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One phone call. That's all it took, one phone call and now I am stuck here, lost, in Canada. Oh, could my day just get any worse? Yvonne thought begrudgingly as she drove her black rental SUV down the lonely road. Couldn't it have been Christian? Imogene likes Edge, not me! Yvonne thought as the weatherman on the radio said that it was going to rain for the next week, if not longer. And I hate rain. Well, at least it's not raining… Not yet.

Somehow she hadn't heard the rest of the weather forecast yet...

Two hours later…

"Why me?" Yvonne cried, driving down a dirt road in the middle of the woods. "I haven't done anything wrong, so why is this happening to me?"

It had started to rain, the GPS system had told her to go down the dirt road, her cell phone was not getting a signal, and she had a headache. Her day was not going well, so far.

"Maybe it will start snowing. THAT would be the only thing that could make my day…" She stopped talking as she drove out of the woods, a cabin not too far away from her. "…Better." She stopped the car, turning off the engine as she sat in shocked silence. Then, she smiled. "Well, I think my day is getting better without the help of the snow."

Grabbing her umbrella, which was a deep red-and-white striped one with a pointy silver end and curved handle, she climbed out of the rental SUV and quietly shut the door. Inhaling, she started towards the cabin.

This is like something out of a romance novel. Yvonne thought as she studied the log cabin. It was rustic, but was positioned at the top of a hill and overlooked a valley with a river running right down the center, tall hills flanking it on either side. Aside from her SUV, there was an old blue pickup truck, from her estimation a model from around 1970.

Now all I need is a tall hunk waiting inside that cabin and I'm all set. She thought with a grin as she stopped at the front door and raised her gloved hand. "Here goes nothing…" She sighed.

Adam sat in the cabin's cozy living room, the news on. He was keeping track of this upcoming storm, which had been scheduled to hit within the next two days.

He hoped that the Hell's Security agent got there soon.

"Where is that person?" Adam muttered to himself, running a hand through his gorgeous hair. "Maybe they just got lost. I knew I should have stayed in nearest town instead of hiding here."

Thinking back to his conversations with that… Demon… At Hell's Security, he hoped that they had the common sense not to send her to protect him.

After waiting several more minutes, he stood and began pacing. "Maybe I should call their headquarters again and ask if they really sent someone out to help me." He muttered. Shaking his head, he sighed. "I'll go do some yard work," he muttered as he turned off the TV and went for the door.

Someone knocked as he reached the door. He froze, inhaled deeply, scowled, and then opened it.

He stared, shocked, at the tall and very beautiful blonde woman on the front porch.

She smiled at him, her white teeth very bright, as he blinked at her. "Hi, you must be Adam. I'm Yvonne Grisohkald. We spoke on the phone earlier." She said as she held her hand out.

Adam shook her hand before getting out of her way, the woman walking by him as he looked outside. Suddenly he remembered that it was 1: Cold outside and 2: Raining. He closed the door quickly after that.

"You're the one that insulted me earlier?" He asked. Oh God, not her. He mentally groaned.

Yvonne turned, her smile gone. "I was trying to be nice." She muttered.

Adam winced. I knew she was too beautiful! He thought as he went into the living room. "Guess they didn't have the common sense." He muttered.

"Well, I know who you are." Yvonne said, making Adam stop, turn around, and smile at her. "You're the wrestler my cousin finds hot."

His smile faltered a little. "Oh? And do you find me handsome?"

Yvonne flipped her long hair. "Nope." His smile dropped. "I personally like Christian better."

"Oh… You like Jay better… Joy…" He said, turning and going back to the couch. He sat down. Oh man, I think I was better off alone. He mentally groaned as Yvonne went into the kitchen. He watched her walk away and had another thought. Hey, at least she's cute...

Suddenly an evil grin washed over Adam's face. He had an idea...

Yvonne rolled her frosty blue eyes as she turned and went into the kitchen. Great, he's insulted. I had to get the sensitive one.

Overruling her stubborn brain, she assessed the level of security in the kitchen (on a scale of 1 to 10, 3), checked the fridge and cupboards over quickly (she wasn't sure what was edible and what was not), and found the French doors.

"Oh my gosh..." She breathed as she stepped onto the back deck. While it had to be supported by tall beams, since it was on the side of the hill, it still gave the person standing there a breath-taking view of the valley below.

"Gorgeous, isn't it?" Adam asked from the doorway as she made herself not turn around. If she did, that could lead to trouble.

"Yeah," Yvonne said as she looked at the valley, swinging her umbrella lightly. "I think the last time I saw a view like this I was at Victoria Falls in Africa." She said, studying the valley before turning around. "And dangerous, if there are snipers around, but your stalker sounds too stupid to try something like that." She told him reassuringly.

Adam nodded. He crossed his arms and took several steps out onto the deck. Yvonne backed up, until she found herself bumping into the railing, and that's when he stopped about an arm's length away from her. Her arm's length, that is.

"Tell me something, have I done anything to frighten you yet?" Adam asked her, a playful smirk on her face.

Yvonne, never one to be easily scared, smirked back. "I doubt you could scare me even if you tried."

Adam reached out and played with a strand of her light-colored hair. "Oh, really?"

Yvonne nodded, so very much tempted to hit him with her umbrella right then. "Really." She said in a low voice. Is that me talking? I hope I'm not leading him on. Challenge or not, he should have the brains to...

Her thought was cut off as Adam reached forward, slid his hand to the back of her neck, pulled her close, and kissed her.

Nine-and-a-half years ago Yvonne, her cousins Imogene and Imogene's brother Moreau, moved to the U.S. Yvonne had heard from her friend Luzi Remangotti, an Italian woman who had lived in Sweden for two years, that a café was opening in the small town of Hell. They were hiring, and Luzi already had a job there. Yvonne, Imogene, and Moreau were more than welcome. The café was owned by Piper Charles and run by Maxine Wrishleton, Kelsey Shepherd, Dominic Saes, and Kirsten McKlore.

There were, of course, quite a few miss-communications for a short time; Yvonne spoke Swedish, Dutch, French, and a little English, her cousins French, Swedish and a little English, and then there was the mix of Italian, German, Russian, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, and Spanish that some of the other employees spoke before everyone's English skills were on the same level.

Wrestling had helped bridged the gap between the trio and the rest of the employees at the café.

Yvonne, while a rather proper woman, enjoyed wrestling very much…

…Partially because she knew one of her family members worked behind the scenes there…

…Mostly because she thought Christian was handsome.

She became H.S.'s Senior Surveillance agent very quickly- And I don't mean senior citizens- Making her one of the leaders of H.S. and a trainer fairly quickly. That's how she ended up with her current partner, Oliver Ozanehtl. Her coworker, H.S.'s leading Security Officer Kelsey Shepherd, had served in the Marines with Oliver before they both finished their tours in Iraq. Kelsey joined the company first, followed by Oliver. Oliver currently was both training to be a surveillance agent and one of their law specialists.

Still In Canada

Common sense took over for Yvonne pretty quickly, since she didn't want any personal feelings interfering with the job, and she smashed the pointy tip of her umbrella into Adam's foot.

"OW!" He yelled, backing away quickly as Yvonne took a deep breath, wiping her lips on the cuff of her coat.

"Mr. Copeland," she said in a commanding voice as they glared at each other, "if you kiss me one more time without my explicit permission I shall be forced to lock you in your room and wait out your stalkers instead of outthinking them." Yvonne snapped at him, her heart racing like mad.

Adam, having recovered quickly, smirked at her. "You never said 'don't kiss me again'."

Yvonne gasped, trying to find the right words, while tapping her umbrella against the boards of the deck. "Do not make me say that, Mr. Copeland. 'Don't' usually results in a situation." She said sharply. "Now where will I be staying?"

He stepped to the side and beckoned for her to go through the door. "Right this way."

"You go first." Yvonne said flatly.

Adam shrugged, dropping his arms. "Suit yourself." He said, leading the way back through the cabin.

Eventually they reached her room... Which was downstairs thankfully, away from his room on the second floor, and he left her alone after an offer of helping her get her bags.

"No thanks. I don't want to have to kiss you again." She told him bluntly as she marched outside to her SUV.

Oh, the stupid things love makes us say.

It didn't take long for Yvonne to unpack. Finished unpacking, she left her room, grabbed her raincoat and umbrella, and started for the door.

"What? You're going outside? In this?" Adam asked as she pulled her raincoat on. He had appeared from his place on the couch, where he never seemed to be away from for very long.

He can stay with it. She thought, still mad at him. She had to admit though, she hadn't hated the kiss.

Yvonne raised an eyebrow. "Why? Is something wrong with me wanting to go for a walk in the rain? It's refreshing; besides, I've been driving for hours. I could use a walk." And I need to call Piper.

Adam ran a hand through his hair before grabbing his coat off a peg near the door.

"What- What are you doing?" Yvonne asked him, her eyes wide.

Adam gave her a "now, really?" look. "Going with you; it's not safe for a woman to walk out there alone." He said, pulling his coat on.

Yvonne groaned as she covered her face with one hand. "Mr. Copeland, I am trying to get a lay of the land so that I know what I am dealing with here."

Adam nodded, pulling a hat on. "I figured as much. Look, I can show you the land. I know it better." He said as he opened the door for her and smiled. "Ladies first."

She sighed but left the cabin anyway, muttering, "After you," when he couldn't hear her.

Yvonne opened her umbrella open, shielding herself from the rain… Somewhat. It was windy, so the rain was coming down sideways. Adam quickly joined her, taking the umbrella from her hand and holding it up higher so that it shielded them both.

Yvonne inhaled deeply, ignoring him. The outdoors smelled wonderful, a combination of dirt and moss.

"Lead the way, Mr. Copeland." Yvonne said, settling into her surveillance mindset. "I want to see every inch of the property."

Adam nodded and grinned, leading her away.

Forty minutes later, while Adam had stopped to check on a bird's nest he thought might have fallen from its tree, Yvonne snuck in a call to Piper while standing under the shelter of a tree.

"Yvonne," Piper said, surprised, "did you find him? Or are you lost?"

"I found him. He's…" Handsome, charming, a dream? "…Nice."

"Mm-hmm." Piper hummed, not believing her.

"No, really." Yvonne said. "Anyway, we're on a hike right now- He's showing me the lay of the land."

"Really?" Piper asked.

"Yeah. I figured I might as well know the lay of the land sooner rather than later when I am running around in the dark… In a ball gown… With a monkey chasing after me…" Yvonne said, shuddering at the thought of a former incident.

"Well, we can't all be perfect… Like Summer… Get off the desk, Martin!" Piper barked as someone spoke in the background. "Just- Get off the phone with her then!" There was a pause as the person spoke again. "Well I don't care if she's threatening to expose the organization." More talking. "She what? Great. Bye Yvonne." Piper said, then hung up.

Yvonne shook her head as she put her phone back in her pocket. Turning around, she found Adam climbing down from a low perch in a tree. Shortly later, he ran over to her, getting soaked by the rain in the process. "I don't think there's much more I can show you in this weather, Yvonne." He said, shaking his hat off.

The two blondes exchanged looks for a second before Adam rested one hand on the tree trunk behind her. Yvonne smiled nervously and clutched her umbrella tightly in one hand, considering whacking him with it again just to get out of the situation.

"You kiss me, and Mr. Umbrella here shall be saying hi to your foot again." Yvonne said with a smile.

Adam chuckled. "You wouldn't."

"And why not?" Yvonne asked him quietly, teasingly.

Adam leaned forward and Yvonne stiffened, worried that he would kiss her again. Then, he changed his angle and ended up inches away from her ear. "Because in a few moments, we'll both be running to get out of the rain, and you wouldn't want to have to wait for me." He whispered.

I'm supposed to be protecting you... And find out if you have a girlfriend... But I'm too busy thinking about kissing you. Imogene would be proud. She thought with a devious grin.

"…Why are you smiling?" Adam asked her suspiciously.

"...Race you." She whispered, taking off in a flash of white-blonde hair and black raincoat.

Adam laughed. Seconds later, he took off after her.

The two reached the cabin minutes later, laughing and cold because of the rain, but happy as Adam unlocked the door and let them in.

Just out of curiosity, Yvonne asked a question regarding the groceries as she hung her coat and umbrella up to dry, tossing her boots near them. "What exactly do you have grocery-wise here? I'm asking because H.S. 101 states that groceries should be stockpiled to limit risk of exposure to the stalkers or threats."

"Uh, actually I'm kinda low on groceries." Adam said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "I was thinking about going shopping tonight."

Yvonne pretty much sweat-dropped before smiling at him, attempting to stay calm. "Okay then. I'll just run into town and-"

Adam shook his head. "Four hour drive."

Yvonne frowned. "Four hour- Okay then. It's another long drive, but we'll go." Yvonne said, going to her room.

Behind her, Adam pumped his fist in the air. Four hours, in a car, with her. She couldn't avoid his questions.

Good thing they were getting out of the cabin too...

Twenty minutes later found them at the door, Yvonne checking her make up, hair, and nails while Adam watched her. "What?" She asked.

He shook his head. "Just… Wow, you're beautiful." He said.

Yvonne smirked. "Why thank you," she said. "You still have to go to town, though."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Adam said. Yvonne laughed lightly as she breezed out the door, Adam locking it behind her and following. Thank you, God, for sending me her. I think I'm in love now. He prayed as they climbed into her SUV and drove away from the house.

"Remember," Yvonne said, "you are not to tell anyone that you are a wrestler."

Adam grinned, placing his hand over his heart. "Scouts honor."

A half-hour later-

"Do we need a cover story?" Adam asked her out-of-the-blue. He was hoping for something good, like them being a married couple. Or at least something interesting.

"No, not unless you feel it is a wise idea." Yvonne said, focusing on the road. This was standard procedure for many people H.S. protected.

Adam ran a hand through his hair, shrugging. "Well, I just think that it would be a good idea."

"All right. Any ideas?" Yvonne asked him, turning the windshield wipers on as the rain returned.

"Well... Maybe we're married bounty hunters on the lookout for a runaway." Adam said, judging her reaction out of the corner of his eye. She was scowling... But over which part? Was she married? Great... Wait, she's got no ring on. Okay, we're good. Boyfriend... Oh boy...

Yvonne frowned. And why don't we also wear ninja costumes while we're at it? She thought. "How about something more simple," is what she said instead. "Like a pair of friends on vacation."

"I don't know." Adam said. "Doesn't it seem kinda odd that two single, attractive people are "friends"?" He asked her.

"Good point." She agreed. "So... Newlyweds?"

"Perfect!" Adam exclaimed.

She blinked. "What?"

"Uh, what I mean to say was, that's a great idea. Nobody would think twice about us being married." Adam said as Yvonne exhaled in relief. So it was the bounty hunter part that got to her. Oh, good.

"Oh, good, 'cause I was totally thinking that." Yvonne said, pretending to be nonchalant.

Adam smiled. "Cool." He said, turning the radio on and turning up the volume.

Yvonne sighed. Why me, God? Why me? I can't do this! I don't do undercover work! Oh, why...

Back At The Cabin…

The phone started ringing, and not too long later, the machine kicked in.

"Hey, you've reached me, Mr. Awesome. Leave a message." Adam's sarcastic, and tired, voice rang clear throughout the cabin before the BEEP.

"Adam? Hi, it's- It's me. I was wondering if- If you missed me? I- I'm in Canada. I know that you were planning on vacationing there soon, so… Here I am. Please, pick up the phone, Adam. I really miss you." The voice was sickly-sweet as the woman spoke. Silence. She laughed and hung up.

"It's empty!" She called to the two men with her outside of the cabin.

Suddenly, the loud roaring of a machine filled the air. Just as suddenly, it cut out.

"No, you idiot!" One man yelled to a second man. "We're supposed to be digging closer to the house- Not further away!"

"Oh, sorry." The second man said as the first man groaned.

"This is going to take forever." He growled.

"Deal with it." The second man growled back.

"Just shut up and get to work you two! Who knows how long they will be gone, and we need that time to get closer to the house, or in it." The woman ordered sharply.

Looks like more trouble was afoot, and this time the stalkers seemed to be something else…

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