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Sorry for the delay guys, I was moving to the new place and I had some connection problems. I'm back online now and there is one last chapter for you. It is probably not so fluffy as it should be, but when I try to write some romance it seemed always so pathetic for me.

Anyway, episode 2 season 7 (SPOILER ALERT) was sooooo hot I watched three times scene between Tony and Ziva – it was so great they put them in the bathroom, loved it. And I loved the Ziva-Gibbs talks (Director is not the only one you should talk to...sweet) and Abby's babbling, I was really scared she was going to be angry at Ziva. (END OF SPOILER ALERT)

One week later Ziva stood in the graveyard attending her father's funeral. Tony stood by her side like he did during whole last week. He refused to leave her side for even just a moment. He didn't understand most of the things that were going on, but having Ziva on his side was enough for him. He was bit concerned about the long conversations she had over the phone with who-knows-whom. The longer they stayed in Israel the more often the calls were and Ziva was always very agitated after them.

There were plenty people attending the funeral. Tony guessed that the one to arrive late never even saw the coffin. He honestly didn't care about the funeral, for him it meant only one thing, they were going home, together, and they finally would have chance to put their lives in order.

After the ceremony Ziva was getting the condolences mostly from persons she never saw in her life before. She, as well as Tony, was hoping to survive this whole ordeal and go home as fast as possible.

When all the crowd was gone two of the guests joined Ziva and Tony. One of them, Deputy Director of the NCIS Leon Vance, after offering his sympathies said:

"Well, Miss David, and I guess congratulations are also in place. It is pity that NCIS is going to lose you again."

Tony froze on the spot and never managed to ask the 'what??' which was written in his scared look. Ziva didn't looked surprised, what worried him, she just looked angry. She turned to Vance's companion and was explaining something (more likely reprimanding him quite severely) to him in Hebrew. He answered back and the conversation was getting agitated. It looked like they would fight each other for a while but finally Ziva gave up. She closed her eyes and nodded to something.

The moment she looked at him, Tony knew something was wrong, very wrong.

"It looks like you are going tomorrow alone"

"NO!!!" was Tony's only answer.

"Tony" she calmed, "not here" and she grabbed his hand and led him further on the graveyard, away from every curious eyes and ears. She put her hands around his waist and hold him very close to her. It was first bodily contact she induced, but Tony knew she had some bad news. She was looking straight into his eyes.

"Listen to me, since my father got sick I have been repeatedly asked to take his place in the Mossad's Director chair. I repeatedly refused, but I guess they still keep trying. I've agreed to stay here and help pick my father's replacement." she explained.

"Then I will stay here with you."

"It will be daily meetings till late hours, you would die of boredom."

"I'll stay here with you"

"Tony, pack your damn things and go back home, I'll be back in two weeks, I promise"

He was weighting his options. Spending more time in Israel was very low on his 'want to do' list. Especially when it meant he probably won't be seeing Ziva for days anyway.

"OK" he conceded "You have two weeks, on fifteenth day I will be here to bring you home" he promised "and I will bring Gibbs with me". They both smiled on that before Ziva stood on her toes and kissed Tony quickly, what brought him completely speechless.


Tony didn't hear from Ziva for whole thirteen days. Every single day he was getting more nervous and more annoyed and well, annoying too. It was like the first time she went to Israel. On fourteenth day he was sitting at his computer and was considering booking flight tickets for himself and Gibbs, and just to be sure for Abby and McGee too, maybe even Ducky and Palmer should join them. He didn't even notice the elevator arriving at the floor, nor did he notice light footsteps till she stood behind him.

Ziva was considering how to spook Tony in the best way till Abby appeared on the floor. Probably every person in the building heard her cheerful 'ZIVA!!!!!!!!!!' yelled with such a joy that Tony couldn't be surprised more. He jumped on his chair, spilled his coffee all over his table and his shirt and when he was trying stand up his chair ended on the floor and he himself as well. Girls were still smiling while they were hugging and smile was still on their faces when Tony was trying to stand up from the floor.

"Nice to see you haven't change a bit, Tony" Ziva commented. He finally managed to get on his feet and was considering his possible excuses that would make him seem less pathetic. Before Tony could say anything she hugged him and hide her face in his chest.

"I missed you" she whispered "I hated every second of this two weeks" He hold her like she should disappear from his eyes and whispered to her hair

"Missed you too"

Abby was watching the whole scene and couldn't help the dreamy 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh' that got out of her lips.

Gibbs walked pass them completely unnoticed.

"You two get a room" he said in deadly serious voice "If you make me watch scene like this ever again I promise I will get both of you assigned to different hemispheres."

They separated like they'd got burned from the contact. They knew Gibbs would be able to fulfill his threat, especially with the stuff that was going on between him and Jenny. Their two bosses weren't able to work their problems up and the tension between them seemed to be worse every day.

Things between Gibbs and Jenny got so complicated that Ziva and Tony didn't almost dare to look at each other while at work. Gibbs became very sensitive to every possible version PDA, when he accidentally walked on two agents kissing in the bathrooms, it seemed for a while he was going to shoot them right there.

On the other hand Ziva and Tony were doing great. She was slowly getting use to fact, that not every physical contact has to be unwelcome or unpleasant. She was getting more and more self confident and more and more comfortable in her own body, however bruised it was. Tony still felt some guilt for his hostile behavior, so he was still trying to make it up for Ziva.

They were both aware of the fact, that it is going to take plenty of time, until their relationship could be taken to next level, not to mention having sex, but they were both willing to walk this path down together to the end.


About week after her arrival Ziva stood in front of Jenny's office waiting for her. She was leaning on the railing and watched the squad room. She was happy like she believed she would never be again. She was home and she was not going anywhere. She was changed, but she was slowly starting to like the 'new Ziva' even more then she liked the old one.

Jenny joined her after few minutes. They stayed silent for a while when Ziva finally asked.

"What the hell is going between you and Gibbs??"

"It's complicated" Jenny avoided the answer.

"Yeah, for all of us, he is making our lives miserable, so I guess we deserve to know why"

"Why don't you asked him, then" Jenny said like it wasn't big deal. Ziva chuckled.

"C'mon, I thought you didn't want me to be suicidal".

Then the silence fall over again. Jenny was trying to find the right words to explain the situation. It took her while till she finally admit.

"We slept together, few times..." she caught Ziva completely off guard with this

"What??" she was sure she misheard.

"...until he started to talk about relationship, since then I've been avoiding him" she said ignoring Ziva's shocked reaction.

"Did you said him you are in love with him?" she asked. She knew her friend well and there was no doubt in her mind that Jenny was in love with Gibbs.

"Not exactly" she admit with blush and they both looked at Gibbs at his table. He was just yelling at some agent probably for breathing too loudly.

"You should" Ziva suggested.

"You are not the right person to giving me advices on my romances. Did you tell Tony you forgave him everything long time ego??" Their attention was switched to the senior field agent. He was finishing Ziva's part of paperwork. She smiled mischievously at this sight.

"Not exactly" she repeated after Jenny. They smiled so loud that half of the squad room looked up.

"We are great couple" Jenny whispered to Ziva when their conversation was private once more.

"I agree." Ziva winked "But I guess we should put our guys out of the misery" Jenny nodded to it

"No rest for the wicked" she commented.

Both women were still smiling when they walked the stairs down towards whatever the life had prepared for them in future.