Be My Secretary?

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Full Summary: The companies have split. The companies have split. Which leaves Sakura being fought over by seven billionaires so she can be their personal secretary. Whatever that means. Of course though, Sakura being….well Sakura we've got other company owners fighting for the rosette. Who will prevail? Who will fail? Who will annoy Sakura to the point of her ripping out her hair? Let us read.

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Sakura glanced nervously around the room.

Every since the whole elevator fiasco a few weeks ago she had been avoiding the men at all costs. She's only given them the polite nod and has stood a good few feet away from them at all times. She runs out of the room when she's finished and manages to get on the elevator earlier than she usually does.

So far, it's been working out quite well.

Until today

Where she was being pinned against the wall

By all of her bosses

"Sakura" Kakashi said lightly while looking at the girl, surprisingly no perverted book in hand, "I and the rest of the company owners have agreed to the fact that you have been avoiding us" his eyes hardened slightly at the though of his pink haired interest not spending time with him, "We'd like an explanation now".

Sakura's eyes skimmed over the seven billionaires who were staring at her intensely. She breathed in deeply, "I just think it would be better for me to stay a little bit farther away from all of you since a few weeks ago it seemed like all of you men's hormones hit the roof and beyond" she glared at the seven men who quickly averted their eyes.

"Sakura" Neji interrupted the silver haired man by stepping forward pinning Sakura with a gaze. "We have something extremely important to tell you" he glanced at the other company owners who all had grim looks on their faces.

"W-what is it?" she asked nervously looking at Neji's face.

All the men looked down quickly and back up at the strawberry girl they had grown oh so attached to.

"The companies are separating Sakura" Sasori's smooth but slightly sad voice seemed to echo throughout the halls and in Sakura's mind.

'They're what?!" Sakura exclaimed in her head, her eyes shifting from one boss to another.

"W-what?" Sakura exclaimed slightly her jade eyes wide with shock, "W-why?"

Itachi stepped forward and gingerly grabbed a lock of Sakura's pink hair. "We all decided about a week ago, agreeing that we think we should all branch out and become solo companies instead of just one corporation." He explained but couldn't help but get lost in her green grass eyes.

"Wait, so that means that all of you will be in different places in the city" Sakura talked softly her pink eyebrows knitting in thought. She stuck her tongue out slightly biting on it involuntary.

The men shivered looking at their secretary; she looked so adorable when she was concentrated. Their eyes for once weren't clouded over in lust. They were filled to the brim with affection, sadness, desperation, need, and most of all.


Sakura's eyes were glued to the floor and refused to meet the men's eyes. Even if she hated the job, she still felt slightly attached to the billionaires. Sure they were annoying, annoying as hell, and they were perverted. They stalked her, memorized the times she got off work, oh and there was that time in the bathroom when Naruto dressed up as a woman.

Sakura quickly tried to erase that memory from her mind.

"So that means I guess that I have to quit" she said calmly to the men who were now looking at her with such a grimace she almost winced herself. "I mean it's not like I can be in seven different places at once" Sakura joked lightly with a slightly bitter laugh.

"That's what we wanted to talk to you about" Sasuke said sullenly, his raven bangs falling into his obsidian eyes.

"We don't want to lose you Sakura-chan" Naruto said, actually looking very serious at the moment. "We care about you a lot, but we realize that you can't be with all of us" he took her hand sweetly and looked into her extremely wide Bambi eyes.

"So we've decided we're going to pursue you" Gaara's strong voice rose above and looked at her slightly ticked off at the closeness the blonde idiot was having with his precious girl.

"Pursue me?" Sakura questioned, snatching her hand out of the blonde's grip and giving him a glare that made him back off with that stupid grin on his face.

"We are going to fight for you Sakura" Sasori's voice cut through the air like a knife. "We won't let you go simply because of this inconvenient split" his eyes hardened slightly.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, no" Sakura shook her head fast and slowly stepped to the left trying to make a quick break to the door. "You guys' are NOT going to go all survival of the fittest on me" she commanded and looked at all the men who looked like they were not going to be convinced. "This is ridiculous, you will be able to find other secretaries, hell girls would give up an arm and a leg to be the seven of you people's secretaries" she exclaimed slightly and continued, "And you know what? Those girls will actually respond to your advances" she persuaded and looked at the men expectantly.

"Nope" Naruto exclaimed happily.

"It has to be you Sakura" Neji said evenly

"No one else will be my secretary" Itachi smirked at the girl

"You mean my secretary" Sasuke growled at his brother

"So don't try to escape love" Sasori purred

"Because it'll be futile trying" Kakashi chirped

"You will be one of our secretaries and no one else's" Gaara commanded

Saskura gulped now looking at the diverse group of billionaires who were now looking at her with unveiled lust.

"Why does this shit always happen to me?" She howled slightly and slammed her head against the wall.


Sakura sighed and stepped into her living room. She rubbed a towel over her freshly showered head causing water droplets to fall on her stretchy pink t-shirt and white sweatpants.

She jumped slightly when the phone rang, but she walked quickly over to the telephone and picked it up.

It was Temari

"Sakura" the blonde's loud voice sounded across the line and Sakura winced slightly at the loud volume of her voice.

"Hi Temari" Sakura responded and leaned against the wall to support herself.

"So are you freaking out about this whole company split? I know I am, I mean Gaara is so stressed he's acting like even more of an asshole than he usually does" she babbled and Sakura laughed quietly at the older Sabaku. "Oh and he keeps repeating like these phrases that sound like 'the competition', 'personal secretary', and 'prize', do you have any idea what that means" Temari asked causing Sakura to blush beat red.

"U-Um no I d-don't" Sakura stuttered and cursed slightly at her nervous behavior. Temari wasn't stupid; she would know something was up by her constant stuttering and odd behavior.

"Sa-ku-ra" Temari sounded out her syllables causing Sakura to cringe, 'Here it comes' she thought. "What do you know? Come on spill" she commanded and Sakura just knew she was sitting someplace getting comfortable.

"It's kind of a long story Temari" Sakura rubbed the back of her neck wit hone hand, wishing she had never picked up the phone. "Plus I'm beat tonight, can we talk about it later?"

Temari sighed but agreed, "Sure, we'll talk about it tomorrow over lunch ok? My treat, I'll text you the place and time. Well I'll go now but I'll see you tomorrow. Ciao Sakura" after Temari hung up the phone Sakura put the phone back into place. She walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigretor.

Sakura grabbed a water bottle and a bag of cheddar popcorn from the pantry and walked back into the living room. She munched on the popcorn happily with a look of bliss on her face and plopped herself on her large green couch. She picked up the remote and turned on her slightly small television.

And of course, the news was talking about the corporation split

"Our breaking story tonight" a pretty young female reporter talked about. "The famous corporation containing the prominent company owners: Gaara Sabaku, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Neji Hyuuga, Sasori Satsuki, and Itachi Uchiha have decided to go on their own. We were fortunate enough to have an exclusive interview with Kakashi Hatake himself."

Suddenly the screen switched to Kakashi and a pretty young blonde who looked excited beyond belief to be interviewing Kakashi Hatake himself, not that Sakura could blame her really.

"So Kakashi-san" the blonde said while slightly fluttering her eyelashes causing Sakura to roll her eyes. "What is with the deal with all of the companies splitting up?" her voice slighty changed to a purr seeming like she was forgetting what environment she was in.

"Has she forgotten that she's working?" Sakura mumbled under her breath and took a deep swig of water. "I mean I've been around that man for years and I've never gotten all doe eyed and love struck".

"Well" Kakashi began with a twinkle in his eye, "We all decided about a week ago that it was wise to all became solo companies" he explained and Sakura could tell he was trying to contain his laughter at the fan girl look the reporter was giving him. "Don't get me wrong" he leaned back in his chair slightly, "The one corporation idea was a fantastic time, it all benefited us well but for the years all seven of us have been together we have matured and grown and now all have different ideas that we want to continue on our own". He finished and took a drink of water.

"So what is going to happen to the money?" The blonde's eyes widened trying to be cute, Sakura guessed.

"The money will be split evenly among the seven of us" he explained, "The workers of our separate company's will come with us if they so choose to" his eyes though seemed to darken and intensify and Sakura could hear a faint gasp come the reporter. "However" Kakashi's voice turned to almost a purr, "There is one thing that the company owner's will be competing for" Sakura's eyes widened. 'What is he doing?' Sakura thought and turned up the volume.

"And what is that?" the reporter eagerly asked and scooted closer.

Kakashi chucked lightly, "I'm afraid that information is extremely confidential" he said lightly though his eyes were still smoldering. "Though, the company owners and I are one hundred percent sure that the prize will be well worth the competition" his gaze now shifted directly at the camera and it was almost like he was staring directly at her causing Sakura to shudder a little.

"Oh well" the blonde stuttered obviously taken aback at the sudden declaration from the silver haired man. "Thank you very much for your interview Kakashi-san" the girl went back to her normal flirting nature and flitted her eyelashes one more time.

"It was my pleasure" he slightly lowered his eyelids. And Sakura could have sworn he saw him mumble under his breath.

"Get Ready Sakura, the competition has begun"

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