Bella Swan is a spoiled and irresponsible heiress to New York socialite's Charles and Renee Swan. When Bella finds herself pregnant at the age of 16, her father decides to move the family to Seattle to get away from the limelight. A few years later, Bella is trying to cope with her parents strict rules, but she's finding one rule especially difficult - no dating/sex/or anything of the like. What will Bella do when her parents hire a gorgeous personal trainer for Bella? Will she give into temptation? Will she tell him the truth about her past AND her present? And most importantly, would he still accept her?

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Chapter One



"uuunngg stupid alarm…where's the fucking snooze?" I mumble as my arms swing around carelessly searching for the snooze button. I know I have to get my ass out of bed if I'm going to make it to the gym on time…granted the gym is in my house so it shouldn't take me as long as it does, but I HATE working out. I just hate it, and my personal trainer is a fucking workout Nazi bastard. He makes me run a mile for every minute I'm late. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. He thinks it's fair because I have no excuse for being late…stupid son-of-a-bitch.

I thought he was cute the first time I saw him. He walked in wearing blood red shorts and a wife beater. I could see this tribal looking tattoo of a bear that covered half of his right calf. His shirt was tight enough so that I could see his 12-pack through his shirt. Yes, I said 12-pack! He was definitely a fine piece of ass. He had this big goofy smile on his face showing off his dimples. I began to think this whole exercise thing wouldn't be so bad until he opened his fucking mouth.


"Morning sunshine! The name's Emmett McCarty. You were supposed to be here two minutes ago. You'll find I hate to wait especially when my client sleeps down the hall from the gym. There will be no excuses. If you're late again you'll stretch and then go straight to the treadmill and run a mile for every minute you're late," he says matter-of-factly.

I don't even know what to say to that. I'm just standing here with my mouth open looking like a god damn idiot. Say something Bella!

"uhh…yea…name's Bella. Nice to meet to you," I say sarcastically hoping he can sense just how badly I don't want to be here.

He chuckles a little and says "Hey now don't be like that Belly Bean. If you follow my rules then I'm sure we'll get along just fine and have some fun."

Belly Bean?? What the hell?

"Having fun working out? I highly doubt that. And how can you be so god damn happy? It's six in the morning!" I almost yell…geez I'm being really pissy today. Not that I don't have a right to be. It was stupidly early and my parents are forcing me to do these training sessions. God forbid their daughter has a little extra tummy fat.

They say it's for my health. I know better. They just don't want their perfect daughter being photographed looking anything less than perfect. I'm not fat or anything, but they know I won't workout on my own.

"So I'm guessing you're not a morning person then, huh?" he chuckles loudly…god he does that a lot. "That's ok, you'll get used to it the more we do this. Now let's do some stretching and then we'll get you on the treadmill for some cardio."

"Sure…sounds great," I snap back. Yea really great. Not only do I have to get up at an ungodly hour every morning to exercise, but my trainer is like a damn drill sergeant on happy pills. At least he's nice to look at.

*End Flashback*

Shit, I really didn't want to get up this morning. Not that I ever enjoy getting up, but I was up especially late last night with my daughter Emmaline. Yes, I am 19 and I have a daughter. I had her a little more than two years ago which means I was pregnant at 16. I gave birth to her a few months after my seventeenth birthday. She was born on November 10, 2006. She was perfect, and thankfully took on most of my features. She has my dark mahogany hair and brown eyes and a cute little button nose. I was so happy when I realized she wouldn't look like him. I really don't need the constant reminder of that jackass, especially when I look at my daughter.

I still remember the day I told my parents. It wasn't my proudest moment, but I honestly don't think they were that surprised. My parents, Charles and Renee Swan, are what you would call "High Society." We used to live in New York, and fuck did I love it there. We lived in a beautiful penthouse and I had access to anything and everything I wanted. My parents are old money. We were basically famous for being famous. Pretty fucking stupid if you ask me, but I never complained. My life was exciting, and as long as I did well in school and didn't get photographed doing something illegal or stupid my parents didn't care what I did. It was a pretty sweet deal.

I still did some pretty stupid shit, but I was just careful about it. My friends were all in the same boat I was, so we had our ways of having fun while staying out of the public eye. My parents knew I got drunk and did drugs. But like I said before, if I wasn't photographed doing it they didn't give two shits about it. I'm pretty sure they assumed that eventually they would just marry me off to some rich bastard and have some rich babies and the let the cycle continue. I tried not to think about that.

I guess my carefree partying ways were bound to catch up with me.


"Shit Vic, my fucking feet hurt. Let's go home already," I complain as we leave another sweaty club. This is the fourth night in a row that we've been out dancing, and the hot tub back at Vic's place was so sounding so good right now.

"I can carry you back to the limo if you want Bella?" asks Mike. Mike's great and all, but he seriously needs to get over this little crush he has on me. He knows I'm not interested in dating. I really don't understand why he still bothers being so nice, especially when he knows I'll fuck him anyway.

"Stop drooling all over B, Mike! You know she's not interested in dating your sorry ass. Now, let's all go back to my place and get fucked up," Vic slurs while the rest of us agree with drunken enthusiasm. Victoria can be a real bitch sometimes, but I love her anyway. To be honest, we are all bitches most of the time.

Vic's parents are never home and she has this fucking awesome hot tub on her balcony. It's huge. We love to use her hot tub when we do ecstasy. We always end up getting naked, and orgies would typically ensue. We have all been friends for so long though that it wasn't that big of a deal anymore. We were comfortable with each other. We have rules though. Our main rule is to always use a condom. It doesn't matter if we're on the pill or not. I'm on the pill, but I'm not exactly the most responsible individual and I forget to take it half the time.

The night started out like it normally does. It was the usual group tonight. We had the ladies which consisted of me, Victoria, Lauren, Jessica, and Angela. Then we had our guys, Mike, Tyler, Eric, and Ben. Angela and Ben are dating so they just fool around with each other, but the rest of us are free game. Mike has had a thing for me since the Junior High and tries to get me to date him every chance he gets, but I'm just not having that. He is cute in a little boy way and a descent lay, but there is just nothing else there. Jessica has always had a thing for Mike, but she'll never say so.

Thirty minutes later we were all naked and fucked up lounging in the hot tub when I look up and notice HIM walk outside. Victoria's older brother James. Fuck is he hot. He has blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He almost never comes home, so safe to say I'm pretty fucking surprised at this moment. His parents don't like him coming around. He was a "bad influence" on all of us. He is your typical bad boy with a leather jacket, motorcycle and all. He doesn't give a shit about making his parents proud and staying out of the public eye. He does whatever he wants in front of whomever he wants, and I'm a naïve 16 year old girl who has had one too many wet dreams about him.

He's walking towards the hot tub and I notice he's eying me up and down. I give him a sexy smirk and he starts taking his clothes off. I swear to God I almost creamed myself just now. Everyone has already paired off and are too busy fucking each other to oblivion to notice James even come out. He slides in next to me, grabs me by the waist and situates me so that I'm straddling him. I can feel his fucking hard-on under me, and I'm two seconds away from just shoving his cock inside me.

"Well hello Bella. You've grown since the last time I saw you. You've certainly filled out, haven't you?" he says in a deep husky voice as he starts cupping my breasts and placing open mouthed kisses on my neck.

"Mmmmm James, you have no idea. You don't know how many time I dreamt of you touching me, licking me, fucking me till I can't walk straight," I whisper in his ear as I take his earlobe in to my mouth to suck on it.

His grip on me tightens. "Bella, have you been a naughty girl, getting your sheets soaking wet with your cum for the maids to clean?" he starts rocking me back and forth. His cock is now sliding between my wet folds. "Did you touch yourself to the thought of me? Did you scream my name when you came Bella?" he groans loudly.

"Uuuhhh fuck yes…screamed your name so fucking loud. I want you to fuck me James. Fuck me good and hard right here in front of your sister and everyone," I moan huskily. I'm getting pretty fucking impatient at this point. The sounds of everyone else moaning and kissing combined with James's cock throbbing underneath me is almost too much.

"Fuck, you are naughty girl Bella, and I love fucking naughty girls," he growled as he places his cock at my entrance and shoves me down roughly onto him.

"FUCK!" We both yell in unison. His hands are gripping me so tightly I know I'm going to bruise from it, but I don't fucking care. James fucking Hunter is pounding into me in front of all my friends. Life is fucking great.

His mouth found its way to my right tit and he's sucking and licking while his hand is on my other tit pinching my nipple hard. God, he's fucking rough. I know I'm going to be bruised in the morning, but I'm so high right now I can't get myself to care. I start bouncing on top of him moaning his name over and over again. This is by far the best sex I've ever had.

"You're a dirty slut aren't you Bella? You like riding my cock hard and fast. You wanna come for me Bella, don't you? I know you do. I can feel your hot walls tightening around my cock," he says aggressively in my ear. Boy likes it rough AND dirty. He's certainly living up to his reputation. He's panting like crazy just like me, and I know he's close.

"Yes James, wanna cum around you so bad. Let me milk your cock. Pleeeaase," I beg.

He pinches my clit with his free hand. "Cum now Bella. Cum like the good slut you are," he demands. I can't hold back any longer and I scream as I ride out my orgasm. I can feel his hot cum shoot through me which just prolongs my own orgasm. I collapse on top of him tightening my hold around his neck.

"God James that was even better than my fantasies. Thank you," I say appreciatively. I kiss him on the lips for the first time, before he pushes me off of him.

"I'm sure it was. I'll see you around Bella," he says dismissively. On that note he gets up out of the hot tub, grabs his clothes and walks back inside.

I'm just sitting here trying to recuperate and take in everything that just happened. I snap out of my daze when I hear Vic's voice.

"Bella…did you just fuck my brother?" She asks with amusement and shock while sitting in Tyler's lap.

"Umm...yes…I guess I did," I say hazily.

"Huh, well I hope he used a rubber. He's notorious for liking it bareback," she warns while laughing.

Oh shit. I'm so fucking stupid.


Two missed periods later I find myself at the drugstore with Angela buying a pregnancy test. Angela is my closest friend. She's the only person I can really confide in.

"I'm so fucking scared right now Ang…I don't know if I can go through with this," I say.

"Bella, you need to calm down. It's gonna be ok. There's still a possibility that you aren't pregnant. You did take like 3 birth control pills after it happened, so maybe your hormones are just fucked up or something," She says soothingly.

"Yea you're probably right, but what if I am? What do I do? I can't have an abortion Ang…I just can't. I really don't think I could go through something like that. My parents are gonna kill me if I am though. Like seriously fucking kill me. I'm only 16 Angela! And if my parents find out that James is the father they will seriously flip their shit. Everybody hates him!" I basically scream inside the store that we drove a hell of a long way to get to. I couldn't be too careful at this point. I really didn't need a picture of me holding a pregnancy test in the tabloids.

"I know sweety, but things will work out for the best. I know it. Ben and I will always be here for you," She says while rubbing my back.

"Thanks Angela. You've always been a good friend," I tell her as I buy a dozen different tests, and race back home.

Twelve positive signs later, I sit on the toilet and ball my eyes out.

I know I have to tell my parents sooner or later, so tonight with Angela sitting next to me at the dinner table holding my hand, I tell them.

"Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you. You're going to be mad, but I've made up my mind about the whole thing, and uhh…yea…here it goes," I say as I close my eyes and take a breath. "I'm pregnant and I'm keeping the baby. James Hunter is the father, but I really don't want him involved since he's a total fucking asshole and I'm really sorry," I finish and open my eyes. My parents are just staring at me and Angela is still holding my hand under the table.

My father finally speaks after what feels like an eternity.

"Bells…I don't know what to say. I knew you and your friends weren't perfect little angels or anything, but I really thought you had more common sense than that. I trusted that you would be more careful and responsible about these things. And James Hunter? Really? That kid is just bad news, and he's five years older than you Bells. What were thinking? How did this happen? Aren't you on the pill?" he says with confusion and shock. He turns and looks at my mother. "Renee isn't she on the pill?" he asks.

"Yes Charles she is," she says in a dead tone. I'm pretty sure that's all she's going to say for the rest of the night. Her eyes are staying fixated on her plate like it holds the cure for cancer.

"Look guys I'm really sorry…I didn't plan this or anything, but I do plan on keeping it and taking care of it with or without your help, but I really hope you both support me through this. I know this isn't going to look good for the family, and I wish I had an answer for that but I don't. Maybe I could just try to hide it from the public or something," I mumble quietly.

"Bella of course we're going to support you. You are our only daughter and we love you. I was going to save this conversation for another time, but given the circumstances I think I should tell you all now. There's a job in Seattle the board wants me to oversee, but it's a big job and would require a more long term stay. I wasn't sure if I was going to take it yet, but now I think it would be a good idea if we moved there until this…umm…situation has settled itself. I really can't have this leaked to the media. I've built a solid reputation as a hardworking family man and my daughter getting knocked up at sixteen will destroy that," he says obviously uncomfortable with the conversation. I really have no idea where he got the reputation as a "hardworking family man" since he's rarely even home. I barely see him once a week, but given the situation I'm in I decide to let it go. He is being abnormally calm through all of this, but the disappointment in his baby girl is evident on his face.

"Move? Dad, is that really necessary? Everyone I know is here. Everything is here. I…uhh…do we have to do something so drastic?" I ask nervously. I'm really not in a position to argue. I sneak a glance at my mother to see her reaction to the news, but like always the only thing I see is a vacant face. She probably took some Prozac before dinner and washed it down with a vodka tonic.

"This is drastic situation Bella. I really don't want to deal with the press when this all gets leaked for the sake of everyone in this family. It won't be forever Bells. I think this is the best solution," his says with a soft but serious face. I finally look him straight in the eye, and I really wish I didn't. I'm not particularly close to my parents since they aren't around all that often, but I'm still a daddy's girl. He's looking at me like he failed. Like I am a fucking failure of a daughter. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry my fucking eyes out. Angela's grips my hand tighter as I'm sure she can sense how I'm feeling.


Its three weeks later, and we are on our way to Seattle. I'm leaving my old life behind, and part of me is sad that I'm leaving everything I ever knew behind, but the other part of me is relieved that I will have a fresh start. We board our private jet and I bid farewell to old New York.

*End Flashback*

I pull myself out of bed and get dressed in a dark blue sports bra and matching shorts. I creep down the hall to check on Emmaline who is still sleeping and I make way down to the gym.

I walk into the gym and notice Emmett is nowhere to be seen. Strange…he's never late. I check my watch and notice it's exactly 6 am. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun laying into him for being late. Maybe I'll make him run a mile for every minute he's late. My morning just go so much better. I figure I might as well get to stretching. I bend over to reach my toes when I hear the door open and small gasp. I chuckle a little bit when I realize he's probably staring at my ass which is probably hanging out since I'm wearing incredibly short shorts. I've been working out with Emmett for a couple of months now, and my ass looks phenomenal if I do say so myself. I decide to play with him a little.

"Stop staring at my ass and get to running. You're exactly three minutes late, so that will be three miles on the treadmill. Don't make me tell you again mister!" I say sternly trying to hide my laughter.

"Umm excuse me? I thought I was the trainer here?" I hear a velvety voice chuckle softly from behind me.

I gasp when I realize the voice isn't Emmett's. I rise and turn around slowly with blush evident on my face. I finally came face to face with him, and I swear my heart just stopped beating. He is by far the most gorgeous man I have ever come into contact with. He's tall, about 6'1 with the messiest bronze colored sex-hair I've ever seen. It looks like he's been running his beautiful hands through it all day long. His eyes are emerald green, and his body…God…his body. It's perfect. He's lean and muscular, but not too muscular. He isn't nearly as big as Emmett which I actually like better. He's wearing dark grey basketball shorts, and a tight white shirt. I look him up and down a few times when I notice that he has a tattoo just like Emmett on his right calf except it's a mountain lion instead of a bear. Hmmm…they probably got it together or something. I thought Emmett's tattoo was hot on him, but Edward's tattoo is almost too hot to look at. Fuck, I can feel my panties getting soaked already.

Neither of us has said anything for a good minute. We're just staring at each other. I notice he's eying me up and down a couple of times until he settles on my face. He's shifting uncomfortably. I don't know if it's because of the silence or because I'm causing a problem in his pants…that's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but a girl can dream. I notice my mouth is open when some drool starts seeping its way out. Shit Swan! Get it together before you embarrass yourself!

I finally break the silence. "Uh, I'm sorry. I thought you were Emmett. He's really anal about being on time," I mumble. Oh shit, I just said anal in front of him…mmmm…oh fuck why is that turning me on so much? He's going to cause me serious trouble.

"Um yea Emmett couldn't make it today. His girlfriend's car broke down, so he sent me to fill in for him today. I hope you don't mind, but he said it was important you didn't miss a session. My name's Edward by the way. Edward Cullen," he explains while giving the most breathtaking cooked smile. Shit, I think I just came.

"Yea he's probably afraid I'll get lazy if I miss a session with him. I hate working out," I reply.

"Emmett takes exercise very seriously. It's always been a huge part of his life. He'd been planning to open up a gym since he was a kid I think," he rambles and I think he notices because he starts laughing nervously. So fucking cute.

"Well it shows. I can tell he's probably a fun guy to be around when you're not working-out. I wish I could see that Emmett every once in a while. Drill Sergeant Emmett's no fun," I say lightly.

"Yea he's actually just a big teddy bear outside the gym. So umm, I guess we should workout now," he says.

"Nah uh. Not until you run your three miles mister. You were late. I don't forget that type of thing," I tease. I'm having too much fun messing with him.

"Yea I'm sorry I was late, but he told me last minute and I had hard time finding your house," he says sounding like a scolded child. I walk closer until I'm standing right in front of him. I lightly poke his chest.

"I don't want to hear your excuses. Three miles. Now," I order. I can tell he's breathing harder from our close proximity.

"Well Miss Swan. I beg you to forgive my tardiness. How about we both run three miles together since you have more than one treadmill. I'll race you," he says. Oh…he was teasing me back, and fuck am I getting turned on by it.

"Hmmm…well I suppose that's a fair compromise, but don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're new here," I say. I can feel the lust radiating off of us both.

"I wouldn't dream of you going easy on me. I want you to give me everything you got," he says seductively.

"I don't know if you can handle everything I got, but we should really stretch first. I don't want to get a cramp in my thighs," I say as I start leaning over to one side of my body.

"Well don't worry, I'm sure I could massage those cramps right out," he says softly. Now he was just getting cocky. I liked it.

We both start stretching, and it dawns on me. I'm getting myself in deep shit. When my family moved here, my parents told me I wasn't allowed to date. I know I'm 19 and an adult, but I'm living under their roof and they've been pretty good about this entire thing. They only have a few rules for me. No partying or going out to clubs. No taking Emmaline anywhere in the city. That one is difficult for me, because I love spending time with her, but my parents don't want me photographed with her just yet. I don't know exactly what their plan is, because I can't hide Emmaline forever but they assure me it will all work out eventually. The third rule is no dating or having sex. That rule was a big one. They say they don't trust me to date and not get physical, and that when the time is right they will find me a suitable boyfriend. I know it sounds fucking crazy, but I feel like I owe them at least this. Plus, I know I have a while before they ever follow through with that.

The last rule is to basically do whatever they ask of me without complaints. These exercise sessions being an example of that. After having Emmaline, it took me a while to lose the weight. I've lost almost all of it, but I'm not as toned as I once was, and my parents want me looking great so that when I'm photographed with them it will look like I was never pregnant. And like a good girl, I don't complain…well not to them anyway.

"All right I think we stretched enough. Let's start running," he says snapping me out of my realization. I need to make sure I tone down the sexiness.

"Yea ok sounds good," I answer.

"So, why do you hate exercising so much anyway?" he asks trying to small talk.

"I just don't enjoy it. It's annoying and I'm pretty fucking clumsy, so I usually end up hurting myself," I reply truthfully. God, why did I just admit that?

"You usually hurt yourself exercising? Well I guess I'll just have to watch you extra close today then," he says smoothly and winks at me.

He's really not making this easy on me.

"Not too closely. You need to pay attention to what you're doing or I'll be the one taking your ass to the emergency room," I tease.

"I'm sure my dad would love that. He would never let me live that down. He's the Chief of Staff at Seattle Grace," he says. There was almost a bitter tone in his voice.

"Oh your dad's Carlisle Cullen. He's a nice guy. He's fixed me up a few times. Like I said, I'm pretty clumsy. I usually visit the hospital at least once a month," I admit laughing.

"Yea he is a nice guy. He's a little pissed I didn't follow in his footsteps though. He hates that I opened up a gym. He thinks I could do more with my life, but I really enjoy what I do. It's relaxing and satisfying. I wish he would understand that," he says.

"I know how you feel. Letting down your parents is never an easy thing to do, but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do," I reply. I realize he doesn't know I'm talking about Emmaline and there is no way in hell I'm telling him, but for some reason I really want to.

"Right. So what did you do to let your parents down?" he asks. He quickly corrects himself. "Sorry…you don't have to answer that. That was rude of me," he adds.

"No it's ok. I guess it was just normal stuff. I don't really like to talk about it," I say. God…I really want to tell him. I don't know why though, he'll probably freak out and want nothing to do with me.

"Yea I understand. So if hate exercising so much, why did you hire a personal trainer to come to your house five times a week? And at six in the morning too? He asks.

Because my parents are tight-asses, and since I got impregnated at the age of 16 I don't really have room to argue.

"Oh um, well I don't really have a choice. My parents thought I needed one, and they don't think it's proper to wake up later than six anyway. They're afraid I'll start sleeping in and I'll get lazy," I say. I really wish we could get off this topic.

"Do you always do what your parents tell you?" I ask.

"Now I do," I say shortly. Please change the subject!

"What do you do for fun Bella?" he asks. Thank you!

"Umm….I don't really get out much. I like to read. Classics mostly. I don't have a lot of time for a social life," I answer.

"Really what keeps you so busy?" he asks. He seems honestly curious about me. I hate lying to him.

"Oh just family stuff. My parents keep me busy," I say. There that's not really a lie.

I'm on my third mile now and starting to feel winded. He looks completely fine.

"What do you do for fun Edward?" I ask out panting a little.

"I hang out with Emmett and his girlfriend Rosalie a lot. My sister Alice just moved back to Seattle last month, so I've been hanging out with her a lot as well. I play the piano when I have the time. I like to compose music," he says like it's no big deal…but that shit is pretty fucking impressive.

"You compose your own music? That's pretty sexy," I immediately reply. Oh fuckity fuck. I can't believe I just said that out loud.

"Sexy huh? I could play for you sometime if you'd like," he offers. Shit. Shit. Shit. This isn't good. He's basically asking to spend time with me. Which is like a date. Which is not something I'm allowed to do. I need to do or say something to deter him from this topic before he actually does ask me out on a date.


Oh thank god. Saved by the treadmill. Edward's treadmill just beeped, because he of course finished before me.

"Well it looks like I won. I think I should get a prize or something," he says coyly.

"A prize? What kind of prize?" I ask innocently.

"Hmmm…I think a kiss would be nice," he suggests confidently. He looks dead serious. Fuck. How do I get out of this? Do I really want to get out of this? Maybe I could just give him a quick kiss. That wouldn't be breaking the rule would it?

"A kiss huh? I don't know. Is that really appropriate?" I ask in a teasing voice as I step off the treadmill and walk closer to him.

"Of course. It relates to exercise. Just consider it motivation for you to do better next time," he explains. Resistance is futile, Swan!

"Fine. One kiss," I whisper.

He looks shocked at first, but quickly grew serious as he starts walking toward me with a lustful look in his eyes. He put his hands on the side of my face and rubs my cheeks soothingly with his thumbs. He bends down slowly and I close my eyes. My breathing is labored and I'm going crazy with anticipation. I'm so wet he can probably smell me at this point. His lips barely touch mine, but the electricity shooting through me is fucking intense. I can feel it all the way to my core. I wonder if he can feel it too. My hands snake their way to the back of his neck and pull him closer to me. Our lips mold together perfectly. His lips are soft and sweet. It's a perfect kiss. He takes my bottom lip in his mouth and sucks on it, and I moan embarrassingly loud. He takes that as a cue to deepen the kiss, and brings one hand to rest on my lower back and the other comes to the back of my head pushing me roughly against him.

And then I feel is tongue. It's just begging for entrance which I of course grant. He tastes like honey and I can't help but wonder if all of him tastes this good. I haven't been with anyone since James, and I just can't control myself. My hand tangles in his messy mop of hair, and we are going at it like two animals. He pushes me roughly against the wall, and his hands come down to my thighs and hike my legs up around his waist.

He is rock fucking hard. I moan loudly when I feel him thrust up into me.

"unngghh Edward," I moan.

"God Bella…you're so beautiful," he mumbles as he starts kissing down my neck sucking at the base of it. His hand is stroking up a down my side, each time getting a little closer to my left breast. I arch into him letting him know I want it to. He finally makes it to my breast and pushes his hand under my sports bra and starts to gently massage it.

"Oh fuck...feels so good. Don't stop," I groan. He's still thrusting up against me.

"What do you want Bella? Tell me what you want," he says. His voice is thick and husky.

"uuhh I want…I…oh God…" I mumble incoherently.

"Tell me Bella. I'm not a mind reader. I need to know what you want me to do to you," he whispers slowly in my ear.

"I want more Edward. Touch me everywhere. Please. Need you," I say barely able to get out the words. I know I'm in deep shit already, but I just can't stop myself. It's been too long, and he's too gorgeous.

"Fuck Bella. You're driving me crazy," he growls. His other hand that's around my waist finds it's way to my stomach and he starts rubbing circles with his thumb. He breaks his mouth away from my neck to look me in the eye silently asking for permission. I barely nod, not trusting my mouth to make words.

He rests his forehead on my shoulder when his hand slips inside my shorts and panties. His long fingers find my wet folds, and he starts rubbing back and forth collecting as much wetness as he can before rubbing circles around my swollen clit. I let out a strange noise that sounds somewhere between a whimper and a moan.

"You're fucking drenched," he says a little out of breath.

"All for you," I moan out lazily.

His fingers find their way inside me and I scream. They're so long and perfect. He knows exactly what he's doing. He adds another finger and starts thrusting three long fingers inside me. He curls them forward and I can feel my stomach tightening.

"HOLY SHIT!" I scream.

"That's right Bella. Scream for me beautiful. Let me make you feel good," he pants while sucking at the base of my neck. Shit, that's gonna leave a mark.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god," I chant over and over.

"Cum for me Bella. Cum all over my hand baby," he tells me. His voice is husky and sweet at the same time. No one has ever been like that with me. His focus is all on me, and making me feel good.

"Uuunggghh yes Edward. Fuck!" I yell loudly as I come all over his hand just like he asked. I take a few moments relishing in the aftermath of my long overdue orgasm.

"You're so beautiful Bella," he says softly and kisses me tenderly. I look him in the eyes as he brings his hand to his mouth and sucks me off his fingers. "God you taste fucking sweet too," he adds. I moan loudly when I hear him say that.

I can still feel him hard against my stomach, and I look down to see he's still sporting a nice size erection. I immediately unravel my legs from around his waist and drop to my knees.

I pull his shorts and boxers off in one swift movement and take his massive cock in my hands, and I mean massive. I've never been with anyone this long and thick. I'm not even sure if I can get my mouth around it.

"Oh fuck Bella you don't have to do that if you don't want to," he says quickly. God is this guy real? He's far too nice to be real.

"Please let me taste you Edward. I want to," I beg and look up at him sweetly as I start stroking him firmly. He has a lot of pre cum seeping out so I run my thumb over the top of his head and use it as lubrication.

"Oh god…please," he moans. I place an open mouth kiss at the tip of his cock and run my tongue up and down his slit.

"Please what?" I ask. It's my turn to tease him back as I place more open mouth kisses up and down his shaft.

"unngghh…your mouth. I want your mouth," he pleads. I quickly take as much of him in my mouth as I can, and I use my hands to stroke the rest of him.

"FUCK!" He yells out in surprise. God he tastes so good. I don't even know how to describe it. It's not good in the obvious sense. It just tastes like him. Like a man. Musky and just fucking good.

I moan loudly around his cock and start bobbing my head up and down faster.

"Fuck Bella. Your hot little mouth is so fucking nice. Just like that baby," he pants. His hand finds the top of my head and he tangles his fingers into my hair guiding my mouth in and out.

He starts panting like crazy and his hand quickens my pace on his cock. I know he's close. I bring my other hand up to cup his balls and I massage him gently. That's going to send him over the edge soon. He starts to tug on my hair to warn me, but I'm having none of that. I want to feel him cum down my throat. I look up at him and quicken my pace letting him know I want him to cum.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" he yells loudly. I feel hot bursts of liquid slide down my throat. I'm quick to swallow so I won't gag. I suck him clean making sure I get every last drop.

He quickly picks me by my arms and hugs me tightly and then plants sweet kisses all over my face. I'm really not used to this whole nice guy thing. I'm used to drunken one night stands and mindless fucks. This is entirely new to me, and I really fucking like it.

"Thank you Bella. That was amazing," he says sweetly and strokes my hair with one hand while the other is tight around my waist.

We're stand there for a few minutes simply staring into each others eyes when reality hits me.

I'm so totally fucked.


Wow, so that's the first chapter of my very first story! I hope it's alright. It's hard to be objective when it's your own story. I've already posted a lot of pictures on photobucket for this story. There is a link on my profile. And when I say a lot pictures, I mean a lot, lol. I'm a very visual person, so I'll have pictures for almost everything and everyone. There will probably even be pictures of stuff that's not mentioned in this story, like certain rooms of their houses or whatever. There will also be separate links on my profile for their clothes.

Oh and here is a list of everyone's ages incase you were wondering.

Bella- 19

Edward – 23

Emmaline- 2 ½

Rosalie – 23

Emmett – 24

Alice – 21

Jasper - 24