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This was so embarrassing.

I was a respectable 23-year-old woman with the credits to work at a newspaper or book editing, but no. I was here at McDonalds with a flipping cap on. The man who came up with this idea of selling deep fried food was an idiot and a genius at the same time. I was not stupid, I knew this makes a lot of money, but I could do so much better! I did not spend four years in college, gruelling an English literature degree for a fast food restaurant. I had bigger plans than this! I have been writing since I can remember! I had a thing for romance…but no one would give me a chance. I had given in a transcript and they didn't even bother to read it! So, now I was stuck at McDonalds, serving overweight adults and rowdy teenagers. I never touched the stuff myself, probably got disease in it, and yes I have seen what goes back there and it's nasty. It's like sacrificing voodoo stuff back there!

"Miss? Excuse me, I really haven't got all day," A deep, velvety voice muttered, slightly annoyed. My head snapped up to reply to the man but I lost my voice when I saw his face…

He had strong features… they stood out well: Strong jaw, high cheekbones. His lips were smooth and had a curve in the middle of them and they were a lovely cherry pink colour. His nose had a little delicate twist at the end, making it point upwards slightly and it had the tiniest hint of freckles on his pale skin. His eyes were the most amazing shade of emerald; I don't even know how to begin to describe it. And the hair, oh my god, the hair. It was the most mesmerizing colour of bronze and it glistened in the sunlight.

"Um…sorry sir, I am a little tired today," I managed to squeak out, my cheeks going red. He just tutted and rolled his eyes, nodding his head as if to say 'Typical'. I felt my own eyes narrow. "What can I get you?" I said somewhat steely.

"I would like a black coffee, no milk and two sugars please," He murmured, handing me two dollars, which I cashed. I turned around to the coffee maker, pressing a button to get it going. I poured the coffee into the cup and added too sugar carelessly.

I turned back to the counter and gave the man his coffee. His eyes narrowed at my suspicious before opening the lid to check the coffee, as if I would spit in it! I have a good mind to now!

"Thank you, have a nice day," He said sarcastically. I just raised an eyebrow and glared him off, turning to the next costumer involuntarily.

I took off my cap happily and pulled out my ponytail, letting my hair fall out. I took off my t-shirt to reveal a slim white tank top underneath. I put on my long black coat and changed to my black boots. I threw my uniform in a locker and walked out of the stuff place and breathing in the fresh air of the city. I pulled out my cell phone dialled a familiar number.

"Hey Bella!" A high soprano voice sang into the phone.

"Hey Alice, what's on the agenda tonight?" I asked her, pulling my bag over my shoulder. All traces of McDonalds and the green eyed monster out of my brain.

"Well, my brother just moved into town today, some lawyer promotion thing, and I wanted to welcome him to the city! Just movie night, I won't force you into heels," Alice said to me, giggling at the end.

"Oh this is your famous brother nobody's ever seen, if he's anything like Emmett… man I feel sorry for your childhood," I seriously said into phone, I could feel Alice rolling her eyes.

"Edward is nothing like Emmett don't worry. He is so serious all the time that it kills me. That's the reason why we aren't going to a club or something he has an 'early day at work,'" She muttered into the phone.

"Oh…okay then. What time am I coming over?" I asked her, walking into my apparent building, pressing the elevator button.

"About five, so in one hour I expect you to be here- Edward!" I head Alice squeal through the phone, "Sorry, Bella I gotta go! He's here! See you at five!" she said quickly before hanging up. I rolled my eyes and stepped into the elevator.

I got to my apartment and sighed in relief; home. I immediately ran to the shower to relieve any signs of grease on my body. I washed my hair and got out.

I walked to my small closet and picked out a pair of jeans and a long sleeved white top. I put a black waist belt over it and a pair of black ugg boots to satisfy Alice. I dried my hair and let it hang loosely down my back. I checked the clock and saw that it was quarter to five. I sighed and made my way back out of my building and to Alice and Jasper's place.

Alice lived in one of the richest buildings in the whole of New York, because Carlisle and Esme had loads of money. I didn't even want to think oh what they had stored in their bank accounts. Carlisle was a successful doctor and Esme was a home designer.

I got into the elevator and pressed 'Pent House', which was right at the top. It shocked me how Alice liked to walk up there sometimes. That girl had too much energy.

I knocked on the door and waited…for about two seconds. Rosalie was there in a snap and pulled me in.

"Thank god you're here." She said in a hushed whisper, "He is so…arrogant! It's really starting to annoy me." She said, linking my arm and pulling me into the living room.

"Bella, you're here," Alice cheered, jumping up to give me a hug. When she realised me she gestured to her brother, "Bella this is my brother Edward, Edward this is my best friend Bella." She said, but I had stopped listening.

It was the green eyed monster from McDonalds. He was Alice's brother?! Anyone but him I would have gladly accepted but him?!

Reluctantly, I held out my hand for him to shake.

"It's…nice…to meet you Edward," I forced out, still bitter from how rude he was to me this morning.

"It's nice to be of your acquaintance again, Bella." He said, smirking, "If you don't mind me asking where you too met…did Alice ask for a happy meal and you too just connected," He chuckled, earning no laughs from the rest of us.

"No, we all met at Dartmouth actually," Alice glared at her brother while I was still in shock. I brought my hand back and put them in my pockets, plopping next to Rose on the beanbag. We shared an understanding glance.

"Oh, right. That makes no sense. What are you doing working at McDonalds if you went to Dartmouth?" He asked incredulous.

"I-" I began to say how I wanted to be an author, but I chose to get back at him, "It's none of your business," I muttered, rolling my eyes at him, earning a chuckle from Emmett.

"Well…" Jasper started awkwardly, "How about that movie? I'll go make the popcorn…" He swiftly exited the room. Alice got up and began looking through the movies.

"Do you want to watch a horror?" Alice asked slyly. My eyes widened. I hated horror movies. I had no one to protect me and I got easy nightmares. However, everyone agreed. Alice took out 'Friday 13th' and grinned as she turned off the lights. I think I may have let a small squeak. I looked around and caught Edward smirking at me, his eyes narrowed slightly. I found myself cowering back in the sofa.

The movie started innocent enough, kids going to camp, having fun. Then a masked murderer kidnapped a girl and my coward side kicked in. I bit my lip hard to stop from screaming. I could feel a tense bit and I couldn't stay in and embarrass myself, so I got up and pretended that I needed a drink.

"Does anyone want anything?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

"A black coffee, no milk, two sugars," I heard the green eyed monster laugh. I snorted a sarcastic laugh and trudged into the kitchen, grabbing a soda and turning on the coffee machine.

I sat down on the chair, waiting for the coffee machine when I felt a cold breath on my shoulder. My eyes widened and I began to shake a little bit. I turned around to see bright green eyes fill my vision. I let out a tiny squeak and jumped, or fell, out of the chair and scrabbled to my feet. I looked and saw that Edward was hunched over, holding his stomach from laughing.

"That wasn't funny," I growled, tears in my eyes from anger. The timer went off for the coffee. "There's your fucking coffee, make it for yourself," I hissed, walking back into the living room. I was breathing heavily, annoyed.

"I'm going to go," I said to the rest of the guys, putting my coat on, "I'll see you all tomorrow maybe." I smiled at them, walking away from their goodbyes. I saw Edward in the hallway, smiling peacefully, holding his coffee cup.

"I am sorry Bella, but that was too good to miss," He chuckled, taking a sip.

"Yeah, it was so funny, and so is this," I told him, before pouring his coffee on his trouser causing him to curse and grab his balls.

"See you tomorrow!" I called out before leaving, smirking the whole way home.

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