Title: Relax
: Enkidu07
: The boys do not belong to me
Challenge Word
: Relax. A special edition for Sammygirl1963 – hope your birthday is super happy!
: Teen!chesterish


Dad and Dean slept in the beds; Sam sat hunched forward on the old couch, feverish, miserable, and alone.

A hand startled him and he snapped around, locking his attacker's elbow before catching himself.

"What's wrong with you?" Not harsh, just Dean, confused.


"Take the bed."

Sam's bangs shook, "Can't sleep."

"Sam. C'mere." John's commanding voice.

Sam shuffled over and John pulled back the covers. "Lay down."

John's hand settled on his forehead and then rested over his heart. "Sleep."

In the darkness, with the solid weight of his dad's hand on his chest, Sam finally started to relax.