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Chapter 1 In Which House Finds Himself in Trouble, Yet Again

Once again, House found himself in front of the PPTH Disciplinary Committee. Due to his rather abrasive bedside manner, it was not his first encounter with this group of people and most probably not the last.

On this occasion, as well as many others, the membership looked at House with a mixture of frustration and admiration. Frustration, because they were tired of these almost monthly meetings and admiration, because House had the guts to say to his patients what they usually deserved to hear instead of what was considered appropriate.

This case was really quite typical, as far as it went. The patient loved House for curing, and entertaining him, as well; and the family of the patient was livid at the treatment they had received.

Specifically, a precocious 8 year old had been admitted with symptoms that his pediatrician had been unable to diagnose. The case, in House's opinion, was obvious, and thus boring, but the referring doctor had kept House's a$$ out of a sling more than once, and frankly, he owed the man.

What House hadn't counted on were parents who could be more insulted than grateful. Yet, this is what had happened. House's comment to the board had been that had the patient not shown the intelligence and creativity that he had, he would have let the kid die. The parents had certainly demonstrated that they had both dived head first into the shallow end of the gene pool and been severely brain damaged, yet the kid had shown potential despite them.

The boy had been highly amused by House's treatment of the parents, since even he knew an idiot when he saw one (according to House's testimony). The straw that broke the camels back, though, had been when the child had declared that he wanted to be just like House when he grew up instead of like the two idiots that were raising him. They, after all, had the combined IQ of an imbecile.