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Author's Notes: I got tired of trying to find complete Dana/Terry fans, so my muse, Phoenix, decided to get the bright idea of allowing a bunch of Dana/Terry plot bunnies loose in my room instead of helping me finish my other fics. This fic takes place of the span of 10 years all through Dana's point of view. I think the summary is pretty much explains the idea behind this fic.

The Air That I Breathe

Be My Valentine.

It's Valentine's Day in Gotham City and Dana Tan walks out of her 3rd period class to her locker before lunch. She had already received a couple of electronic valentines from her friends like Blade and Chelsea and would probably receive more as the day went by, so it surprises her to find an envelope drop out of her locker when she opens it. Frowning a little she picks up the item and opens it to reveal a handmade heart created from dark red paper and written with a white pen, "You are the Air that I Breathe." She blinks thinking that someone placed the odd valentine in her locker by mistake, but no, her name is printed nicely on the front of the envelope. Dana looks around her to see if someone will come up and admit to leaving the message for her, but no one does. She carefully places the dark red heart between some pages in her book, and then grabs her lunch, and begins to walk to the cafeteria. Not once does she notice, standing down the other side of the hallway, Terry McGinnis' anxious face change to hopefulness when she keeps the paper heart.

She doesn't mention the heart to anyone sitting at her lunch table, because she's not sure what to make of the valentine, and because it's kind of fun having a secret that no one else knows. At the end of the day she gathers her things and waits for one of her parents to come and pick her up. Walking down the steps, Dana sees that Terry is also waiting for a ride too. She's not too sure what she thinks of Terry McGinnis. They're not friends, but they're not enemies either. They use to play together as children, but that was before she thought boys were gross and now, well, boys were still obnoxious, and yet, she can't deny that Terry has the nicest blue eyes in the whole school. HOWEVER, that in no way, shape, or form, means that she likes/has a crush on Terry.

Okay, maybe she has a tiny, miniscule one.

She stands off to the side a bit, but he turns around and walks over to her before she can decide if this is a good thing. They exchange hellos and make some small talk before Dana gets a call from her father telling her that his meeting is running late, while Terry's mother calls to apologize. Apparently, there was a mix-up and both parents thought the other was going to get him, and so neither one did. Either way it'll be at least another 10 minutes before they can leave the school grounds, which makes the silence between them seem more than awkward, perhaps that's why Dana decides to tell Terry about the handmade gift she received. She's not really sure why she decides to tell Terry when she wouldn't even hint about it to Blade or Max. Maybe because she knows he won't tease her about it; or maybe because she secretly hopes he'll confess to being the one who gave it to her; but in the end, he only says he thinks the message is a bit odd. She pauses before agreeing with him.

She then turns her head slightly so he won't see her blush, because while she does think the message is a little weird; she also thinks it's a little sweet too, not like she'll admit that in front of Terry though. However, this also means that she doesn't see how his face drops slightly when she agrees with his assessment of the valentine, nor does she notice the way his eyes brighten when she confesses that she still would like to know who gave her the valentine so she can thank whomever, because even if she doesn't quite understand the sentiment, she admires the person for taking the time to make something real instead of just going on the Net and sending her something through cyberspace.

They fall into silence again for a while, and then she turns again to look at him because she sees his mother's car and is about to say good-bye when it happens.

He leans over to kiss her on the cheek before running to his mother's car yelling, "Happy Valentine's Day, Dana." It is the first time she really notices how cute he looks when he smiles.

It's her first kiss and deep down she knows that Terry McGinnis spells trouble for her, and she's reading too much into that kiss, and in the end, she doesn't care, because she doesn't have a tiny crush on him.

She has a huge crush on Terry McGinnis.

Jadeling's Notes: By the way, I got the idea of the title from another show I'd watch. Take a guess where.