"Come on! That's so not fair!" I yelled as Diego jumped in front of me before chasing the frightened deer himself. "What ever happened to ladies first!"

I scowled and narrowed my eyes trying to see where the herd had run off to. Once I realized they were already on the other side of the field I turned back to watch Diego walk back with the deer. I couldn't help but be angered by this. Plus even I admit to having a very short temper at times…

Diego plopped down in the snow with a smug expression on his face and tore into the meat. I couldn't help my mouth watering at the feast of a meal he had all to himself. But I knew he wouldn't share, no one ever had…

Bearing the pain of my injury, and the anger towards Diego I trotted back over to the herd. I singled out one of the animals, fairly weak appearing and seemed to have a limp. (guess we're evenly matched x( ) I couldn't help but smile at my luck as I inched closer. Then, I leapt from the tall freezing grass onto the animal's back. I struggled with it and right when I thought I had it pinned down, a hoof from the deer planted itself in my stomach, causing me to yelp and stumble backwards. I had to stand there trying to get the breath back in my body while the herd ran away. Gently, I touched the fresh wound with my paw and whimpered lightly. It wouldn't be that bad, just a dark bruise.

Footsteps were coming towards me and I turned to find Diego standing there, still with the smug expression on his face. But when he saw the pain in my face, he froze and his expression turned slightly worried.

"You okay Leah?" he questioned as he took a step towards me. I took a step back.

"Fine." I muttered without looking at him and brushed past without another word. Making my way toward the unfrozen creek along the forest, I channeled out all of Diego's calling my name and such and simply ignored him when he came up next to me. I knew I didn't have the self control to talk to anyone without snapping at them right now.

"Leah?"…. "Leah come on…"… "Leah, answer me!"

"WHAT do you WANT!" That was a little loud even by my standards…

He took a step back, startled by my sudden outburst, then he frowned annoyance reaching his expression.

"Jeez Leah, you don't need to take your anger out on me." He pointed out frustrated. I merely scoffed and turned away from his angry gaze focusing my attention back on the cold water of the stream.

Diego scowled deeper and said the words that cut like a knife, "No wonder everyone else in the herd was celebrating when you left." He continued, "You're always so uptight that its like your hiding yourself from everyone. This is exactly how you acted with the pack!"

He continued on with no care for the tears threatening to spill over in my eyes. A few minutes later, Diego finally stopped long enough to look at me and he finally noticed the silent sobs that I was trying so hard to hide. Taking a step forward, his expression immediately turned to regret and concern, but I didn't need his pity.

"Leah, I-"

"You don't know anything, Diego!" I didn't stay long enough for him to finish his sentence before I was already sprinting through the trees. I attempted to focus on the crunch of snow beneath my feet and the sting of icicles against my tear stained cheeks. My mind registered that Diego was calling my name from the distance but at the moment I didn't care, all I cared about was getting as far away from him as possible. Finally, my legs gave out from exhaustion and pain and I crumpled to the ground crying lightly.

Maybe Diego was right, maybe I was too uptight and and… But I was just being guarded because I didn't want my heart broken again and I didn't want to be the reason people around me, people I loved, got hurt. I was staying away from people so that they could stay safe and I wouldn't be the cause of pain for them. And there were many sabers that Soto had made enemies with and being a former member of his packs didn't have many perks. But Diego is my only friends right now, I can't just let him go can I? Then I realized something. I need him. When I'm with him it seems like all of the bad memories of my past fade away and like nothing else matters anymore. I can't go back to the life I had before, I thought to myself. While I continued pondering, I was oblivious to rustling in the leaves. My head shot up and with a gasp I jumped behind boulders and planted myself flat against them, trying to hide myself.

"I told you to kill the female you good for nothing mut!" I heard an angry conversation and immediately singled out the wolf leader as the one who was yelling.

Oh sh-

She: OOOH! Leah almost said a bad word!

Leah: Hey, Me is the one who controls what I say.

She: Yeah but you're the one with the dirty mouth! Go wash your mouth out with soap young lady!

Leah: *growls*

Diego: Wow I haven't seen Leah get that mad since Soto 'accidentally' pushed her into a porcupine.

Leah: That was SO not funny! I was pulling porcupine quills out of my BUT for three days!


Leah: *tackles She*

She: Help me! Diego get her offa me!

Diego: Nope. This is way too entertaining.