Duran-kun and Kiyo-chan's Omake Theater

(featuring the Kuga-Fujino family pets)

Takumi Tokiha strolled up the neatly swept front walk leading to the house. He wasn't there as a guest; even though the cause for his family's financial concerns, his heart surgery, had gone well and was no longer a burden on them, the virtues of frugality and responsibility that his older sister Mai had taught him still remained. He'd taken a job with a local Chinese restaurant to earn some extra money after school. Usually, he worked in the kitchen, but that day they had a shortage of delivery people so he'd been sent out on his bike to deliver the box full of full cartons and soup containers to its destination.

The barking of a dog answered Takumi after he'd gone up the front steps and rang the doorbell. A fair amount of shuffling around could be heard from inside, and the door opened.

Takumi blinked in surprise.

"Hi, Kiyohime; hi, Duran."

The purple hydra was sitting on the shoulders of the metal wolf, her sixth head uncoiling from around the doorknob.

"Are you guys getting the food today?"

Several heads bobbed up and down.

"Okay." He leaned forward and set the box down on Duran's back, tucking it between the rifles that ran along his sides so it wouldn't fall off. "That'll be six thousand, four hundred yen."

Kiyohime's second head dipped down and ruffled through a sheaf of money that she had pinned between her belly and Duran's back. It came up with a packet of bills in its mouth and extended them to Takumi who took it, quickly verifying that it was all there.

"Thanks!" He un-zipped his money pouch and put the bills inside. When he did, his fingers brushed against a sheet of paper. "Oh, the cook wanted me to give this to Ms. Fujino. Something about specially picking out the fortune cookies, I think?" He shrugged, not quite seeing the point, but handed the note over. Kiyohime's third head took it. "I think that's all, then. Thank you for choosing Mandarin Palace!"

Takumi turned to go, but Duran woofed. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that Kiyohime's first head was holding out a thousand yen.

"Thanks!" He winked at them. "You know, Mai was right; you guys are better tippers than Natsuki."