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Danny entered the school's theater in order to find his sister. The orchestra played there more often than not, as the orchestra room was the size of a regular classroom, even though there were about fifty kids in said orchestra. He walked down the empty asiles (sp?) and took a seat in a chair, waiting for the song to finish. Danny smiled slightly as he listened. They were actually pretty good. Espically this one girl on a cello in the front. Danny squinted so he could see the girl better. Danny chuckled inwardly as he saw it was Ryan. She stopped playing as it time for the violins to play on their own. After about twenty beats of four/four time, Ryan continued playing. All of the other students on the stage stared at her as she played her solo. She put her soul into that solo. And she was good. Really good. She played three short notes, then a long one as the violins, violas, and bass joined in. Eventually they finished their song and Ryan put down her bow (it's the fancy thing that you play with for those of you that don't know) and turned the page in her music book.

"Hey, Ryan!" Danny called.

Ryan squinted at the nonexistant audience, the lights on the stage making it difficult for her to see. "Oh, right, dentist," Ryan said in realization.

Her teacher signaled her to go, and Ryan packed up her instrument.

As they were walking on the sidewalk towards the dentist, Danny finally spoke. "You know, you're really good."

"Oh, the cello, that's nothing," Ryan said. "It's just for fun."

Both of their ghost senses went off simultaneously. Skulker appeared, a cocky look on his face.

They high-fived and transformed. "You know, we're probably gonna miss our dentist apponitment," Ryan pointed out, causing Danny to laugh.

A/N: For some reason, I had the dentist on my mind. So? Sequel? Should I? Thanks to all my wonderful readers and reviewers! Oh, I discovered that This Story Rox Sox is actually my friend in real life. She texted me, telling me to check out this story, and I'm like, "That is my story." Oh, and Allison, seriously, please don't hurt Jacob. Also, I find it sad that I can spell simultaneously, but up until last year, I spelled "catastrophic," K-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-F-F-I-C-G. Sad, huh?