Type: Multi-Chapter

Rating: M

Perspective: First Person

Pairing: Leon X D

Setting: L.A.

Summary: Unknown to most L.A. harbors one of the most extensive Underworlds, where demonic worship and monsters flourish, and Leon has just fallen headlong into a demonic war. Now he is transformed and bound to the very demon that seeks to overtake the city. Can Count D save his dear detective before all of his humanity is gone?

Comments: I love African mythology and PSOH so put them together and you get this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pet Shop of Horrors, nor am I benefiting monetarily from the story

Leon to Lion

Prologue : Hostile Takeover

Leeubaas was once a prince among his people, revered for his rare and treasured white complexion, but now he was lower than a commoner, he was an exile. Never again would he be able to step foot in his homeland without every demon turning against him.

This place that the humans call the city of angels was ironically a breeding ground for the occult. Demons from all different cultures congregated here, drinking in the filth of humanity and gathering worshipers. Though all demon-kind feed and gain power differently, being worshiped gives most demons tremendous power.

Leeubaas was surprised by how much he liked it here. The summer heat reminded him of home and he could find sustenance easily in the corrupt city. The only problem the demon had with it was the considerable demon population. No one likes a crowd.

Reaching out with ghostly pale hand he stroked the top of his pet's head. He once had many servants but they were all destroyed except for his beast Shiba. Lesser demons can call animals but it takes a powerful devil to force a human to become a beast, and despite his recent fall from grace Leeubaas is very powerful.

With his eyes still concentrated on the city spread before him like a sacrifice, he gave his orders.

"Find the demons' head priests and priestesses, kill them all."

Shiba didn't hesitate, after all her master's words were absolute. She would hunt them and she would kill them, just like the great cat she had become.