Duran-kun and Kiyo-chan's Omake Theater

(featuring the Munakata family pet)

It was a pleasant winter's day, Kaiji Sakomizu thought as he strolled between buildings on the Fuuka Academy campus. The heavyset, fluffy-haired teacher exhaled, sending a puff of steam from his breath rising up towards the pale gray sky. It looked like it might snow later; there was that kind of quiet stillness in the air that suggested the slow, graceful fall of fluffy flakes, the kind that kids (and the occasional teacher when no one was looking) liked to catch on their tongues. It was a gentle, peaceful time.

He probably shouldn't have thought that.

"Get back here, you feathered vacuum cleaner, so that I can pluck you bare and use your beak for a hockey puck!"

Nope, he definitely shouldn't have thought that.

"Miss Munakata," he said, "whatever is the matter?"

Shiho Munakata, a middle-school girl whose most distinctive feature was her salmon-pink hair styled into drill-like curls, came to a screeching halt on the path in front of him.

"Ah! Oh, um...I'm sorry, Mr. Sakomizu. It's just..." Her momentarily apologetic look was once again swept away by rage. "It's Yatagarasu! That stupid crow ate my second lunch! I'd just left it on the bench while I went into the cafeteria for a can of juice!"

While Sakomizu was certainly one to appreciate the idea of an extra lunch, it didn't really seem like the kind of thing the very petite Shiho would do, growing girl or not.

"Your second lunch?"

"It was for oniichan!" she exclaimed. "I spent over an hour making it this morning, and that...that winged rat ruined it!" Shaking her fist at the sky, she shouted, "Feather pillow, do you hear me, Yatagarasu? Feather! Pillow!"

"I see. Well, then, by all means, carry on, but try to be quieter about it. I don't want to have to derail a maiden's righteous vengeance by turning you over to the Executive Committee for disturbing the other students."

"Yes, Mr. Sakomizu." She clenched her fists, squeezing in a chicken-strangling kind of motion. "I'll keep my voice down."

"Good. And next time, you'll know better than to leave an important food item out around hungry animals."

This piece of life wisdom didn't seem to fall on particularly appreciative ears, but Shiho did stay quiet as she stalked off, her furious gaze raking the undergrowth for any crow-like objects.

Only after she had gone did Sakomizu's Afro begin to rustle and shake and a three-eyed, beaked head popped out from cover.

"You're lucky that karma is on your side or I'd have given you away," the teacher remarked. "But, since Mr. Tate is off with Miss Tokiha over by the library, and chasing after you is keeping Miss Munakata distracted from seeing them and suffering heartbreak, I think you get a pass this time."


"Besides," he said with a grin, patting his belly. "Just who am I to criticize someone for helping himself to food he really shouldn't be eating, eh?"