E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: relax

Length: 100 words!

A/N: This takes place when the boys are teens. Sam is 13 and Dean is 17. Sam was left at the motel while his Dad and Dean went on a hunt.

Happy Birthday to Sammygirl1963 who requested sick!Sam and caring!Dad. Hope you like it!

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"I got you, Sammy."

Strong arms encircled Sam's waist as he tried to push himself up from the bathroom floor.

"'m sick, Dad."

"I can see that." His dad managed to flush the toilet with his foot while maintaining his firm grip on Sam. "Let's get you back to bed."

Sam sank into the pillows. "Where's Dean?"

"We got separated." Sam saw the worry in his dad's eyes.

"What? We have to go look for him!" Sam bolted upright, groaning as the room started spinning.

"Relax, Sam. You're in no condition to go looking for anybody."

"But, Dad….."

"No, Sam."