Okay so this is the beginning chapter. It takes place after ice age 3 with the POV from a girl saber toothed tiger named Leandra. In the story everyone just calls her Leah though.

Me: Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction so bear with me please :)

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Me: Well anyway this is leah and me, her, and a few of the other characters will be here to start and end the chapters.

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Leah: Ugg. Fine I'll get up.

Me: *Rolls eyes* Enjoy everyone!

I trudged through the frozen forest looking for my afternoon snack. Ever since I'd left the pack a year back finding food had become quite a bit harder. Stretching, I lunged at the small bird sitting on a fallen branch. It slipped from my paws as I jumped on it and continued through the air and into a tree. I shook myself off and glared at the bird. Its call sounded like it was laughing at me.

"Shut up," I muttered

Soto and Oscar laughed at me like that too. My memories flooded through me as I remembered those days that seemed like yesterday. I shook the thoughts out of my heard.

My ears pricked up. I heard a rustle in the leaves and turned towards it. Cautiously I trotted through the dead branches and under a large oak tree.

"Hmm," I sniggered,"I must be hearing things."

Yawning, I lay down in the snow and closed my eyes.

Me: Sorry its kinda short. the next chapter will be longer.

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