Author's note: Written for the E/O Drabble Challenge, the word was "relax". The additional challenge was to make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY present for Sammygirl1963! She wished for Hurt!Sam and Caring!John. This is what I managed, hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Considering how addicted I have become it's probably a good thing I don't have access to the whole stock, so to speak.

Word count: Started with a 190. Tore my hair in frustration at 159. Wept for my darlings at 121. Numb at 100.


In character

"How's the prisoner, doc, fit for questioning?"

John, in disguise, eyes the sheriff with distaste:

"Patient. No. Getting shot, even by the police, equals shock."

"Sorry about the added workload. Still looking for the partner. You'll call?"

He nods curtly and walks in to the patient/prisoner. Sam's eyes are closed but a glance at the chart calms him. He brushes his chin lightly.

"Sammy? Time to go."

"Dad." Eyes misty, voice whisper-soft.

John carefully bundles him up in the blankets, murmuring;

"Sorry. Easier to spring you from the ward than death-row."

"Forgiven" Sam sighs and relaxes in his father's arms.


I loved doing this because I firmly believe that John was a good father!