Be My Secretary?

It's been forever. I'm aware of this.

2012 and 2013 have certainly been life changing years for me. I graduated high school, finished my freshman year in college. Made new friends. Lost old ones. Got a job this summer. Those are just a few of the main points. So needless to say, it's been difficult to continue. I've also been having a hard time keeping up with Naruto lately, mainly because whenever I read it I just remember how much I want to wither away at the thought of Neji being dead as well as Ino and Shikamaru's dads being gone as well. I'm still rooting for genjutsu.

However, I do promise to finish this story. Warning: it will take a while. I've got things to do now. Scary reality is, I'm an adult.

But here I am. Writing another chapter. And as always, I hope you enjoy.

This chapter is dedicated to the incredible Neji Hyuga. Rest in peace beautiful boy.

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For the first time in weeks, Sakura was content.

She was sitting in a beyond comfortable leather swirl chair behind her gorgeous, top of the line, cherry oak desk. Her coffee cup sat next to her already paid for laptop, all of her utensils were organized just the way she liked it, and her random knick-knacks were placed strategically across the wide space.

Sakura was in heaven. At work. In Hyuga Inc.

Sly, devious, genius bastard.

Neji Hyuga. The beyond gorgeous, impeccably polite, blue blooded billionaire certainly knew the way to Sakura Haruno's heart.

And that was through a huge cherry oak desk with her very comfy chair.

Sakura always believed herself an easy girl to please.

She smiled and sipped on her coffee as she read through Neji's emails and schedules, organizing his upcoming plans. She would stop every so often to look around and take in the huge office his company bought. Artwork on the walls. Vases on desks. Certificates and honors everywhere in sight.

So much class. If Sakura wasn't so stubborn she would swoon.

"Hey Sakura." A cheerful voice snapped her out of her reverie and the pinkette looked up to lock eyes with TenTen.

"Hi! I haven't seen you in forever!" Sakura grinned and jumped out of her chair, giving the pretty brunette a big hug.

"How have you been? I know things have been crazy with the split and all." TenTen gave Sakura a sympathetic look, knowing full well how exhausted the pinkette must be.

"Stressed. Exhausted. Miserable." Sakura groaned and fell back in her swirly chair, her eyes flitting across the room. "What are you doing here anyway? Isn't it your day off?" Sakura cocked her head to one side as she talked to her companion.

"Just dropping these off for His Majesty." TenTen rolled her chocolate brown eyes and smiled as Sakura snickered in amusement. "What are you doing for lunch anyway Sak? Want to go with me and Lee to that new sushi place downtown? I hear they have the best tempura-"

"I'm afraid Sakura will be busy TenTen." A deep, very masculine voice came from behind Sakura and both women jumped in surprise at the sudden visitor.

"Oh that's right I forgot," TenTen grinned cheekily as she punched Neji in the arm, "You're still trying to vie for Miss Haruno's affections aren't you?" TenTen winked as Neji grabbed the stack of documents from her hands and placed them on Sakura's desk.

"Yes." His voice rumbled and Sakura visibly shook at the deep tenor of his voice.

"Well I wish the happy couple all of the best in the world, see you later Sak." TenTen laughed and waved as she walked out of the office, leaving Sakura visibly wilted at the thought of being kidnapped by yet another billionaire.

"So what's the plan?" Sakura growled, her voice radiating annoyance. "Corner me, kidnap me, then force me to eat at a five star restaurant where I will be molested until the sun goes down?" Her green eyes locked with pupil-less white ones.

"No." Neji replied bluntly and placed his hand on the desk.

"Oh." Sakura flushed a bright red and bit her bottom lip in embarrassment. "Then why couldn't I go to lunch with TenTen?" She cried indignantly and narrowed her eyes at the man standing in front of her.

"I need you to accompany me to buy an engagement present for Might Guy." Neji replied.

"Guy is getting married?" Sakura all but screeched, but quickly quieted down when she noticed that most of the entire office was staring at her.

"Yes I can't believe it either. You can file these first and then in an hour we'll head to the mall." Neji nodded in a farewell and retreated to his office behind her desk.

Hm. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad after all.

"So who is Guy marrying?" Sakura asked as she picked through the large amount of china and silverware.

"Her name is Anko Mitarashi. She's loud and abrasive and extremely crude." Neji's voice sung with disdain as he described the woman.

"You don't like her?" Sakura asked as she walked next to Neji, admiring a vase the brunette held in his hands. "Don't get that, Guy would break it in an instant."

"I don't think they're a good fit."

"You don't think she's good enough."

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't have to." Sakura smiled gently and took the vase out of Neji's hands and placed it back on the display table. "You'll never admit it, but you want Guy to be happy. He was you, Lee, and TenTen's business mentor for years. You care about him."

"I certainly do not." Neji huffed in defiance, but the blush appearing on his pale cheeks showed the truth to the pinkette's statement.

"You don't have to worry so much, Guy might act like a fool sometimes but he's a smart man. He knows what he's doing." Sakura smiled at the act Neji was trying to put on. "I know you're nervous that she's using him. I mean, Guy isn't the most suave, debonair man on the planet, but he's sweet and kind and cares about the people in his life. He wouldn't get married to someone that he wasn't sure loved him back." Sakura grabbed Neji's arm gently and looked at him encouragingly, "He's a lot like you in that realm."

Before Neji could respond, Sakura had already walked away.

Green eyes looked around the room in search of something for the older gentleman. Her eyes fell on a green, beautifully sculpted portrait frame, and she smiled.

"You should get that picture of you, TenTen, Lee, and Guy at your business school graduation, blow it up and put it in that picture frame." She grabbed Neji's hand and hauled him over to where it is.

"It's green." Neji's eyes were wide in horror at the thought of giving someone a green picture frame.

"In case you haven't noticed, Guy wears nothing but green. I think he'll love it." Sakura rolled her viridian eyes and grabbed the frame from the rack.

"What about the woman?" Neji accepted the frame and looked at Sakura in question.

"That woman has a name," Sakura clucked in disapproval. "And we can find something else for her, you should give something personal to Guy though. He's your family." Sakura walked away, in search for a present for the bride to be and white eyes followed her movement through the store.

"Family hm?" Neji quietly murmured and obediently followed the object of his affections.

"I'm sorry, but did we honestly just buy Guy's fiancee a makeup desk with a snake carved into it. That hardly seems appropriate." Sakura looked at the present being paid for and shuddered in fright.

"Guy said she likes snakes. I told you she was odd." Neji looked equally appalled as he paid for the two presents and began filling out the paperwork to where they were to be sent.

"Well all of that shopping made me famished, let's eat." Sakura clapped her hands together and jumped up and down from from the pent up after shopping buzz."

"There's a french restaurant with rave reviews down the street, I'll call my car and we can go there." Neji had his phone already in his hand when it was suddenly taken away.

"There's no need to go waste hundreds of dollars on food when we have a plethora of international cuisines surrounding us!" Sakura waved Neji to follow her, and like the ever doting suitor he was he did.

"What do you mean?" He narrowed his eyes and quickly caught up to Sakura, lightly grabbing her hand to make sure he didn't lose her.

Sakura started slightly at the sudden hand holding hers, but she smiled lightly and allowed him to cup his hand in hers to make sure they stayed together.

"I'm talking about this." She grinned and presented the area to the billionaire who wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"It's a food court." His voice radiating disapproval and his beautiful face pinched in disgust.

"You really are as smart as people say you are." Sakura replied in mock admiration. "Yes genius, it's a food court and it has literally everything you could possibly need for amazing prices." She watched Neji's face as he took it all in. "Don't tell me you've never eaten at a food court before." She exclaimed in surprise.

"What business would I possibly have in a food court?" Neji shook his head, "Sakura, let's just go to the French restaurant, there we can get some nice wine and-" his sentence was cut short however as the pinkette yanked him down onto the nearest booth and silenced him with a look.

"You sit here and I am going to get us food." She looked at him pointedly.

"You are not going to pay for my meal." He looked horrified at the mere thought.

"Neji I know you're still stuck in the archaic period where women can't do anything on their own, but this is the 21st century. I can pay for our food. Just sit down and shut up." She said and walked off in search of food to shove down the billionaire's throat.

"Okay here we are!" Sakura reappeared at the table with trays full of food and two young men trailing after her.

"What on earth are we going to do with all of that food?" Neji raised an eyebrow as he watched her set the trays down.

"Well I was planning on us eating it, but I can also start a huge food fight here in the mall if you would prefer that." Sakura laughed and turned her head to address the two gentlemen following her, "You guys can set the trays down here she pointed to the small empty space remaining on the table."

The two men set the trays down and looked at Sakura with obvious intent in their eyes. The blonde handed Sakura a slip of paper and winked at her as he sauntered off with his friend slapping him on the back.

Sakura blushed slightly as she looked at the slip of paper she was just given and was going to pocket it when it was abruptly ripped from her hands and placed in the pocket of her boss.

"Um. What the hell?" Sakura exclaimed.

"You will not go out with some neanderthal who would rather slip you a phone number than ask you out in person." Neji said and looked at her in a way that did not allow her to refuse.

"Well good to know you think I derserve better." Sakura rolled her eyes and began placing the straws in the cups.

"You don't deserve better." Neji said shortly, causing Sakura to raise her hand in protest.

"You deserve the best." His white eyes shone with honesty and admiration, and Sakura quietly sat back down in her seat while looking down in embarrassment.

"Thanks." Sakura muttered, not knowing how to reply.

A few awkward moments passed between the lunch companions.

"So what is all of this?" Neji cleared his throat and flitted over the food in judgement.

"Oh right!" Sakura gave a huge sigh of relief at the end of the awkward silence and instead gave Neji a huge grin of excitement.

"So here we have the food court favorites such as burgers, pizza, and corn dogs." Sakura pointed to one side of the table. "But here we have some more diverse options such as chicken kabobs, funnel cakes, fried batter on a stick, and various egg rolls." She grabbed one of the large egg rolls, dipped it in the spicy mustard sauce, and handed it to him.

"Here try this, your life is about to change." Sakura gave a pretty smile and the billionaire promptly took the egg roll and bit into it.

A few seconds passed before Neji's face slowly started turning purple.

And he spit the egg roll out.

And he began gasping for water.

"Oh my god Neji are you okay?" Sakura exclaimed and quickly grabbed a drink for him to sip out of. "If I knew you didn't like spicy stuff I wouldn't have made you eat that!"

Neji didn't respond and instead sucked down the drink Sakura handed to him.

Until he promptly spit that out as well.

"What the fuck is that that?" Neji growled.

"It's root beer!" Sakura's eyes were wide.

"It's disgusting." He grabbed another drink on the table and drank that eagerly. He slowly calmed down as he drank the cooling liquid and he soon placed it gently on the table and returned back to his normal self.

Sakura stared at the handsome man and their eyes locked for a good couple of minutes.

"So," Neji cleared his throat. "What else do we have here?"

"Stop laughing."

"I can't."


"Neji, I promise you I would if I could but I can't stop thinking about your face."

"My face amuses you?"

"When it's purple? Yes."

Sakura hadn't stopped giggling this entire car ride.

She couldn't stop thinking of Neji's face and his fear of every food item he tried for the remainder of their time in the food court.

"I am never letting you drag me there again." Neji huffed and crossed his arms, resembling a small child.

"Oh come on Neji, it was good to see you step out of that droid like appearance you always resemble." Sakura punched his arm gently, "It was good to see a more human side to you." She said with a gentle smile to her face.

"You're the only person I feel comfortable enough to act that way around." Neji murmured so quietly it was almost like a whisper.

He finally had Sakura's full attention.

"You say that I consider Guy my family, well that may be true but I consider you my family as well." Neji gave her a burning glance. "You're the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with. I don't have to impress you, because no matter how much money I have, no matter how successful I am, you'll always know my deepest, darkest secrets. You've seen me at my worst, and yet you still try to help. I don't have to be the genius Neji Hyuga all the time with you, I can just be Neji. You have no idea how much that means to me." He said vehemently and Sakura realized he was holding her breath.

"I understand you have many options Sakura, but just remember that you are the most important person in my life. You will always be the most important person in my life. I'm not good at expressing myself, so this is a rare situation, but I love you dearly." His voice grew husky and his eyes darkened while watching the pinkette. "I love you Sakura."

"Um." Sakura felt flushed and she knew she probably resembled a fish out of water. "I don't know how to respond."

Neji smirked, and his eyes grew darker.

"Then don't."

Before Sakura could even come to an understanding to what he meant, he leaned forward and crushed his lips to hers.

Sakura was having an out of body experience.

This was Neji Hyuga, the billionaire she worked for for years and he had never made a pass at her. He wasn't like the other billionaires who would try to grope her any chance they had, instead he was always a gentlemen.

But here he was, kissing the living daylights out of her.

His lips were exceptionally soft, but his mouth was strong and Sakura could feel his built frame push her back into the door. His hand wrapped around her wait while his other hand held her face gently, caressing her hair and cheek every chance he got. He kissed and licked and bit her mouth all he could, and quickly began traveling down her neck, biting hard enough to leave marks. His hand traveled as well, slowly tracing circles on her exposed skin as her skirt rode up her thighs. Her breath was labored as he hands began moving up, kissing the bottom of her skirt. His mouth continued to morph into hers and his hand cupped the back of her head to give him more access. His tongue traced hers and proceeded to tickle the roof of her mouth. She gasped at the sensation and Neji growled in appreciation as his hand slipped between her legs.

"Mr. Hyuga we have arrived." The driver announced and Sakura's eyes popped open in horror at the realization of what just happened.

She quickly shoved Neji off of her and threw herself out of the car, all the way murmering in shame.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." Sakura repeated over and over again. Neji placed a hand on her shoulder and she quickly pushed it off of her.

"Don't touch me, I can't believe I just did that. I can't believe you just, I just, we just." Sakura stammered and continued to try to wrap her mind around what just happened.

"Sakura, calm down. It's okay." Neji attempted to calm his love down all the while trying to calm himself down by repeating multiple buisness key words in his head.

"No it's not okay, I just let you feel me up in your limo and didn't do a thing to stop it!" Sakura cried. "Of all the billionaires I would think you would be the last one to make me do that, but here we are and I just lost all the business credibility I've earned over the years to one random feel up in the back of a limo. I'm an after prom horror story!" Sakura screamed and ran inside the office.

"Sakura, you're making a scene." Neji said and looked at all the people staring at the pinkette in horror.

"Don't talk to me for the rest of the day. Do not take me home. I am going to finish my work, walk home, and then maybe step into some moving traffic." Sakura replied miserably as she sunk down in her chair at her desk.

Neji's eyes shone with unveiled disappointment but he retreated back into his office as per requested.

Shitty, shitty day.

And only getting worse.

"Go away Itachi."



"I'm really not in the mood, please go away." Sakura whimpered as she put her key in the door and began unlocking it.

"What's wrong?" Itachi's red eyes were hard as he watched Sakura's miserable form disappear into the house. He followed her swiftly and turned her around, forcing her to acknowledge him.

"It was just a really shitty day and I just want to go to bed and pretend like it never happened." Sakura whispered and forced the tears that were forming to stay put.

"What did that Hyuga bastard do to you?" Itachi growled and brought his body closer to his, feeling pure pleasure at her warmth.

"Stop! This is exactly what's making me upset!" Sakura struggled free and walked away from Itachi's dejected face. "I've always prided myself on being one hundred precent professional. So what if all of you are super hot and hit on me a million times a day, I could always handle it." Sakura took a deep breath. "But I feel my resolve slipping, and I can't work for any of you if I can't stay as professional. I can feel my resolve slipping." Sakura's eyes shone with sadness, "And I got so frustrated and was so mean to Neji and he didn't deserve that. So now I'm not only unprofessional and a loser but I'm a huge, raging bitch."

"Sakura love," Itachi said gently and sat her down on her couch. "You're human. Of course you can't be professional all of the time. Of course we all became interested in you because of your ability to evade our every attempt, but over the years we've come to love you for you." Itachi rubbed Sakura's shoulder gently, in an attempt to assuage her anxiety.

"Don't hate yourself for giving him every so often. It must be exhausting to be the perfect secretary all of the time. We don't care if you're perfect, no one expects you to be. Regardless of what you do, you'll always be perfect to me." He kissed her temple gently and got up from the couch.

"I'll let you sleep, but before you do call that fucking Hyuga and tell him you're sorry. It'll ease your mind. Goodnight love." Itachi's eyes shone with kindness.

"Thanks Itachi." Sakura whispered and gave him an appreciative smile as he closed the door behind him.

Maybe tomorrow wouldn't be so bad after all.

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