Okay a one shot. Don't forget to read the A forgotten Alex if you didn't already!

I was in a dark place I didn't know where I was. All I know was that I was scared as ever.

"You people are the cruelest. What do you hope to accomplish by putting people to sleep for 100 years!" I yelled. But I was yelling into nothing but silence. I tripped and fell onto concrete bed. I lied on it, half on and half off.

Lights turned on and I could see everything. Two strong hands put me on the bed. A glass cover came on top off it. I felt like sleeping beauty. I suddenly felt sleepy. I dozed off. I failed, I thought.

Suddenly in the blink of an eye I felt the glass cover being lifted.

"WAKE UP!" Someone yelled. Luckily I wasn't fully asleep so I woke up startled by the yelling voice.

"Wha-" I said.

"Follow me, and I told you to be careful yelling out I remember! Isn't being careful," She said to me. We tried to go and run out but the voice froze out.

"You can't escape," He popped up in front of me. She looked at me. He quickly grabbed our arms.

"Looks like you and your friend are up for another 100 years," He said smiling, I thought this was UN real. It seemed so much like a movie, except I didn't know if I was going to win.

"Fight," She yelled to me as we were being dragged away. I hesitated. I never fought in my life. I struggled to get out he just kept holding my tightly. I then kicked him with all my strength he fell down and so did I. I then realized I had to fight for my freedom or else I'd never see Justin, Max, Mom or dad again.

Eventually they were out and didn't have enough strength to get back up. We then ran out.

"Talk to professor crumbs. he'll reverse time for you before you used magic. Go quickly!" She yelled. I ran toward home.

"And be careful!" She yelled as I started to run. I got home and ran into the wizard lair.

"Take me to professor crumbs!" I said as I ran threw the glass door.

"Hello who are you," Professor crumbs said as I ran threw into his office.

"I'm a student here at wizard school. Alex Russo. Listen I need your help. I used some magic in front of a human. I forgot my family and everyone but my family forgot me. I then remembered everything about my family, and then they were about to but me to 100 years of sleep and then this girl told me to come here so I could get it reversed." I said all so quickly I barely had any breath left.

"Ah.. that. Okay. Just don't tell anyone," He winked at me then waved his wand and I was back in school. I ran out the door of the school hallway and ran home.

"Mom dad!" I yelled. Justin and Max came in.

"What's going on?" Max asked.

"Justin Max!" I yelled. I was so happy I was back!

" What's going on here." Theresa asked.

"It's a long story," I sighed.

The end. So far....

Okay I wanted to add that the Aunt was really her real Aunt. And was mad at Jerry so took the job of playing the Aunt.