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July 2009… Someplace In Florida… I Don't Care Where…

Adam smiled as he took a seat on the sofa in his living room.

Popcorn? Check. Chips. Check. Beverages? Check. A Decade of Decadence? Triple check. Adam thought before grinning deviously.

Only Adam Copeland would spend his Friday evening watching a DVD about his career. Then again, he was out with an injury, so… He had a right to.

Oh to be a professional wrestler like Edge.

Pressing the 'play' button on the DVD player remote, he linked his hands behind his head before leaning back and smiling.


"NOW WHAT?!" Adam snapped, standing and limping over to the door before throwing it open.

An annoyed UPS deliveryman stood there. "Are you Adam Copeland?" He growled.

"Yes." Adam said suspiciously.

"Here." The deliveryman handed him a heavy box. "That's for you." He said before turning and leaving.

Adam snorted. "Well he was rude." He muttered before slamming the door and dropping the box.

He went back into the living room, rewinding the DVD before watching it from the beginning.

"Man I'm handsome," he said with a smug smile, shaking his head slowly. "Look at my hair- It's gorgeous!"

After a while he got bored of watching himself in matches so he retrieved the box and took a seat on the sofa, opening the box.

"Huh?" The box was full of envelopes, all addressed to him and all from different places.

Sighing, he shook his head. "Fan mail. Great." Grabbing the first envelope, he opened it only to have a picture fall out.

Picking up the picture, he found it to be a picture of a pretty brunette in front of a gorgeous house.

"Crazed female fan mail. Great." He muttered, throwing the picture to the side before reading the letter.

'Dear Edge,' it read, 'you're the kooooooooolest. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv you…' He stopped reading after that point, bored already.

Tossing the letter aside, he opened the next envelope only to have another picture leap out at him.

Muttering angrily, he picked up the picture and found it to be of another gorgeous house, but no brunette in this picture.

"Whatever." He muttered, throwing the picture on the floor before reading over the letter, barely.

One thing jumped out at him:

"Blah blah blah blah blah 'or is this house better?' blah blah blah blah blah. Wait- What?" Adam stopped and read letter over again before grabbing the first one. Same handwriting. "Blah blah blah blah blah 'I like this house. It's in a nice neighborhood, very quiet with nice neighbors, it even has a swimming pool'… 'I also found a nice church for us to get married at-' WHAT?!"

With rising anger and fear, Adam read over the other letters, finding a lot of the same things, some with pictures of houses, others with pictures of cars and dogs and things. One thing stood out though: The woman behind the letters thought they were getting married.

"Lalalalala- 'I've been at several WWE events in the last six months. You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy! My parents agree and they can't wait to meet you!' Smiley face." Adam shuddered. "Weirdo." He muttered before moving on to the next one.

"Yada yada yada- Wait, wasn't a former Diva named 'Lena Yada'?" He wondered for a moment before shrugging with a quiet, "Hmm," and continuing on with his reading.

By this point Adam was surrounded by letters, envelopes, and pictures, when suddenly the phone rang.

"AH!" He shouted, lunging to his feet and looking accusingly at the phone.

It was quiet before ringing again as he answered it quickly. "What?!" He snapped.

"…Dude, chill." Jay Reso said as Adam relaxed. "I was just calling to ask why the mailman left a letter for you here."

Adam froze. "Where's it from?" He asked, trying not to panic.

"…Milwaukee… Why? Oh man- It's happening to you?" Jay asked.

"You mean they've sent you letters?! Dude- We have to call the police!" Adam shouted.

"…No, you just have to get off their mailing list." Jay said, sounding confused.

"What?!" Adam was shocked. He was on a mailing list for stalkers?! Who signed him up?! "Who are these people?!"

"…A beauty pageant company." Jay said slowly. "Look, one of your ex-girlfriend's probably subscribed to a certain magazine or went to a local yoga studio or something and that's how you got on their mailing list…"

"So- Wait- Stalker-ish letters are normal with these people?" Adam asked, calming down.

"Yeah. We get them all the time here. Look- I'll just throw the letter out, okay?" Jay asked.

Adam sighed. "Okay. Thanks man. I got one question though: Why do they send pictures of houses and dogs with the letters?"

"What? They don't." Jay said, confused.

Adam dropped the phone. "Oh great- I have a stalker." He said, shocked. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Adam ran from the room, screaming, as he ran to get a bag or two before leaving.

"…Hello? Why are you screaming? Oh no- They sent you the complimentary issue of a beauty magazine, didn't they? Look- You're not old. Just ignore the headlines on the magazine. Adam? Hello?" Jay asked the silent living room.

Adam ran back into the room, grabbing the pictures, letters, and envelopes, and shoved them back in the box, taping it shut, before grabbing his bags and keys and running from the room into the garage attached to the house.

"…If I didn't know better I'd say that you're deliberately doing this." Jay said suspiciously as Adam ran back into the house to grab his leather jacket before running into the garage again and getting into his car, the garage door opening.

Starting the car, he pulled away from the garage and house quickly, Jay looking out one of the windows at his house in time to see Adam drive away.

"…Honey, I'm going next door for a minute." Jay called, hanging the phone up before going outside.

Christopher Irvine, who lived across the street from the other two, left his house as Jay crossed his yard, Chris just putting a trash bag in one of the trashcans at the edge of his driveway.

"Hey man, why'd Adam leave his garage door open?" Chris called across the street.

"That's what I'm trying to find out." Jay shouted back.

Chris frowned before crossing the street to Adam's house.

Jay stuck his head in the garage. "Adam? Hello? Are you here?"

"I don't think so." Chris said, trying the front door. It was unlocked, so he went inside while Jay closed the garage door before going into the house as well.

"Adam?" Chris called, no sign of their friend. "Huh. That's weird."

"I know." Jay said, going into the living room. "He left the TV on!" Jay called as Chris went into the kitchen. "And the phone's on the floor!"

"Weird!" Chris called back, checking the rest of the first floor before returning to the living room. "I wonder what made him leave."

Jay picked up a sealed envelope, postmarked that day, and waved it at Chris. "Maybe this did."

Chris took the letter and opened it, a picture falling out as he read it over.

Jay grabbed the picture. It showed a pretty house overlooking the ocean.

"Yeah, I would leave too." Chris said after reading the letter.

"Why? What did it say?" Jay asked.

"The woman, if it is a woman writing this, is going into detail about how she wants their wedding." Chris said flatly.

"Oh." Jay said, a little shocked.

"But wait- There's more." Chris said before clearing his throat and reading out loud. "…'In my other letters there were pictures of other houses I've suggested. Did you like any of them?'… Creepy." Chris said with wrinkled nose.

Jay was flipping through a handful of letters that had been under the coffee table before his eyes widened. "Chris…"

Chris was checking his hair in a mirror nearby. "What?" He asked absentmindedly.

Jay hit Chris's shoulder, making Chris jump before scowling at him. "Read this."

Chris sighed, rolling his eyes with an obvious 'Do I have to?' look before snatching the letter away and reading it over.

" 'Dear Edge', blah blah blah, 'love you', yada yada yada, 'I know about your secret club-thingy'-" Chris froze, looking at Jay before looking at the letter and then looking at Jay again. "They- They know?! How?! This is preposterous!" He bellowed, throwing the letter in the air before storming into the kitchen, Jay snatching the letter out of the air before following after him.

"Look Chris- I know we were working hard to keep the organization a secret-" Jay started.

" 'Working hard'?!" Chris roared. "We've kept the organization a secret all of our professional wrestler careers! For the love of God! It's ruined our lives to a certain extent! I should-"

"CHRIS!" Jay bellowed, cutting Chris's rave off. "We have to contact the others, then find Adam. Nothing. Else. Matters right now!" Jay snarled.

Chris blinked before scoffing. "Whatever. I'll call Patrick, Natalie, and Eric." Chris mumbled angrily, leaving the house pretty quickly.

Jay exhaled, running a hand through his hair, before turning and kicking the kitchen island. "Adam- What have you gotten yourself into?" He wondered with a mutter under his breath.

Still In Florida…

The being watched first Chris leave the house, his blue eyes blazing, before Jay left the house. He looked… Dejected, lost, sad…

Saddened by Adam's disappearance? They wondered. How strange. It almost seemed like they didn't care about each other, and then… This. Odd.

They shook their head, dispelling any thoughts on the others. All that mattered to them was finding Adam. They had to. He was their life…

With a sad sigh, they climbed to their feet from the shrubs they were hiding in-

Actually… The shrubs were on Chris's property…

"Hey!" Chris yelled upon spotting them. "What do you think you're doing?!" He changed directions. Originally it looked like he was heading for the front door, but now he was heading straight for them.

Jay stopped in the doorway to his house and whipped around to see them standing there, Chris advancing on them.

With a sad cry of, "No! Don't look at me!", they turned and ran through the yard, quickly fleeing from Chris.

Yes, We Are Still In Florida…

Chris and Jay exchanged suspicious looks before Chris broke into a run, chasing after the escaping woman.

Jay, after weighing the options, chased after the woman as well. He didn't want to leave Chris alone to fight off possible fan girls.

Chris chased the figure through several yards, leaping fences and running through sprinklers, before they were running down the street.

"Hey! Stop!" Chris yelled after the woman, the woman shooting a terrified glance at him over her shoulder before looking ahead again, still outrunning the professional wrestler.

"Wait!" Jay yelled, Chris ignoring him. He was getting closer.

A squealing noise sounded and a black car shot out of a driveway, zooming up the road before slamming on the brakes near the woman. The back door closest to her was opened from the inside and she dove into the car before the door slammed shut and sped away.

Chris slowed to a jog before stopping all together. Jay reached him and stopped, the two watching, confused, after the speeding car until it was gone.

The two exchanged looks before turning and starting for home again. Well, looks like they had another surprise… Again… Why them?

They had no idea what was coming in the future.

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