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He tossed. He turned.

With a grunt of frustration, Ash Ketchum shot up. His bloodshot eyes scanned the Pokécenter's dorm room vacantly. There was no noise. No quiet unease to trouble him.

So why couldn't he sleep?

Pikachu lay at the foot of his bed, snoozing away peacefully. Being careful not to wake him, Ash carefully tiptoed out of bed and over to the window. Outside, the moon hung in full, shining through the panes and flooding the room with brilliant, cleansing light.

It's so beautiful…I wish I had someone to share it with.

The moment the thought crossed his mind, he scolded himself. How dare he? After all they'd been through together, what gave him the right?

He slowly turned back around to his yellow partner.

but it's not the same…not anymore…

Watching Pikachu lie there, it felt like he was sharing his bed with a stranger. No, a night like tonight could only be special if it was with someone…well, special. A small grin flickered across the boy's lips at the thought. He tried to deny it. He tried to remove it.

But he couldn't.

The reason he tossed and turned. The reason he wept, went deeper than a bump in the night. It was a matter of the heart.

He looked to his cellphone, innocently charging there on the windowsill.

Don't do it. You'll only hate yourself in the morning, Ketchum. It's a dangerous game, and you're bound to get caught!

Despite the inner pleas, with trembling fingers he grasped the small device. He knew he shouldn't.

He looked to Pikachu.

He couldn't.

But his fingers, without even his consent, wistfully graced the small keys until a simple, utterly unremarkable, greeting etched itself across the screen.

"Hey :)"

With a final moment for prayer, he pressed send.

Moments turned to hours, hours to days, days to months, and months to years…though he stayed ten years old throughout, somehow.

With a gasp, he felt the phone vibrate violently in his hand. A wild concoction of hormones and angst drove the screen directly to his retina as he scanned the text for any semblance of hope. Hope for that flicker he'd once so dearly treasured with what was now a small, yellow shell.


Tears of joy creased his eyelids. That was his Sparky, alright. He wanted to crumple to the floor right then and thank creation itself for this moment of pure, unbridled happiness. He wanted the moment to never end. To just sit here, with this text forever, never letting go.

But his young mind could never leave it at that, and he knew it.

He wanted to take it slow. He really did. But love pushed the buttons for him, and before he was given pause to think, a message was already on the screen.

"I know it's probably hard for you to read this…literally, since you're a mouse, but I needed to talk. I know you're with Ritchie still, and that's great! I just…I just have been thinking about you a lot. I know, I know. Pika, pika, pi. You always tell me that, and that's part of why I have these feelings. Don't you see? He's not right for me anymore. Do you know what happened a while ago in Unova? What FREAKING HAPPENED? When we got there, a kid with a BRAND NEW SNIVY beat my LEVEL 1,000 Pikachu. And now, here in Kalos, we ALMOST LOST AGAIN the second we arrived to a kid with a BUNNELBY! Do you know what a Bunnelby is? I'll freaking tell you! It's what happens when a child molester and a stuffed rabbit breed! And it wasn't even EXPERIENCED! He told me he had just caught the pervy thing! It's like…I don't know, like Pikachu just isn't trying anymore. Did you know that he beat a Latios in the Sinnoh League? Yeah. A legendary Pokémon. That was the last good memory I have of us as a team. Ever since then, it's just been like he's…well, like he's coasting. I get up everyday and feed and walk and bathe him, but does he ever do anything special for me? Like blow up a serial killer rabbit with his what-must-now-be 1,000,000,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt attack? Anyway, I just feel like I'm the only one working this relationship anymore…"

He knew it was a mistake. They'd had this conversation a million times before, and it never changed. But that just made him more determined. The dedication Sparky had for his trainer…the motivation. Ash had even heard that Sparky was considering evolution to get stronger.

Back when Pikachu was actually trying, I didn't care.

His phone vibrated, and Ash jumped at the sensation, gripping the phone with the strength of a man on a ledge.

"weuqpadmebwurqreuhdaqwxgajd:#42%:$% #65qg"

He sighed as tears welled once again, now in frustration.

"But why? Why can't we? You've done your best for that relationship, as have I, but we know that it's not right to live a lie like this! We belong together! I wouldn't give you stupid nicknames, and you could defeat level three rapist rabbits for me! It would be soooooo perfect! :,("


Shaking his head, Ash nonetheless accepted the truth.

"Ok. I don't agree with your decision, but all I want – all I ever wanted – was for you to be happy. Just know that I'm always thinking of you. When Pikachu loses to a flying type gym leader, I'm thinking of you. When he can't beat a new rival who's just starting his Pokémon journey, I'm thinking of you. When he gets captured by Team Rocket, I'm thinking of you. But, most importantly, when he and I are on the battlefield, fighting for a championship together, I imagine I'm actually battling with you. You're always in my thoughts…my dreams…my heart…mi amor, Señor Sparky."


With a shudder, he turned off the screen and returned the phone to its charger. He looked out the window again and closed his eyes as the moonlight bathed him in its effervescent glory.

"Someday, Sparky…someday, you will be mine."

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