Ive had this story in my head for awhile so I thought why not? So here it is. Tell me what you think ^_^ and if there are any grammar mistakes please let me know so I can correct them ASAP Thank you

A figure made its way inside a small apartment complex. Spotting the number 201 it opened the door with a master key that had been swiped from the main office ten minutes before. Once inside it observed the things that took up the small apartment thinking maybe something was worth stealing but nothing. It was a pretty simple place, light green carpet, a coffee table in the center of the living room, few empty bowls with slight left over ramen in the sink, and a light coming from the bedroom. Apparently the man had fallen asleep with the light on so the figure turned off the lights enveloping the apartment in total darkness. Lucky for it, its eyes had already adjusted to the dark so there was no need to wait to do what it had gone there for. Stepping toward the sleeping man on the floor the figure pulled out a kunai from the pouch tied to its right leg.

The man stirred in his sleep before slowly opening his eyes. Still half asleep he examined the silhouette of the person standing next to him as he was lying on the floor, blanket at his feet. "Who"

He was cut off by a soft feminine voice, "I'm sorry" and she was. She had never meant for him to die like this but she figured that she wouldn't be a coward and stay in a dark room waiting for the news of his death by one of the other members of their elite group. If he was to be killed it made sense that she would be the one who would kill him. This way she would have no one to hate but herself. No one to blame, to yell at, to want to kill more than anyone, she would make sure of that.

The man sat up surprising her, "Hinata?"

The once frail girl now stood strong and proud against the shadows that engulfed them holding a kunai in her right hand. Grateful for the darkness that concealed her facial expressions she let her mask fall to the ground revealing that his guess was correct. He could tell it was her by her soft voice, the very same voice that had haunted his dreams for the past few years. He had believed her dead for years. That was what her family had announced after the chunnin exams. They had even held a funeral which half of Konoha had attended to honor their fallen friend. They had even seen her be buried yet here she was standing stronger than ever. Forgetting the odd situation of being dressed in only his pajama bottoms and her holding a kunai he jumped up to hold Hinata in his arms. Tears soaked through her tight black shirt to dampen her skin.

"Hinata your alive! I missed you! I thought you were dead! We all thought" he stopped grabbing her shoulders with his hands creating some space between them. Staring at her face was all he seemed capable of doing at the moment. They stood in silence for a few minutes before he continued, "Why did you trick us into thinking you were dead?"

Hinata only stared at his face. He was starting to get impatient with the silent treatment, "Hinata please. Answer me!"

She raised her right hand making sure to let him see the weapon in her hand, "I'm sorry" she repeated before bringing down her arm driving the kunai into his throat slicing through it smoothly. His body fell with a hard thud against the green carpeted floor. Stealing a glance at his eyes she saw a mixture of shock, fear and tears? Apparently he had been crying but she hadn't noticed because of the darkness. This fact only made her regret what she had done more.

Picking up her mask from the floor she thought about what he had said about him missing her. It had been long since she harbored the same feelings towards the blonde man but it appeared that he had felt the same about her. She left the apartment leaving the master key back in its usual place on the desk in the manager's bedroom. Now that her mission was complete she headed back towards her group's hideout. The journey would take two days but she didn't mind. Figuring that the two days would be enough time to secretly mourn over her blonde friend so that nothing would be suspected at the hideout she slowed her pace. Weakness was something that could take someone to an early grave there.

Hinata set up camp after a few hours of traveling through the forest. The fire made crackling sounds while she threw more firewood in it to keep it lit. She sighed, making sure that she was on schedule she ate her dinner in silence. According to her schedule his body would be found within the next hour.

In Konoha a piercing scream could be heard echoing in the apartment complex. A pink haired girl stood in shook at her revelation. Her once dear friend and admirer was lying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood with his throat sliced open. His eyes were still open staring at the bare walls in the room. A white haired man walked in slowly reading a book in his right hand. "What is it now Sakura?"

"N-Naruto!" she ran by the blonde's side but the white haired man stopped her from touching the deceased man.

"Sakura, go tell Tsunade of this"

"But Naruto!" she looked down at her friend.

"He is already dead so there is no point in trying to save him. We need to tell the Hokage."

Sakura though in a panicked state understood and ran out to tell the Hokage immediately leaving the sensei Kakashi there. Kakashi glanced around the room looking for any clues. He even checked the windows and doors for forced entry but nothing. This alone indicated that it must have been a fellow ninja that committed the crime. 'Who would want to kill Naruto?' images of the Akatsuki members filled his head. 'Of course' the Akatsuki had been after Naruto for quite sometime already but the ninja of Konoha had figured they had given up since all the attempted murders had ceased entirely for months.

"Any idea of who would have done this?" Tsunade their blonde Hokage walked into the room. Kakashi sensed a tinge of sadness in her usual commanding voice. He knew that the Hokage and Naruto had been close since the blonde's mission with Jiraya which led to her being named Hokage. She had come to see Naruto as a son that she had never had. Yet her duties as Hokage wouldn't let her personal connections to the dead man blind her.

Kakashi stood rooted to the spot by Naruto, "I have a theory but otherwise no but whoever it was, isn't as cunning as we thought" he pointed to a bloody kunai on the floor.

"Or maybe" Tsunade lifted the kunai between her thumb and index finger, "They want us to know who they are" she showed him a tag on the kunai. It was a dark blue tag with the initials HH and a line through them.

Kakashi's eyes widened, "It can't be. She's"

He was cut off by the Hokage, "dead I know. Or at least that's what the Hyuga clan made us believe for years"

"You don't think they would have faked her death do you?"

"Well they did want to get rid of her for the next girl in line"


Tsunade nodded. "We are going to have to find out if it was really her"

"How are we going to do that?"

"I don't know. We can't let anyone know about this until we have things more figured out. We don't want the Hyuga clan exorcizing its power to try and stop us"

Kakashi nodded, "But what are you going to do if it is her?"

Tsunade didn't answer him. 'If it is her then why did she kill her old crush? What could be a strong enough motive for her to kill an innocent?"

At that moment Sakura ran in, "You guys won't believe this!" a huge grin on her face. She smiled and ran out of the room.

"What could she be so cheerful about?" Tsunade asked in an obviously irate voice. Both the Hokage and Sensei walked outside the apartment to see what could wipe the sadness off of Sakura's face. There standing in the heat was the third member of their team.

"Sasuke!" Sakura happily hugged their old friend who made neither movement nor indication that he was just as happy to see them again. He was dressed in a loose black shirt, gray jeans and white sneakers. It almost looked as if he was a normal man but in reality he was a killer. A killer who had betrayed Konoha to join Orochimaru and for some odd reason was back. It was too weird that he the morning of Naruto's discovered death Sasuke would be appearing on his doorstep.

"You are aware that we have to take you in custody right?" Tsunade closed her eyes.

"I am" he replied.

Anbu officers surrounded him making sure he wouldn't get away. They took him to the Hokage's office so Tsunade could have a private talk with him about his punishment. After everything was cleaned up Naruto's body was taken by the Anbu team for investigation purposes. The Hokage was in a horrid mood by the time she finally arrived to her office to speak to Sasuke. Taking a seat behind her desk she poured herself a cup of sake. Her eyes made their way over to the dark haired man being held by two Anbu members. "Sasuke Uchiha" saying his name sounded strange to her ears after not saying it for four years.

He stood in silence watching her drink from her cup. Silence tensed the room for what seemed an eternity. Tsunade broke the silence, "Why did you come back to Konoha? And why were you on Naruto's doorstep of all places?"

His eyes gave her an icy stare before replying, "I have killed Orochimaru. I was on Naruto's doorstep because I wanted him to come with me to see you"

"You killed Orochimaru?" needless to say she was impressed if only a little.

He nodded once in response. She rubbed her temple before taking another sip of her sake. Sasuke made no effort to escape not because of the Anbu holding him because he could easily defeat them but because he wanted to know why there had been Anbu officers at Naruto's house. Sakura hadn't told him anything when she saw him so he still had no clue. Waiting was all he could do until the blonde Hokage spoke again, "and why did you want Naruto to come with you to see me?"

"I was going to turn myself in"

"Obviously but why?"

"I have completed my mission"

"You mean killing Orochimaru?"

He nodded. Tsunade rubbed her temple again. "I will put you on a probationary period. I won't treat this as a betrayal as I had planned. Instead I will treat this as a completion of a Konoha mission. Orochimaru was on our list so in a way you only did us a service." Her eyes met his as if expecting some sort of notion of happiness at this news. When she was met with no sign of happiness she sighed, "I'm too fucking nice when I drink sometimes"

"What happened to Naruto?"

Hey eyes narrowed leaving all trace of 'niceness' gone. "That is none of your concern at this moment. And don't bother trying to ask Sakura she won't tell you a thing either."

Kakashi walked in book in hand. "Ah, he's still here. Hokage I have been thinking about Naruto's case and I think we might be able to use Sasuke's once betrayal to our advantage."

"Sasuke leave us. Your apartment has been set up. Here is the address and key"

Sasuke was about to ask about Naruto again when Kakashi interrupted him, "Try to not be seen"

"Whatever" Sasuke walked out of the office with his hands in his pockets.

"Doesn't seem that his attitude has changed" Kakashi smiled beneath his mask.

"So what are these thoughts of yours Hatake?"

"I think the Akatsuki sent someone to kill Naruto using Hinata's name."

"The Akatsuki part makes sense but what I don't understand is why they would use Hinata's name after she's been dead for years. What could they gain from it?"

"I don't understand that either but I figure if the Akatsuki doesn't know that Sasuke has returned to Konoha maybe we can send him there."

"You mean send him undercover?"

He nodded, "We can use his past four years as proof that he is willing to betray Konoha for his goals"

"One problem"

He looked at her directly in the eyes as she responded, "What goal could he possibly have that would require him to join the Akatsuki? Now that he has killed Orochimaru he has no real goals"

"He killed Orochimaru?"

She nodded, "Apparently"

"How do we know he's not lying?"

"Why would he? His only goal was that and now that it's completed he obviously doesn't know what to do with himself"

"I get your point. Well my idea stands for your consideration." he turned around to leave.

"Fine. But only because I want to find the answers to all my damn questions" she poured herself another cup of sake.

"I will go call him now."

Sasuke had decided to take a nap since he was used to working at night while sleeping during the day. His apartment was a simple one bedroom place but it would do until he hired maids for the Uchiha estate. Cleaning his old home was something he wanted to put off as long as possible.

Sasuke dreamt that he was in a field. Not a gorgeous field of flowers but a dirt and grass field. Patches of weeds were scattered around beside the trees. This wasn't what he was there for though; walking towards a thump in the woods he finally saw what he was looking for. It was a short pale skinned girl who was kicking a tree stump cut in the shape of a person. It looked as if she had been at it for awhile considering the amount of sweat that coated her skin. Sasuke accidentally stepped on a twig causing the girl to turn in a defensive mode towards him. Knowing that revealing himself probably wasn't the best idea he stepped out to her anyway.

After seeing him she smiled and began to speak but no words came out. She didn't seem to notice since she kept talking and smiling at him. Sasuke tried to speak as well but no sound came out of him. The field lit on fire around them burning everything except the two people. Sasuke tried to yell out her name but again nothing. She stood there staring at him with hatred filled eyes, "It's your fault"

Sasuke realized that he could hear her voice, "Hinata!" he was worried that Hinata would burn in the fire. "Get out of the fire! Hinata!"

She was walking away from him into the flames. The world went black for a few seconds before it lit up on someone's funeral. Sobs were heard from a few people while others stood silent watching the deceased be lowered into the hole in the dirt ground. Sasuke wondered whose funeral it was when he heard the Hokage speak. "Hinata Hyuga was a strong willed person. She always managed to see the good in people"

Sasuke ran to the coffin being lowered, "Hinata!" no one noticed that he was there. In fact, they couldn't see or hear him. Sasuke looked up to see Hinata smiling at him behind her cousin Neji. Sasuke got up to see if he could go to where Hinata was but when he looked where she was she wasn't there anymore. Confused he searched for any sign of her, "She's alive?"

Knocking could be heard from nowhere in particular. "What the hell?"

Sasuke woke up to loud knocking on his door. "Hold on would you!" He put on his shirt thinking about his strange dream. He hadn't thought about Hinata in years. Truth be told, he once had a small crush on her but that was past now. He remembered not knowing whether to hate Naruto or to be happy he was so retarded that he didn't notice Hinata's obvious feelings for him. At that time Sasuke didn't want to get into a relationship because of his goal to kill Orochimaru. He opened the door revealing Kakashi reading his book.

"What?" Sasuke's voice was obviously irritated.

"Did I wake you?"

"Is that what you came for?"

Kakashi sighed, "Go to the Hokage's office. She has a mission for you"

"Thought I was on probation"

"Well we found an alternative"

He grunted in response. At Tsunade's office they both stood in front of her desk waiting for her to start. Unfortuneatly she was a bit drunk since so much drinking due to Naruto's death. She had taken it better than Kakashi thought she would but it was still pretty bad. Tsunade looked up to see Kakashi and Sasuke waiting on her. Not bothering to talk she tossed a file onto her desk motioning for Sasuke to pick it up. "Leave as soon as possible"

Sasuke nodded knowing that she was in a bad mood. He left Kakashi there with the Hokage ready to read what the mission was about.

At the office Kakashi and Tsunade went over where they would bury Naruto's body. Obviously upset Tsunade kept drinking leaving her secretary Shizune to cancel all appointments for the day. Shizune was left alone to deal with all of the usual paperwork and meetings that she could handle.