E/O Drabble Challenge word of the Week: Special Addition

Word: Relax

Word Count: 100 on the button!

Summary: Sneezy!Sam and Caring!John. Need I say more?

A/N: Happy birthday Sammygirl1963!! I know how much you love sick Sam and caring John so here is your special addition present! Set after "dead man's blood" S1


Dean was in the shower. John and Sam were researching

A large sneeze echoed the motel room and Sam grabbed another tissue.

"Thirty four!" Dean hollered.

"Shud dup Dean!" Sam said.

"Sammy." John eased, "I don't think thirty four sneezes is normal."

"I'm find!"

"Last I heard the word 'fine' didn't end in a d."

Sam huffed.

"Go lay on your bed and relax. I'll take care of all the research."

"But Dad-"

"No buts Sam." John pointed his finger, "Go to bed."

Sam groaned and then sucked in a huge breath before letting out another huge sneeze.

"Thirty five!"