Wait till your dad hears this news, he is going to be so happy." Johnny just laughed. Just then the door bell went off.

"Who could that be?" Amber got up and walked to the door while Johnny cleaned up. Once Amber opened the door she found Sonny Truelove standing at her door.

"Is my son here?" Amber noticed he didn't look to happy, so Johnny did something wrong again.

"Yeah he's cleaning up stuff but come in we got really good news." Sonny just smiled at Amber, he always loved her, she was the best thing that happened to him and Johnny. However when he found out then news he just found out, Johnny had fucked up his life and hers so bad that Sonny was pissed.

"What is the good news?" Sonny said smiling at her.

"Johnny asked me to marry him." She showed him the ring on her finger. Just then Johnny walked out.

"Dad. what are you doing here?"

"I know what you did Johnny, how could you fuck your life up so bad."

"Dad lets take this outside, Amber honey go lay down I will be back in a little bit." Sonny and Johnny walked out the door.

"What the fuck are you thinking Johnny, you just fucked up so bad." Sonny slapped Johnny accost the face.

"Dad relax nothing going to happen." Johnny said backing away from his father.

"Get in the car Johnny we are going to talk to my lawyer and see if we can fix what the fuck you did."

"Let me go tell Amber that I am leaving."

"Does she know?" Sonny was worried that Johnny was also going to drag her down along with him.

"Yes and no, I tried to keep it from her but she found out. She thinks Zack is already home." Sonny once again hit Johnny.

"How could you do this to her Johnny?" Johnny walked back in the house.

"Amber, I am going to go with my dad. I will be back later if not in the morning."

"Ok." Johnny kissed her one last time then walked out the door.

The next morning Amber woke up getting ready for the day. Johnny never came back or even called. She sat down turning on the news, drinking her coffee. "Up next kid found dead in shallow grave." Amber got up and walked away thinking nothing of it.

Just as she was about to sit back down someone knocked at the door. Amber rushed to the door thinking it was Johnny only to find police. "Are you the girlfriend of Johnny Truelove?"

"Yes, is everything alright?"

"We have a warrant to look around." Amber just stepped aside and left them in.

"Can you tell me what is going on?" Amber was confused.

"Zack Mazursky was found dead, and Johnny Truelove is believed to be involved."

"How he was with me most of the night."

"Is that a confession?"

"A confession to what? I didn't do anything wrong I was here in my house with Johnny he asked me to marry him last night."

"His things are here but he isn't." Another cop said walking out of the room.

"We are sorry about this but we have to take you in for question because you was with him."

Four hours later Amber returned back home. She was pissed at all the shit she was going threw because of Johnny. Just then she head a sound coming from her bedroom. Amber walked back in her bedroom to find Johnny packing his things and hers. "What are you doing Johnny?"

"That vacation you wanted to take, to get away, lets go now."


"Yes baby we have to hurry."

"I know what you did Johnny, and you lied to me, after you promised you wouldn't anymore."

"I didn't lie to you baby I didn't know they was going to kill the kid."

"Stop it Johnny just get out." Amber took the ring off and threw it at him.

"Baby, don't do this you love me."

"Not anymore, get out of my life I never want to see you again."


"Leave Johnny or I will call the cops and turn you in now." Johnny got his things then walked out the door. Amber sat down with her head in her hands and cried. Everything was fucked and there was no way to fix it.

Five years later.

Amber was sitting at home with her almost five year old little girl watching the news. "It's almost bedtime Angel."

"Ok mommy."

"Finish you juice then off to bed for you." Amber looked back at the TV to see a face she though she would never see again.

"Johnny Truelove has been finally found. If he is found guilty he can be facing death." Amber turned off the TV then walked out of the room. She picked up her phone and called Sonny.

"Hey Sonny, it's Amber."

"Hey I take it you heard."

"Yeah have you seen him yet?"

"No tomorrow I will. How is my grand daughter?"

"She's good, Sonny, will you tell him for me."

"Yeah, I hope someday you go and see him. Take Angel so she can at least meet her father."

"I'll think about it, have a good night."

"You to." Amber hung up sat down at the table and cried. This wasn't the life she wanted, and she never though they would ever find Johnny. She had no idea what to do anymore.

The End.

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