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It is happening about two years after the last scene of season 6. The only change I made to the story is that I brought Jenny Shepard back to life. Lets said she was on long sick leave and now she is back. I needed someone Ziva could talk to (Abby is too optimistic and has too little connections for this cause) and bringing Jenny back to life was so much easier than creating new character.

Ziva David stood in the front of THE BUILDING. The NCIS headquarter at the Navyyard. She had no idea what she was doing here. It was two years, two damn, long, painful years since she was in this building last time. She left angry then and she knew too well she caused a lot of pain by not coming back.

Now she was back. Just like that. She had no idea why she agreed to this plan. Well, of course she knew. It was her pride. She still believed they miss her and that they need her. Jenny offered her she could join another team or even start new life in different city. But no, when Ziva heard Team Gibbs was one member down (again), she decided it was time to face her demons. Now she wasn't so sure.

The plan was simple. Jenny should tell the Team, Ziva will be joining them one more time. Jenny should also explain to them she is no longer Mossad officer. Now, Ziva was US citizen (Jenny took care of it as well) and she passed all tests to became the NCIS agent.

The only thing Ziva had to do was enter the building and said hi to her new-old team. So simple, yet so hard to do. The demons were there. How she wished she never left The Team, this building, the country. Life would be so easy now.... She could have spare so much pain for everyone. It wasn't her pain she was worried about. She proved she could bare her pain very well. She just wasn't sure others are ready to forgive her and welcome her back. Well, there was only one way to find out. She took one last deep breath and entered the building heading straight for elevator.

What she noticed first in the squad room was silence. All agents even the ones she never met were staring at her. She was kind of dark legend in this building, this kind agents like Tony used to scare probies with. With her head hold up she joined her team. Jenny was still with them explaining something surprisingly quietly to Gibbs. Whatever she said to him, Ziva made mental note to thanks her later because all Gibbs said out loud was "David, you are late"

"Won't happen again, Boss" was her automatic answer. She didn't even had time to realize there will be again, but they can have this argument other time. Actually, she felt like home. Almost. McGee stared at her with doubt written all over his face, but she knew he just needed time. He was willing to go to whatever relationship they had. She never hurt him the way she hurt Tony. The senior agent was completely different story. He wasn't looking at her at all, suddenly the window view caught his attention... Well, she probably deserved it.

"Ziva" Jenny finally welcomed her back with hug "I'm glad you made it" and Ziva knew she meant she was able to face the guys.

"I'm glad I'm here" was Ziva's honest answer.

"So, now, everyone is happy" Gibbs interrupted "we have some work to do, Director" Jenny gave him one of the looks she was saving specially for him, but decided to go with it.

"By the end of the month I expect written report on performance of yours new agent" she ordered.

"Agent??" McGee stared with confusion.

"As for 3 months I'm US citizen, I passed all tests to become NCIS agent" she informed.

"So, you are probie, then" he gave her first honest smile.

"I guess" she answered and waited for Tony's reaction. He didn't even move, like she wasn't there.

On the other hand, McGee was looking at her curiously. No smile?? No death threats?? she was just nervous, he guessed, but he decided to keep an eye on her, just in case. With one last secret look at Tony Ziva sat herself at her usual desk.


The day was slow one, they were just wrapping up now solved case, so Ziva was able to catch up with the team and get hold of herself. She was actually doing quite well, she winced only once, when McGee came unexpectedly from behind her and she wasn't able to rise her head when Gibbs was staring her as she made some probie mistake.

Other than that she believed herself to be the same like two years ago. And really, Gibbs choose not to question the slight changes in her behavior, rather then not noticing them, Tony ignored her whole day. McGee noticed them as well, but believed them to be caused by the cold, almost freezing welcome she got from Tony, even Gibbs and most surprisingly from Abby as well. The Goth was mad Ziva didn't contact her for the last eight months she was back in the US and she hadn't got any good reason why. McGee was surprised Ziva didn't go with usual "not sure how you would react" explanation. He knew Abby would melt down with this.

The only person to welcome Ziva really warmly was Ducky. The old medical examiner noticed every Ziva's insecure movement, her surprisingly long sleeves and turtleneck in hot summer day and he with his doctor's eyes noticed her slight limping, she believed she was able to mask completely now. It could all be explained in some rational manner, but what really set him off wasn't the way she preferred her left hand to right, but it was her reaction or rather lack of any kind of respond to Tony's quite cruel remarks.

"Ziva, dear child, how are you??" Ducky also was the only one not to ask her where she was in the last two years.

"I'm OK" was her well trained answer.

"You look different" he didn't know how to put his worries,

"Two years is long time" she basically didn't explain anything.

"Don't say, David" Tony just joined them "You probably spent them in some great way, so you didn't have time for your friends. Or maybe we never were good enough for you" Ziva just paled little bit more and with last almost-smile at Ducky left the room. Tony went after her probably with some more painful remarks but Ducky stopped him.

"Anthony..." Tony turned back from door "give her some time"

"Why, she left" he would never admit his anger so obvious from his behavior "If there is anyone needing time it is me"

"Oh, Anthony" Ducky knew too well that hurt heart is not so easy to heal up "just don't do anything you would regret in future"

Tony stayed in the room for the little while like considering what Ducky said, but then he left without word. The ME wasted no time, he went to visit the red-headed director. Jenny was so glad someone actually cared about Ziva, but was bounded by promise of silence. She just begged Ducky to watch out for her.


At the end of the day Ziva knocked on the Jenny's office door. They agreed it earlier this day.

"So, how was your doctor appointment??" Jenny asked Ziva about her being late today.

"The usual" she answered obviously bored. Ziva had spent so many time in doctor's offices in the past months she was back in US she was getting allergic reaction just at the sight of white coat.

"Usual means what??" Jenny wouldn't let go, she was used to getting news from Ziva that way.

"There is nothing they can do about my knee or my shoulder. I should keep doing the exercises and give it time....the usual"

"And your psychologist appointment??" Jenny still ignored Ziva's annoyed tone. Ziva knew Jenny would never let her go back to work if her therapist wouldn't give his OK, so she answered truthfully.

"My next appointment is tomorrow evening. Do I still have to go there" she tried anyway.

"You still have two months left on your basic therapy and than we can talk about it." Ziva just accepted her fate with nod.

"Wanna get dinner??" Jenny tried to lighten the mood, she could see Ziva was exhausted after today and needed some distraction.

"I don't know..." Ziva seemed nervous. Jenny understood immediately.

"I'll drive you home in the evening, don't worry" it became habit after their dinners.

"It is stupid, I know" Ziva was ashamed of herself.

"Ziva David, listen to me, you are in healing process and you can't push it too hard. Take it one step at the time and do what are you comfortable with." Ziva smiled instead of thanks and they left building in comfortable silence.

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