By J Luc Pitard

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Setting: Int. Scene 8

Setting: Int. A large Western style bedroom with Japanese design touches. Dimly lit with natural light from a window and a slightly blue light from the hallway spilling in through the bedroom door.

Establishing shot: Medium shot of two people looking at one another. They're seated at the top of a large bed, with the male cross-legged and the female resting on his lap, in his arms.

I have to tell her, Ren thought. In the short time it took him to wrestle with the question of how to admit his deepest, darkest secret, he'd felt the mood change. Hers frequently did, often without reason. Large arms hugged her close for just a second before she began pushing away. This time though, this time he could guess why. She mustn't blame herself. He would tell her. Everything.

"I... don't want you-"

A slender finger pressed against his lips briefly to silence him. She looked away, hugging herself, suddenly modest. He didn't fight her, but opened his mouth to speak again. "You aren't-"

"I'd better get dressed," she cut in, with a loud voice and a service industry smile, trying to move across the bed while retaining a modicum of dignity. Co-star killer indeed, she thought! So he didn't want her? She couldn't stand to be naked around him, even for a second longer. Any modesty she'd regained scooting across the bed was lost after she leaned over the side to retrieve her clothing.

Ren's mind was exploding with the need to shout out his secret, to tell her why he didn't deserve to love her, but when he opened his mouth, words failed at the sight in front of him. Her slender backside was lit softly from the hallway; its smooth skin curved sensually as she tried to gather and organize his long forgotten script. A faint sheen of sweat made her body glow like the "star fairy" story he'd woven around her. She couldn't have posed more beautifully than that. Fabric clutched against her chest, cheeks red with an innocent shame, her tail glistening and lifted in a gesture that males- of any culture or species across the globe- would recognize.

His voice finally returned to him. "No! Kyouko, you aren't-"

"I need to clean up," she interrupted and her fake smile returned tenfold. She backed away from him, trying- and failing- to keep herself covered. There was no way she could keep her composure while another important person in her life rejected her! Her soul would simply die. She knew she wasn't his type, he didn't need to tell her for her to know that. It was obvious, with her plain looks, small breasts and overly traditional bearing. After much too long, she reached the safety of the wooden door. What had he called that place when they'd played tag in the little woods, long ago? Home base? Safe? Sanctuary? The door closed behind her with a soft click.

Ren shook his head. Once all the other excuses- her age, her career, his position above her in the company, in the industry, etc- were peeled away, the only secret that remained was the one he'd just tried- and failed- to tell her. It was the one he hated most to tell anyone. She hadn't run away when he'd told her- or rather, showed her- he was a foreigner. But this?

He stared at his hands, minutes ago they'd given her pleasure. Fingertips rubbed together as if he could still feel her soft skin, taste her sweet kisses... None of which he deserved, being what he was. An idiot, he snorted and looked up to the ceiling. He'd been led around by his basest desires! Hands clenched into fists. He held them up as he fell back on rumpled sheets. These hands, Ren thought; they can only hurt, can only corrupt what they touch and yet I was so ready to say yes, to see her happy smile and kiss her again and... He curled up, hands cradling his head, clutching at his blond hair.

On the other side of the wooden door an even stranger scene was playing out. Kyouko slumped to the floor, cool tiles calming her reddened face. Why did she have to ask that damned question? Love? Who needs it! She rolled about as demons danced, pointing and jeering at the faces of the timid angels who had hoped, had prayed, had been so very sure...

She suddenly stopped moving. In her minds' eye, she saw the voodoo doll of Ren- dressed in his killer, white, Armandy suit- looking down his embroidered nose at her.

"Did you believe that our acting practice meant something to me?" he asked.

"But we kissed and you did 'that...'" Her soft voice faded as her throat seized up.

"You think too highly of yourself," phantom Ren said. "Did you think 'that' meant I love you? What a fool! In America, we kiss each other there just to say hello."

She giggled- a high, tiny, manic sound in the reverberant room- and the phantom looked quite surprised as it disappeared.

Inside, she wanted to laugh and cry, all at the same time. So maybe foreigners didn't do 'that' all the time, but she was certain sex didn't have to mean love, even here in Japan. And as much as she wanted to lie on his beautiful floor all day, she had to get clean quickly to get out of his apartment. Two towels lay drying atop the hamper, but there were clean ones on a shelf next to the large, walk-in shower. His shower. She'd never felt dirty in quite that way before- all sweaty, sticky, and guilty. Both for her shameless behavior and her presumptuousness. There was no way he could ever love her!

Play with her? Yes. Everyone seemed to want to play with her in some cruel way. Even the man she'd wanted to call 'father' had used her, she now realized. He'd used her acting lesson as a way to send a signal to his son. His real son. God. She was losing so much more than the man she... she respected.

Her stomach roiled, but one look at the lovely western fixtures and she knew she didn't want to soil his bathroom with her lunch. You're stronger than this, she told herself as she rose shakily and entered the shower. You've been through worse. When Shoutaru had broken her heart, she'd channeled all her anger out and he'd deserved every speck of it. Now? It all went to the true culprit, the loser not even a mother could love. There was no way she could blame Corn for this. Just focus on getting clean and getting out, she chanted.

His soap. His shampoo. She took note of the types and brands of products he had sitting tidily on the shelf and took the smallest amount of each that she could. It was disrespectful enough to be using up his things, she decided. With the water turned up hot, she tried to wash off her feelings for her friend as she traced everywhere his hands had been. And his lips, she remembered. They'd been here... Ooh, and here was where he'd-

Had the water gotten even hotter? Kyouko quickly moved the cloth up, away from there, unsatisfied. She cooled her face off in the scalding water. Her body was just confused by Corn's teachings, that was all. She had to remind herself that she was a good girl and not some star-fairy princess, never mind what had been said.

Kyouko felt better once she was safely back in clothing. Minus her underwear, of course. That was a lost cause and after some internal debating- involving a fight with herself over whether to call her best friend up for advice- she'd decided that it was getting late enough so no one would notice a lack of pantylines under her capris. Her bike would be a blur to them anyway. She only had to sneak out to the kitchen and grab a bag to put the evidence in. She'd folded it up as small as she could and held it in one palm.

'Operation Sneak-Away' was foiled as soon as it started. Kyouko opened the bathroom door a crack and peeked out to see a figure blocking the only exit out of the bedroom. Sighing heavily, she opened the door properly and shuffled out. The room looked different now with a few lamps turned on beside the rumpled bed, which luckily lay between them. Kyouko took in his changed appearance. Dressed in faded jeans and a tight red t-shirt, he looked like a typical Western tourist, albeit an extremely familiar and handsome one. His crossed arms prevented her from reading his shirt, but it seemed to be a sports team's logo and she noticed a black baseball cap hanging from one hand.

Ren stood uncertainly at the threshold of the room. He felt like he needed to ask her permission to enter, as if in the few short hours she'd spent in his apartment, it'd ceased to be his anymore. That thought didn't disturb him, strangely. He ran the hand that wasn't holding his ball cap through his hair, unsure what to say.

"I can take you home," he finally offered. "It's gotten-"

"No, no," she rushed, speaking over top of him in her haste. "There's no need, Mr. Tsuruga." Kyouko couldn't see the way her words pierced his heart, so she continued on, "I rode my bike and I'll go straight home, so there's really no need for you to worry yourself over me." The killing blow was the kind smile she plastered on at the end.

He slumped a bit, but otherwise covered his emotions. "It's no bother. I have a bike carrier for the car now and couldn't conscience it if something were to happen, on your way home." He met her tooth for tooth in the smile category. Hers faltered under the weight of his, even across the room.

"Why?" She swallowed. Though he was athletic, she'd never seen him riding on his own.

He took one step into the room and she felt it darken. Was he in his Demon Lord mode? Would his evil aura snuff out the electric lights? She looked about nervously and thanked heaven for the large piece of furniture between them before she dared to look at his face.

One eyebrow was raised as he came another step into the room. His look seemed to say, 'Isn't the answer obvious?' although it never was to her. He held his hands before him, empty except for the hat. The room felt much smaller once he was fully inside it. Her pulse was racing again and she worried her face had gone red. How should she act around him now?

Clearing his throat, he looked away. His gaze fell on the steamed up mirror in the bathroom behind her, calling up visions he didn't need right now: visions of her, naked, with water and trails of soap bubbles dripping, visions of him moving the washcloth for her, of them sliding together under the heat of the water. He took a deep breath, then regretted it; the scent of sex lingered in the room. He had to close his eyes before starting the speech he'd been working on while he waited for her.

"Please forgive my behavior today. It was... no- I- I was out of line. Forgive me, Ms. Mogami, if you possibly can. I'm hoping we can return to, well, to like it was before; I'll still help you out in the company, as an actor and as your senior... If you'd let me." He sighed and opened his eyes to gauge her reaction.

Kyouko stood stiffly: her posture a little too perfect, spine straight, hands behind her back, feet spaced evenly apart, head held high. She looked more like an Army officer at dress rest than a Japanese teenager in her friend's apartment.

She was sure she'd wanted the same thing once- that today could be gouged from their memories. She nodded, unwilling to search for the source of the disappointment she felt. Somewhere in the labyrinth of mushy crenelations she called a brain, it squatted right where elation belonged. If she could have, she would've marched into her own skull and kicked disappointment out. It was taking up important emotional space there. Instead, she deflated. Moving her eyes to the floor, she skirted the bed and moved to the door. Ren also nodded somberly, then walked out ahead of her, twisting the cap in his hands. Kyouko stopped at the threshold, one hand on the doorjamb, and looked back for a few wistful moments. A life without love, that was surely better, right? She stifled a sigh and followed his broad back.

They walked down the hall in silence. Coming up to the kitchen, Kyouko wished she hadn't cleared the dishes already, it would've given her something to put off the soon-to-be, amazingly awkward ride home. "Excuse me," she mumbled and darted into the kitchen.

It really was a shame Ren didn't cook- with such nice appliances and tons of storage space, his kitchen was nicer and cleaner than some of the restaurants she'd worked at. Of course, it was sized for a giant, so it wasn't exactly perfect, but she'd miss being able to use it from now on. Kyouko knelt to open a cabinet under the sink and look for the empty bags she'd stowed there before lunch. She felt the air change when Ren slouched into the room. Neither one bothered to turn the overhead lights on, so shadows fell across the room as she rustled up a grocery bag and discreetly stowed her shameful garment inside it.

"I owe you an explanation," Ren began before realizing he still didn't know how to say it. 'I'm a murderer.' 'I've wanted to disappear and end my own life because of my crime that I can never pay for and must never forget.' 'I'm a shit who doesn't deserve the happiness you bring to me.'

He looked at his hands, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then Kyouko cut in, "Corn- I mean, Mr. Tsuruga, you don't owe me anything. I'm just a newbie, I don't..." her voice trailed off as he raised his head and pain was reflected in his hooded eyes. Invisible to the ungifted, two spirits hovered over Kyouko's head, each basking in a different emotion. A small demon praised the darkness that clung to the Demon Lord, while a new face- a sweet, angelic, little face- strained at its over-sized leash, desperate to try and soothe his soul.

"Corn. Tsuruga," he said, shaking his head. "One is an act and the other long dead." His face was emotionless, unchanged even when she rose, taking a few steps toward him. "And Kuon Hizuri is a murderer," he spat out, watching as her face took in the shock of his words. He gave a hollow laugh to break the silence in the darkened room. "That's the truth of your dear mentor, your childhood friend."

Shaking her head, she moved closer, reining in the impulse to touch the man who held in so much torment. "Kuon?" she whispered to herself. A murderer? Ren's face was unreadable, his eyes obscured by the shadows and a fringe of blond hair. What was the truth? She moved closer, now standing directly in front of him. It was clear his aura was trying to push her away, to frighten her and her own demonic forces seemed to recoil, but she held firm. "Tell me," she said, her voice half commanding, half pleading.

Angry eyes looked back at her, but he couldn't keep up the energy when so much of his anger was directed at himself. He blinked and looked away. "Soon after we'd met- in my early teens- I was trying to make it as an actor. I'd get jobs, only to have my lineage thrown in my face at every NG, every mistake. There were plenty of people around me, an entourage- or 'posse' as it's called there- they all told me I was great and I ate up every word. Truth was that I wasn't anywhere near my father's level, I was just a kid. It seemed I still couldn't fly. So, rather than work hard, I got angry. For years I was out of control.

"Everyone was using me- using the name, the family connections- to get money, glory, sex... I don't know. They also- we also got into fights. Bar fights, street fights, gangs... after getting my butt kicked enough, I got pretty good." He chuckled dryly to himself and his hands curled into fists in front of him. "A teenager doesn't think of dying," he told her with half a smirk.

Kyouko nodded to herself. She had always chided Sho for the crazy stunts he'd pulled, but she was also guilty of it, like when she'd chased Mr. Sawara's taxicab down a Tokyo street. She waited for more, but he seemed lost in the past.

"And then?" she prompted.

In a softer tone, he started again, "Finally, I met a man I could look up to. He wasn't that much older than I was, but he was much more mature. We hung out a lot and I really wanted to be like him. I didn't know-" He swallowed and drew in a shaky breath. "Rick was hired after I messed myself up pretty bad. To keep an eye on me, help me. My folks, of course. I thought he was a real friend in a world of fakes, but..."

Now Ren was the one looking at the doorway. No, he thought, I can finish this. "When I found out, I decided to run away. Of course, he was the one to track me down. I... I said a lot of things... If I'd known..." He ran his hand through his hair and looked back at Kyouko. "It was late at night and I knew a place I could crash at- in a really bad part of town. I didn't think he'd keep chasing me. He... it was an accident. So quick. A car... All. My. Fault." Red rimmed eyes looked into the darkness, seeming to relive the night, over five years before.

Light glinted off his cheek and it took her forever to process it. Ren was crying. He stood in front of her and- Those were real tears! Her resolve to keep a distance from him crumbled. Kyouko was on him before she realized it. With her arms around his waist, she squeezed, putting all of her feelings into the crushing hold. There was a strangled gasp- or maybe it was a half choked sob- before she felt his chin come to rest on the crown of her head. She willed a feeling of comfort to flow from her to him and finally felt his arms wrap around her shoulders. Speaking into his chest, she said, "Corn is who you used to be. Tsuruga might be who you wish to be. But they're both you, just like Kuon is."

If only she'd brought her little purse, she'd have given the blue stone back to him. It helped her whenever she cried. Reino's words about the original owner of the stone rang in her mind and she rubbed her hands along his back in as soothing a manner as she could. His heart beat wildly under her cheek. She felt him shake.

"I'm a killer," he said, whisper quiet, into her hair. "And a coward. I tried to disappear, to... to end it all. That's when my Dad called the Boss over. I'm always running away it seems. That's why," he clutched her closer. "I... I can't..."

Kyouko shook her head, as much as she could within his arms. "You didn't kill him," she whispered back.

"What!" Ren pulled away from her slightly. "I was there! If it wasn't for me-"

"You didn't," she said, her voice still hushed. The cotton of his t-shirt wasn't soft against her skin, but she nuzzled into his chest anyway. "He was there because he cared for you. It wasn't just a job. I think he wanted to save you from making a terrible mistake because you were special to him." Her voice gained volume as she tried to get through to him. "An accident is an accident. You're not to blame, Mr. Tsuruga- um, Kuon. Your friend would want you to do well, to truly live, to be happy."

They stood like that as a wall clock ticked away. Ren looked down at the top of her head, her face resting against his chest. His tears had dried and his handsome face bore no trace of the puffiness that others might have suffered after so much emotion, but to him, the woman in his arms was the real beauty. Her words had fallen like a balm on his soul. Not sure if he could fully accept them, he tucked them off in a corner of his heart to reflect upon later. "Thank you," he whispered and kissed her hair.

Kyouko tilted her head up in surprise. Really, she thought, his moods were so mercurial! "Eeep," she squeaked, realizing how close his face was to hers. She couldn't help but look in his eyes. He seemed to hesitate, only a few centimeters from her. A half nod of her head was all it took before his kiss hit. This wasn't gentle, wasn't a finessed, skilled seduction; it was bruising, teeth clashing, as if he couldn't hold himself back from devouring the mouth that opened to welcome him inside. This kiss went on until Kyouko feared she'd faint from the lack of oxygen, yet she couldn't pull away first. His hunger fed hers and created a desperate need for the both of them. Soft sounds filled the darkened room. His hands found their way under the light fabric and she gasped for air, choking out his nickname as she had earlier in his room.

Ren felt like a drowning man who'd been thrown a rope and he clutched it to him. "Kyouko," he crooned and moved to work on her neck as she moaned encouragement. One of the few thoughts in his head was that she would be the death of him! Yet, if he was damned to hell for touching her, was it so wrong to want a taste of heaven on the way down? He fell to his knees in front of her, nuzzling against her stomach before sliding her shirt up and licking both of her taught nipples in turn. With impatient hands, he pushed her bra up, forcing the pert breasts to press out and into his waiting mouth. He hummed approval at the sounds she made while he devoured them. One hand squeezed the breast he was suckling, while his other began to travel up her back and then down and down, until he gripped an upper thigh, just below her firm backside, and held her swaying frame in place. Long drags of his tongue around her areola forced one of her hands to cup his the back of his head.

A haze of lust clouded her mind, as Kyouko gave up trying to control the shaking of her body. He was holding her and she trusted him not to let her fall into the boneless heap she felt herself becoming.

"Nnnnnngh," she said, by way of reminding him that he was supposed to be taking her back to her rented room. It seemed so important, that she told him a few more times as his hand left her breast to cup her jeans, rubbing her below the zipper. Why had she put clothes back on? She answered her own question with another long moan. Tongue and teeth: hot, pulling, massaging, sucking, suckling - Kyouko's eyes rolled back and her hands moved around his fabric covered head, trying to get a grip. To pull him closer? To push him off of her? She gave up and pulled her blouse and bra off instead, not caring where they fell. There was a sudden loss of contact, a moment when her breasts were open to the air as he shifted his hands to her waist. "Nooooo," she wailed.

Ren's head snapped up suddenly, but her complaint didn't seem to be because she was having second thoughts, far from it. "You're surprisingly perverted," he chuckled and got a light slap on his head, which made him laugh more. Long fingers pushed behind her waistband, making her look down at him. That look, he thought, I don't want anyone else to see that face. Caught between lust and innocence, her cheeks flushed, lips pouting and her eyes... Oh, those eyes. She looked away, reaching behind her for the marble counter until he commanded her, "Look at me, Kyouko."

The Emperor of the Night had loosened the catch and now gripped the zipper to her capris between his teeth. It took a major effort on her part not to faint at the sight, but she reminded herself to breathe and watched as he pulled it open, inch by inch.

Dark curls were slowly exposed, but he kept his gaze on hers, even as his tongue flicked out to taste the clean skin. She was a feast for his senses but he didn't have the patience. "I want you," he whispered in low tones, so softly it was almost lost. His lips pressed against her as her clothes fell to the floor.

A tiny part of her wanted to shout 'NO!' and run out the door. That's what a good girl would do and she had been raised to be a good girl- work hard and do what's expected, like marrying the boy she'd dreamed of, for example, and then kissing him only once they were safely married and... then what? Happily ever after? With him? Her life had been planned out for her by others and she owed that asshole a lot for freeing her from the role she'd been ready to take. Now, she was learning about herself and what she wanted. Right now Kyouko found that, more than anything, what she wanted was to say, "Y-yessss."

It wasn't fair! Her voice sounded shaky due to his talented tongue sliding around down there! Her free leg quivered. If it was with Tsuruga... if it was with Kuon, she would do it. She would do anything. Trying to sound stronger, she again said, "Yes."

He savored her words while he savored her body. The sounds of their pleasure rose in the same room he'd first lost control of himself with her, months before. She'd saved him that night, saved his job and reputation. Tonight, she was saving his sanity. Her hands pulled at his t-shirt and he had to stop, stand up and take it off. He shivered as he felt small hands skim over his stomach. She'd lost her patience as well, it seemed.

She wasn't making much headway on his belt when he took her hands in his and rubbed them along the bulge in the front of his jeans. "This is what you do to me," he murmured. "All the time."

Kyouko almost pulled her hands away. Almost... but curiosity got the best of her and so, tentatively, she stroked. It wasn't easy to figure out exactly what was where through the thick fabric, but she followed the hard contours and, if his sounds were evidence, he enjoyed it. He panted lightly in her right ear, hugging her tighter and even whimpering when she boldly cupped him with one hand and ran her other the length of the hardness. She could tell he was controlling himself, but she needed to see what she was dealing with. "Off?" she pleaded, her voice muffled by his chest.

In the darkness, the few blood cells not otherwise occupied crept up to his cheeks at her sweet request. He would do anything she asked, but he hesitated long enough to ask himself if they weren't doing this all wrong? Wasn't there supposed to be flowers, candles, music, a romantic dinner, dancing or at least a bed? She pulled the belt free and had started on the button before he shook his head and made enough space between them so that he could help her. This was Kyouko and nothing ever went according to his plan with her.

He hissed at the sensation of freedom and she gasped as she tried to pull the denim away from the bare skin that had been folded up against it. Where was the end of this thing? Oh. She was glad she'd been careful. He pushed the jeans down and gravity took them to the floor. He was naked in the uneven shadows before her, but she didn't have time to think about what was there, in front of her, as he crushed her gaping mouth with his own and pushed her against the counter. She thought she might gag for a second as his tongue stretched down into her, but she pushed back against him and they established a rhythm of stroking. Their hands wandered each others bodies in time to the motion inside their mouths and they didn't break apart even as he lifted her onto the counter, but she had to gasp as she felt cool marble against her bottom.

"Corn?" she asked but got no answer as he'd moved on to taking advantage of her breasts now being closer to his mouth. "Aaah! Oh, oh yes," she cried. His fingers darted into her open mouth and he coated them before spreading her legs apart. Finally, he placed his body between her knees. The feeling of being spread, exposed, treated like something delicious, excited her and his fingers moved with slick ease along her cleft.

"I'm going to move you a little forward," he warned as he pulled her legs closer to himself, leaving her hanging slightly off the kitchen counter. "You can curl them around me."

She didn't know if he meant her legs or the arms that felt suddenly useless as he did all the work. Deciding to be safe, she wrapped herself around him as much as she could and gripped his strong shoulders as he lifted her again.

"Look at me," he said in a gentle voice. "Are you sure?"

She smiled up at him and pulled herself the scant few inches that separated them. "Mmm," she said as she could feel him nudge her folds. He pulled his hips back slightly and she used her strong legs to correct him. "Here," she cried as the aching inside herself demanded to be filled.

His arms wrapped more carefully around her legs as her weight was now all on him. If he hadn't, she would've forced herself open too quickly. "Relax," he cooed, amazed as much by her determination as by the trust she clearly put in him. "Take it slowly." His own body agreed more with hers, but Ren loved her too much to risk hurting her more than he knew it would. Gradually, he inched deeper into the tight heat that clenched and spasmed in a cautious welcome.

Her smile turned to a grimace and he stopped, watching her for cues. When she looked up and nodded at him, he practically radiated his pleasure and she thought she'd melt at the sight. This wasn't something he was doing to her, but with her. Together. And she loved him even more for it. He slid in deeper, almost without her noticing until she felt stretched and there was a slight burning as the delicate internal skin felt friction for the first time. She'd heard whispers about the pain, but it was more like muscles heating up than the tearing she'd feared. He pulled out slightly by lifting her up, but she used her feet to force herself back down, drawing a groan from deep in his chest. She tried to do it again, but he shook his head, eyes closed, and held her still.

When he could speak again, Ren could only grit out a definitely unromantic English curse word and he had to gasp after just that or he risked losing all control. A hellion was what she was, he decided and kissed her mouth to distract her while he regained his sanity. Another centimeter and then another- at his pace- and they were nearly there. Kyouko cried out his name, with the accent strangely in the middle as he thrust a bit deeper right then before stilling and panting against her shoulder.

"Kyouko," he moaned out her name again and again. "Oh, my little Kyouko." He looked into her eyes and, dilated as they were, they seemed to be filled with all the emotion he'd never consciously allowed himself to hope to see. Slowly, holding her in place, he used his legs to ease himself out. As soon as she realized what he was doing, her hands clutched at the arms that supported her and she seemed about to beg him not to stop, only to shape her mouth into an "Oh" when he eased back in. Her look turned to thoughtful as she seemed to be memorizing the feel of him moving within her, in and out, as slowly as he could manage.

It was satisfying the ache she'd felt before, but he seemed to be tensed up and concentrating so hard not to hurt her that she worried he wasn't really enjoying it. "Are you okay?"

He laughed in a way she now associated with Kuon and assured her, "I've never felt better. You're so..." So damned tight? Fucking wonderful? Bloody amazing? "Beautiful," he sighed and smiled at her.

"Good," she said shyly, but her actions were anything but shy as she rocked herself against him, faster than the pace he'd been setting. His hands clutched her ass tighter, but she carried on.

Ren bit his lower lip and rolled his eyes upward, as if someone up there could tell him how to handle this vixen. "What. You. Do. To. ME," he said with a thrust to punctuate each word as he pistoned them both into a frenzy. She clawed at his shoulders, grabbed at his hair and pulled him closer as her hips thrust to match their new rhythm.

"Mmmmm," she hummed into the kiss she greedily forced on him. She kept her eyes open as he clenched his shut to contain his nearing climax. She writhed atop him and her gasps and moans fed his ego until his name erupted from her lips and he felt squeezed almost to the point of being forced out of her body.

Not yet, he chanted in his head and kept hammering his way back in, again and again. He felt her muscles spasming around him, even as her little tongue licked away the sweat drops that eased down his face. The eroticism of the moment made him pick up the pace, until he was truly down to his animal hind brain and he barely had time to cry out before he pulled her upwards, letting himself fall out and spray the cupboards of the kitchen with evidence of their pleasure. Ren wanted to collapse, his thighs trembling and his arms bearing the marks of her nails over his raised flesh. Instead he brought her closer, cradling her princess style and took a shaky step to lean them both against the messy counter. He wanted to apologize at how it had turned out so utterly wrong, but the only words he could manage were, "Thank you. Thank God. Thank you, Kyouko." He whispered fervently in the darkened room as he held her close.

She eased her legs down, but was grateful for his support as there was no way her legs could've held her, not with the quivering they were doing. She wanted to thank him, too. Love would be too much to ask for, but she was grateful for just this closeness. It was enough. She opened her mouth to say something and instead began to sob.

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